What 423+ MSPs, VARs And IT Services Clients Have To Say About Technology Marketing Toolkit

What Our Clients Have To Say

For My New MSP, Robin’s Program Brought Me New Confidence, 8 New Opportunities And A New Recurring Revenue Client

“The biggest surprise of the Technology Marketing Toolkit program and going through Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop is the supportive community. The other MSP owners here truly care about not only their success, but YOURS as well. Learning from this community, I’ve grown in both my confidence as well as my new business.

The more I trusted Robin’s repeatable and reliable process, the TMT community, as well as myself, the more I knew what I needed to succeed. By going through the workshop, I went from a referral-only-based business with a six-month sales cycle to several marketing oil wells generating multiple opportunities and a fast two- or three-week sales cycle!

In just one month, I landed my FIRST MRR contract that paid a living wage rather than just covering my costs. Month two saw a referral and allowed me to work on my pricing, packaging and sales. Month three was HUGE for my growth! I generated 14 warm leads, spoke at four events and landed EIGHT OPPORTUNITIES!

Throughout the training, partnerships and support from this AMAZING community, I have developed a process going forward as I grow my new business and trust myself more and more every day. If you trust yourself, you too can climb that mountain and reach your goals.”

Tasha Dickinson

Tasha Dickinson


Going Through Robin Robins’ Workshop Became Our Turning Point – So Far We’ve Added A New $5,400-A-Year Contract!

“By going through Robin Robins’ hands-on Rapid Implementation Workshop, we gained knowledge and developed our marketing strategy. The most important tool that Technology Marketing Toolkit taught us was how to create a 12-Month Marketing Plan. Then, all marketing strategies, campaigns and ideas started to fall into place.

We’ve already seen results, including a $5,400 annual contract from an existing client, and we’ve connected with 80 prospects, booked two on-site inspections and sent out a proposal. The tips and tricks given in Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop allowed us to stay motivated, customize templates and implement them into our marketing strategy. My team and I are looking forward to growing the company with Robin Robins and her TMT team.”

Theresia Joseph

Theresia Joseph


Never Again Will We Be Without Lists, Lackluster Sales Or Lead Tracking – We Just Hit Go!

“TMT’s program is simply amazing. You start with Robin’s Rapid Implementation Program to get you set up and on your way, and then you go through a full four-month training which helps you build out your entire marketing strategy. TMT has a HUGE resource pool of hundreds of other MSPs who have already gone through their marketing or are going through it with you. TMT provides templates, instructions, EVERYTHING – all you have to do is GO.

They are solving EVERY problem, including those we didn't even know we had. This program helped build out an actual marketing plan and program for our company, it gives us the tools, the templates and resources to do the marketing and literally tells you how and when to do it. It has solved issues of us having bad (or no) lists, zero pipeline, lackluster sales, zero follow-up, and no lead tracking.

Having such a vast group of seasoned MSPs and owners available and excited to help is simply worth the world in gold. Their mentors are ready to help at any time, to solve every problem we have run into.

Two words: Simply AMAZING.

Nick Todd

Nick Todd

Ocean Computer Group, Inc.

TMT Surpassed Our Expectations On Their Promise To Elevate Our MSP!

“We have nothing but praise for TMT and their outstanding marketing and coaching services. Our partnership with them has redefined the way we approach our clients, empowering us to reach new heights and achieve unprecedented success.

We embarked on our partnership with TMT with some trepidation, unsure if they could deliver on their promise to elevate our business to new heights. Spoiler alert: they did. In fact, they surpassed our expectations at every turn, providing us with a wealth of knowledge and strategies that helped us navigate the MSP industry like seasoned pros.

Barrett Earney

Barrett Earney


Evolving From An Operations-Focused MSP To A Sales-Focused MSP, We Onboarded $20K In New MRR Clients Inside Of 3 Months

“After some coaching from Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit, we realized we needed to evolve from an operations-focused MSP to a SALES-FOCUSED one. With this one mindset change, we’ve onboarded FOUR new managed services clients in just three months. These new clients represent over $20,000 in NEW MRR! Even more, our initial technology business review campaign has netted us $1,400 in new MRR by upselling current clients. It’s already paying off!

This program has given our entire organization a common direction for the growth of the business. It works because the components of the marketing plan are broken up into digestible bits that have made ramping up our marketing ‘TMT-style’ manageable and effective. There’s no way we could have achieved this aggressive pace without TMT providing the direction and resources we needed to evolve into a sales-focused organization.”

Shayne Caffrey

Shayne Caffrey

LeeShanok Network Solutions

After SLOW Growth From Break-Fix Clients For 20+ Years, In 90 Days We Added A $2,700 MRR Client And $84K In Projects!
“Twenty-one years after docTRONX was started, my partner and I planned for our expansion of sustained growth of 20% every year over the next five years. Due to Robin Robins’ persistence, we committed to signing up for Technology Marketing Toolkit and going through their Rapid Implementation Workshop. It has absolutely been one of the most challenging and yet MOST REWARDING things we’ve ever done at docTRONX. Since the workshop 90 days ago, we have:
  • Improved the marketing and conversions from our website.
  • Signed a PO for $75,000 worth of compliance work from a single campaign we did DURING the workshop!
  • Landed a $2,700/month MRR contract with a total contract value of $97,200!
  • Signed $9,000 in server and workstation replacements.
  • Sent out Robin’s direct mail campaign and received a proposed project of $35,000 with $3,000 in MRR!
This experience has shown me that without sales and marketing, having the best technical company in the market would never be enough to grow at a reliable pace. Partnering with TMT, we are very excited about the future.”
Preston Borchelt

Preston Borchelt

docTRONX, Inc.

From $52,016 In Debt To Adding At Least $125,685 In Annual Contracts Thanks To Robin’s Program!

When I started Globalnet IT Innovations in Southend, Essex, UK, I had no money and no real clients. After 12 years of pretty lacklustre growth, I was $52,016 in debt and seriously considered shutting down my business. Indecision and fear prevented my company from growing. Then Robin Robins showed me there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I went all in by signing up for Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Accelerators Club and attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. As a result, I’ve started to get some traction and wins. I now have some referrals for Office 365 work. We’ve also performed 10 free audits which has led to multiple proposals and a $28,560 annual contract!

Through technology business reviews, we have successfully helped multiple clients upgrade their IT and cybersecurity. One client ordered $42,000 in Office 365 licensing annually. Another company in London wants to utilize our co-managed IT for a minimum of $55,125 a year!

Robin’s program isn’t just about marketing. It provides accountability and solid advice for business growth. We used to be the best IT company in Southend, Essex, UK that no one knew about. Today, we are on our way to becoming the best IT company that everyone in Southend knows about! Finally it feels like things are moving in the right direction, and there’s a buzz in the air.

Robert Burdett

Robert Burdett

Globalnet IT Innovations

After Striking Out With My Own Marketing, I Went Through Robin’s Workshop And Added $11,600 In NEW MRR!

Since I started Central Plains Computer Service, Inc., I’ve tried to be focused on sales. Unfortunately, like most MSPs, I always got sucked into service issues. Like throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks, I tried multiple marketing ventures. For TV advertising, we paid about $3,500 a month but didn’t see much business come through our doors. We also got poor results from running Facebook ads. And redesigning our website didn’t result in leads.

Then I joined Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Accelerators Club and went through Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop. After returning from the workshop, we used Robin’s instruction to conduct technology business reviews with our clients. It worked, resulting in 11 agreements worth about $11,600 in NEW MRR!

Thank you to TMT and their Accelerators Club for giving us the tools we need to market and GROW our MRR. I want to help people realize that you can’t do it alone. Do the marketing, make the sales, do the work. This community is truly amazing, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Kerry Guthrie

Kerry Guthrie

Central Plains Computer Service, Inc.

In Our First 3 Months With TMT, We’ve Increased Our MRR By $2,453 And Added $18K In Projects

In the 16 years since Kintechnology, Inc., first opened, we hadn’t done any marketing. It finally hit me – I had no effective plan for getting new clients or even for getting new services out to existing clients.

Then, at an IT show in Las Vegas, I came across Robin Robins’ breakout session. “Wasn’t she on the TV show Shark Tank?” Upon speaking with Robin, I realized she knew my concerns and even had a PLAN for me! She’s got a team, a proven program and more than enough other MSPs who have grown their businesses through her system.

My marketing journey with Technology Marketing Toolkit began with Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. My first surprise was the immediate response I got from clients who I rarely ever heard from. My second surprise was just how accepting my clients were after I raised my rates just as TMT suggested. That resulted in a $2,453.08 increase in monthly recurring revenue!

We’ve only been engaged with Technology Marketing Toolkit for three months now, yet a lot has already changed. Along with the $2,453 increase in our MRR, we won two client projects worth about $18,000 total! I can finally stop being afraid that I don’t know what to do. With Robin’s marketing, we lit the fuse on the rocket, and now we are hitting new heights.”

Joel Guthrie

Joel Guthrie

Kintechnology, Inc.

First, We Won Robin Robins’ Grand Prize – Next, We Won $4,240 In New MRR And $24,594 In Projects!

“For five years straight, our business saw an average of only 2% growth per year. Then we discovered Technology Marketing Toolkit. At Robin Robins’ Boot Camp, we won her GRAND PRIZE, which included an all-expenses-paid trip to the Four Seasons in Las Vegas with $500 spending cash and an amazing dinner!

After going through Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop and weeks of accountability calls, I was able to convert three clients to long-term contracts. Those lucrative contracts will bring in just shy of HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in business over the next three years!

Then, from our technology business reviews, we landed several small projects totaling $24,594, as well as add-on services totaling $2,445 of monthly recurring revenue. Since joining TMT, Beanstalk Computing has increased our MRR by $4,240 — from $33,957 to $38,197!”

Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks

Beanstalk Computing

In Just 90 Days, We Set An Unbelievable Baseline For Growth By Increasing Our Annual Recurring Revenue By $43,000!

“After over 25 years of relying on word of mouth and sporadic referrals, the owners of TriQuest Technologies finally decided they needed a predictable way to consistently attract new customers and grow their business. Just two weeks after I joined TriQuest as their marketing coordinator, we attended the Technology Marketing Toolkit Rapid Implementation Workshop to help us with much-needed marketing.

The owners told me that Robin Robins’ workshop is ‘like drinking from a firehose.’ And then I saw Robin’s fire-engine-red hair and realized they were right. In the last 90 days since the workshop, we’ve taken MANY actions to build our brand awareness and our authority.

Knowing small wins lead to big wins, we implemented one of Robin’s direct mail campaigns with follow-up calls, ‘Robinized’ our website, grew our list and started a drip marketing campaign. We delivered thousands of impressions on LinkedIn and Facebook, hosted events, delivered five Shock-And-Awe boxes to interested prospects and had several first-time appointments!

In just 90 days, we have already accomplished so much and set an UNBELIEVABLE BASELINE to build off of next year. Since we went through Robin’s workshop and accountability calls, our monthly recurring revenue has increased by $3,583, or about $43,000 annually!

Maddie Sauerbreit

Maddie Sauerbreit

TriQuest Technologies

Robin Taught Me That Marketing Is A Numbers Game – We Worked Those Numbers To The Tune Of 37 New Clients And $78,301 In MRR In Just One Year
After just 90 days with Technology Marketing Toolkit, we closed $14,722 in new monthly recurring revenue! Growing the business using our new marketing and sales techniques that we learned from Robin’s Producers Club was exciting. Next, I started thinking BIG, planning growth by marketing numbers, and added $53,865 in new MRR in just over five months.

By growing our farm list to 3,000 and connecting with each prospect 96 times last year, we brought in 37 NEW CLIENTS, added $78,301 in new MRR, increased revenue by $451,755 and boosted profits by 176%! All we did was follow the campaigns and instructions TMT provided, and we are out of debt, out of our basement, and I WON Robin’s Better Your Best competition to become TMT’s newest spokesperson!

Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer

CEO, 911 IT

By Utilizing Robin’s Authority-Building Insights And Tools, I Added $83,790 In MRR And $742,196 In Revenue In One Year
Because of an aggressive climate of mergers and acquisitions for CPA firms, we lost $420K in revenue two years ago and another $520K last year!

Thankfully, with the help of Technology Marketing Toolkit, we’ve been working diligently and consistently on establishing myself and Tech Advisors as recognized IT and cyber security authorities.

Using Robin Robins’ authority-generating strategies and Done-For-You marketing, I authored TWO BOOKS, was featured in an Amazon movie, became an Amazon best-selling author, was featured in three MSP and cyber security magazines and conducted multiple successful webinars and live events.

Combining our authority-enhancing initiatives and Robin’s proven marketing campaigns, we not only added SEVEN NEW CLIENTS, we were able to raise our rates with current clients last year with ZERO OBJECTIONS, increasing our MRR by $83,790. Despite losing almost a million dollars in revenue to acquisitions, we added nearly $800K two years ago and $742,196 last year! In the face of adversity, we took bold steps, which helped us to become a Top Five finalist in TMT’s Better Your Best competition.

Konrad Martin

Konrad Martin

Tech Advisors, Inc.

Thanks To MSP Launch Academy, We Landed A 24 Month Contract!
We started just riding the rollercoaster, being motivated to do marketing one minute then get too busy and stop. We didn't realize at the time, marketing MUST happen and happen CONSTANTLY. Fast forward to joining MSP Launch Academy and it was a life changer. This program is holding me accountable and providing the automation tools (and content which I’m thrilled about), to market consistently. Case in point, the program helped us close a contract for 24 months with a $660/month increase and added an extra covered user $150/month to another customer. We also added $7524 in project work. I am very grateful to the TMT Team.
Bob Stamper

Bob Stamper

CEO, iSAFE Complete Managed Services

Completely New To Sales And Marketing, We Added $372,456 In Revenue And $303,841 In Profit In Our FIRST YEAR With Robin Robins
Up until last year, we had zero sales process and no idea how to grow organically outside of referrals and word of mouth. Then, after watching hours of Robin Robins’ sales and marketing videos on YouTube, we signed up with Technology Marketing Toolkit on the spot. Even before attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, I IMMEDIATELY added $77,000 to our top line! By implementing her proven marketing campaigns, year over year, we grew our revenue by 24% at $372,456, added $303,841 to our bottom-line profit, increased our MRR by $36,000 and became a Top Five finalist in TMT’s Better Your Best competition!

Last year, my goal was to get Automates to between $4M and $6M, and today my new goal is anywhere from $12M to $16M. This bears repeating: I am completely new to sales and marketing and for the first time I’m seeing the fruits of my labor improving my MSP and my life.

Tommy Thornton Image

Tommy Thornton

CEO, AutoMates /  ProSales Telecom

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