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Robin Robins | CEO | Technology Marketing Toolkit

CEO Of Technology Marketing Toolkit

Robin Robins

There is no doubt about it: Robin Robins has helped more MSPs and IT services businesses to double – even triple – sales, profits and MRR growth than any other marketing consultant in the IT services industry, period. As a trusted advisor to over 10,000 IT services business owners for over 18 years, Robin knows a thing or two about what it takes to grow sales, recurring revenue streams and a profitable client base for an IT services business.

In addition to her hands-on experience in working with IT business owners, Robin runs a phenomenally successful and profitable multimillion-dollar services business herself. Unlike many “ivory tower” consultants who run a business in their dreams, she can speak from actual experience in marketing, packaging and delivering intangible services, dominating a niche, building a “dream team” of colleagues (she doesn’t call them employees) and building a raving-fan, loyal client base. From marketing to time management, Robin will give you her most powerful secrets to secure FAST and SUBSTANTIAL gains in any IT services business.

Will Nobles | Founder And CEO Vector Choice Technology Solutions
VP Client Coaching And CEO Of Vector Choice Technology Solutions

Will Nobles

Defying generations of his lineage of agricultural capitalists in Eastern North Carolina, Will Nobles traded his bulldozer for a corner office when he decided to pursue his own million-dollar legacy in the IT industry. Will has built his claim over the last 20 years, attaining multiple degrees and certifications that have earned his company, Vector Choice, accolades such as The Best And Brightest Companies To Work For (Atlanta) and MSP 501.

Since he met Robin and joined the Producers Club, the results speak volumes in the change of how Vector Choice does business. Since joining Robin and Producers Club just four years ago, Vector Choice has grown from $800K to $7M+, now adding on average $6K MRR per month. Will has evolved from working in the business to working on the business. As a result, he is an author and speaker who enlightens audiences on the industry’s recommended precautions regarding cybercrime, and as a highly regarded Cyber Security Expert.

Will Nobles | Founder And CEO Vector Choice Technology Solutions

Head Client Coach

Jeff Farr

When it comes to operational and financial success for an MSP, there are very few people who can surpass the expertise of Jeff Farr. Jeff leverages three decades of leadership, technology, cyber security and compliance experience to drive profitable growth in an MSP. He has led a compliance consultancy and two MSPs from low to no profits and growth to exceptional profitability, operational excellence, strong staff retention and industry-leading customer-satisfaction ratings. One of the entities attracted a national MSP platform and was acquired for an excellent multiple.

He’s also assisted an up-and-coming MSP to secure private equity backing to roll out a national brand. Over the last 30 years, Jeff has been part of several leading tech companies worldwide (EDS, Ernst & Young, SAP, Capgemini, HP and Tyler Technologies) and has contributed his leadership, consulting and technical expertise in multiple industries: health care, oil and gas, financial services, hospitality, professional services, real estate and telecommunications.

Will Nobles | Founder And CEO Vector Choice Technology Solutions

Head Client Coach

Robb Patterson

Robb Patterson is an established IT Sales and Marketing Professional with a 20-year history of success. In his prior role as Director of Sales and Marketing for a NY based MSP, Robb was responsible for growing company revenue from $1.8mil to over $5mil. He has had many leadership, teaching and presenting opportunities over the last two decades and is excited to bring this experience to the TMT community. When Robb isn’t working, you will most likely find him with a guitar in his hands.

Mike Bazar | CEO Of Bazar Solutions
CTO Of Vector Choice

Mike Bazar

After averaging 107% growth for the first 5 years in business, Bazar Solutions hit a wall.  What started out as a ‘pause’ to try to slow down and “circle the wagons” turned into two years of flat growth. This is part of the reason Mike is a firm believer in embracing the chaos that life throws at you. Slowing down does nothing but kill your momentum and forces you to start over. That “little” pause cost their company over a million dollars in top-line revenue.  BUT Mike joined Producers Club in 2017 to get out of the rut and get back into growth mode. He needed accountability and coaching and found it with TMT. Mike was the Better Your Best winner in 2021, growing the business by over 60% during a global pandemic and all via sales and marketing efforts. Since starting with TMT, Bazar Solutions has had over 200% growth in revenue and an astounding 1,253% growth in profits!

Mike lives in Lubbock, Texas with his wife and 4 kids (ages 14, 12, 8, and 6). He loves to travel and has taken his family all over the world.  He’s of the firm belief that you need to grab life by the horns, wrestle it to the ground and make the most of it. In 2021 he won the Better your Best contest and it sparked a real desire to spread knowledge to other MSPs, helping them to get ‘unstuck’ with the simple ‘One in a row’ method.  His mantra for our members: “Sit Down, Buckle Up, Clear your head trash, and Let’s Grow!”

Bryan LaChapelle | President of B4 Networks
Founder Of SMB Networks, LLC

Peter Verlezza

As the Managing Partner of SMB Networks, LLC, Peter Verlezza has more than a decade of firsthand experience with marketing for MSPs, cyber security and other IT services, utilizing the Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. methodology. He is a cyber security expert, accomplished speaker and two-time best-selling author, and he serves on the board of the Medical Group Management Association.

Peter astounds local medical offices with his sales moxie and professional nature. He has been a Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. client and Producers Club member for more than a decade. Peter was a finalist in the Better Your Best competition at the 2012 Bootcamp and has been a coach with the Accelerators Club for several years.

In his role as a Client Coach with Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc., Peter has consulted with a variety of IT services companies, helping clients develop and implement a marketing plan based on a proven approach developed over 16 years, working with more than 8,000 MSPs and IT services companies. During your time with him, Peter will reveal multiple opportunities for increased sales, profits, client development and retention, and provide you with the solutions, resources and strategies you need to build a profitable business.

Bryan LaChapelle | President of B4 Networks

President Of B4 Networks

Bryan LaChapelle

After losing their largest MRR client (over $18K/month) B4 Networks was on the verge of collapse. They had five employees, with a large amount of revenue that disappear overnight. They already owned the Toolkit, but like many, hadn’t done anything with it.

With this new challenge, they joined Producers Club and began seriously implementing campaigns. By the end of the first year, they had added $20K MRR, and recovered 100% from the large client that they lost. Since then, B4 Networks has grown on average 25% year over year, has made it to the MSP Mentor 501 list and won Canada’s Top 50 Managed IT Companies.

John Motazedi | CEO SNC Squared

Founder Of Network Doctor

John Motazedi

In 2006, John quit his day job and became the sole employee of his company SNC Squared. Headquartered in his basement, he grew slowly until he discovered Robin’s marketing. From the changing world of health care to the 2011 Joplin tornado that destroyed SNC, they have remained true to the marketing initiatives that have escalated them to a leading MSP. SNC Squared has been named the multi-year award winner by Inc. 500/5000.

The 2012 Better Your Best contest winner, John continues to use and implement new marketing tactics to make headway in a difficult market. SNC Squared received the 2013 Joplin Small Business Of The Year Award. John is a regular speaker for local and national medical group management associations and continues his efforts to educate companies about the benefits of good IT. John is also active in the Angel flight network and helps get needy patients to support services throughout five different states. In his spare time, John loves to fly airplanes, run marathons and triathlons, and ski.

Vincent Fung | CEO Debian Information Technology
CEO Of Expera Information Technology Inc.

Vincent Fung

When the Calgary economy crashed in 2016, Vince's business lost over $28,000 of recurring revenue. Instead of reducing his team members and slashing operating costs, Vince implemented Robin's Toolkit to GROW revenues from a stagnant $2.2M to $2.9M (33% growth) over the next 12 months and DOUBLED his net profit. In 2017, he grew Expera IT another 45% to reach $6M. Expera IT continues to grow with annual revenues of over $7.5M today.

As a Better Your Best Finalist in 2017, Vince Fung has become one of Robin's hungriest students, not only has he excelled in executing a ton of results-focused sales and marketing campaigns (QBRs, direct mail, seminars, print newsletters, postcards, networking events, joint venture partnerships and even writing a book), he improved his entire business — from hiring to service delivery. Today, Vince shares his knowledge and experiences with other hungry IT business owners like yourself and give you the guidance and accountability to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your revenues — no matter the economy.

Scott Beck | CEO BeckTek

CEO Of BeckTek

Scott Beck

Living in a small market of only 140,000 people, Scott took almost a decade to realize he didn’t own a business. He had created a thankless job that was slowly grinding him down, trading time for money – often putting in 18- to 20-hour workdays to generate $180K in break-fix work for only $3K MRR. Not bad for a one-man show, but he realized it wasn’t scalable and NOT sustainable year over year.

Knowing there had to be a better way, Scott found Technology Marketing Toolkit and took a leap of faith, jumping into the training with both feet. Fast-forward to today, BeckTek is now five people, gross revenues are up 5x and MRR up 1,300% since working to change his focus from being the tech to building a business. Scott knows what it’s like to be the one-man band or small company bumping against the ceiling and how to keep breaking through to the next level, utilizing Robin’s marketing, tools and training. Scott is a two-time international best-selling author, an award-winning speaker and a frequent TV celebrity guest expert with appearances on NBC, ABC, Fox, the CW, CTV and Global.

Brandis Kelly | The Technology Specialist, Inc.
President Of DigeTekS

Brandis Kelly

Brandis took a garage-based, struggling business, with finances stretched so thin they couldn’t meet payroll, to a 50 percent growth adding $500,000 in just the first year by “Robinizing” the company. To date, The Technology Specialist has doubled its revenue since utilizing the tips, techniques, and strategies from TMT. Brandis single-handedly implemented each element herself, from projects as little as drip marketing, TBRs, and 9-word emails, to multiple direct mail campaigns, and everything in between. Her successes and her failures make her an ideal coach to help YOU work through the process, one step at a time, and have a successful outcome for your business.

Brandis’ bachelor’s degree is in Psychology, which she feels significantly optimizes her leadership capacity. She stresses the importance of really knowing each employee’s story, as that almost always impacts their performance in some way. Her background allows her to lead a comfortable, family-style, work environment where each employee feels like they have a purpose and can truly know and feel their value. In return, they pour that concept back into the clients to keep all relationships thriving in a relaxed and productive manner. Above all, Brandis prides herself on being a leader, and not a boss.

Brandis was recognized as CFO of the year by The Wichita Business Journal in 2018, as well as Robin Robin’s Genius of the Month in 2019. She is a trusted spokesperson for several vendors and an active presenter for her local AADOM chapter. She frequently orchestrates IT security presentations for JV Partners and has also participated in multiple panels nationwide with Top Industry Leaders.

Fred Sagester | Sagester Associates Group
Founder, Sagester Associates Group
Fred Sagester

Fred Sagester founded Sagester Associates Group and it supports dental offices in five states and maintains bases of operation in Columbus and Indianapolis, IN, and Louisville and Lexington, KY. Fred’s significant experience in dental technology and computer integration has led him to be noted as one of the foremost system designers and troubleshooters in the field.  He has exceptional knowledge in virtually all of the leading practice management software packages and digital radiography systems.  A number of manufacturers, suppliers and even some competitors consult Fred on some of their most challenging technology issues.

After years of stagnant growth, Fred joined Technology Marketing Toolkit and due to following TMT’s processes, Sagester Associates Group tripled.  Fred sold the business in September 2022 and he joined TMT to be able to give back to the IT community and help other businesses achieve the same goals that he realized.