It’s The Thought That Counts, Right?

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How many times have you been told by your Mum, “It’s the thought that counts,” as counsel after getting a worthless piece of crap for a gift?

Maybe that’s a good mantra to live by for casual gifts, but in business, it’s the worst piece of advice you can get, the worst excuse you can give.

Next month at our big annual Boot Camp (, 5 of our most successful members will present onstage what they did to secure an average increase in their business of $909,483 in 12 months, in addition to an 87% increase in bottom-line profits (click here to see who they are and to read their stories).

Not too shabby when you consider the average MSP never breaks the million-dollar mark in their business over their lifetime.

What’s extremely important to note in ALL of their stories is this common thread: DEEP IMPLEMENTATION of a few good strategies over and over again – not hundreds, not even dozens. They took an idea and implemented it thoroughly, consistently, improving it and expanding it.

What they did NOT do is try this, try that, dabble here, half-ass there…then take a break for a few months, “try” it again for another few months, abdicating it to someone without any strategy, without any checking or management. Then off to the next “new” thing. Rinse and repeat, leaving a litter trail of half-eaten, crumpled up, messy, dirty ideas in their wake.

In my business as a marketing consultant, I’m required to constantly come up with NEW. New marketing strategies, new events, new ideas. If I don’t, I will quickly lose my audience. However, what people really need to succeed is exactly the opposite: they need to MASTER fundamentals, going over them again and again, repeating not until they get it right, but until they cannot get it wrong.

My dilemma is figuring out a balance of giving clients what they want (the shiny new easy button) and what they need (dogged, boring repetition of the fundamentals). The former keeps them interested – but the latter makes them RICH.

If you were a good little entrepreneur who invested time into setting goals for yourself, your team, and your business early this year, maybe even having them written on the wall in the “war room” of your office so that everyone can see them, good for you. BUT it’s NOT the “thought” of wanting to win, wanting to achieve those goals, that counts.

If you don’t follow through every day, every week, every month IMPLEMENTING a plan and taking BOLD action toward the achievement of those goals (not just rearranging the furniture), you have wasted your time.

In fact, you may have done more damage than good, setting a goal publicly and then meekly wimping out on its attainment. It’s horribly demotivating to you and your team. After all, who wants to follow a loser?

Stop playing around. You can’t just *think* and grow rich. You must follow through. If you want to see how winners and high performers operate, implement and achieve, join us:

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