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A Simple Marketing Strategy That Is Making This Computer Consultant Look Like A Marketing Genius!

Robin RobinsComputer Consultants, IT Managed Services, IT Marketing, IT Sales

Did you know there is one single, simple marketing tool that will do it ALL for you: prospecting, lead generation, follow up, referrals, cross selling, and repeat business… It’s the ONE ingredient to your marketing mix that will positively differentiate you from every other IT consultant, MSP, or service provider in your market or industry… It will automatically generate referrals, …

unique selling proposition

Is Your Inner Salesman In Hibernation With Your “Opportunity Antenna” Switched Off?

Robin RobinsCloud Computing, Computer Consultants, IT Managed Services, IT Sales, Managed Services, MSP Marketing

By Robin Robins, President, Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. www.technologymarketingtoolkit.com A friend of mine recently told me a terrific story about his wife who has osteoporosis. Not terrific in that she has this disease, but a sensational example of why most small business owners are not bothering to pick up on a steady flow of opportunities lying at their feet that, …

unique selling proposition

Why Being A “Good” Technician, Manager, Salesperson Or Entrepreneur Is NOT Enough – You Need To Apply The “Second Effort”

Robin RobinsComputer Consultants, IT Managed Services, IT Sales

Vince Lombardi loved to talk about the concept of the second effort. In fact, it’s the basis of a short sales training movie created in 1968 that is still showed to sales teams in training programs today. Lombardi is famous for showing his players football clips of receivers who almost caught the ball, but let it slip through their fingers. …

unique selling proposition

3 Critical Elements of Success for Every Computer Consultant

Robin RobinsComputer Consultants, IT Managed Services

In My Decade Of Working With Thousands Of Small IT Business Owners, Here’s What I’ve Discovered About Success… Helping owners of computing consulting firms (or MSP’s) achieve significant bottom-line, measurable results in business takes MORE than just giving them a great marketing campaign – it actually requires 3 critical elements all working synergistically. By the way, these three elements have …

unique selling proposition

Wow, Another Year Over…

Robin RobinsComputer Consultants, Managed Services

..and a fresh, new exciting one about to begin. Although I think it’s a bad idea to only ―check in on how you are doing once a year in January, I can’t help but be a bit more reflective at the end of the year looking back over the events that have happened and asking myself three things: What did …