What 404+ MSPs, VARs And IT Services Clients Have To Say About Technology Marketing Toolkit

What Our Clients Have To Say

It Is Just Plain Cool How Well That One Campaign Is Working
“Just one campaign I learned from MSP Launch Academy has a 50% response rate.  It is just plain cool how well that one campaign is working.  We were able to get our first managed services contract in 20 years simply by attending one session and following the process.  We sent out seven emails and three clients responded right away, giving us raving reviews that we will definitely use in marketing and on our website.  I couldn’t be happier and would recommend this to any small MSP who needs help ramping up their business and marketing plan” 
Gene Painter

Gene Painter

Orion Technology

Robin And Team Have Pushed Our ‘Little Engine That Could’ Into An MSP That ‘Does’!
I wanted to thank Robin and the entire TMT team for your assistance and dedication. I have learned so much and continue to push our “Little Engine That Could” into the next chapter of our MSP maturity. All the coaches, client-facing support, and countless team members hiding in the shadows makes this possible and makes our dreams come true. Dedication to a product starts with education from the top. It’s evident that Robin has an exceptional team in place. Will Nobles and Mike Bazar offer an honest approach to delivering advice that can actually be implemented immediately into production, which is key to our growth. I envy their knowledge and will continue to strive to be at their levels. Training, coaching calls, the Dashboard, etc.…, they all kick ass!! I hope all your clients realize the growth potential that each of them have with TMT. You continue to add value to the products and, most importantly, to the organization. We, as MSPs, need you. 
Tommy Thornton Image

Tommy Thornton

CEO, AutoMates /  ProSales Telecom

After Our First TMT Workshop, We Added $2.4M In 3 Years – Now That We Just Completed Our Second Workshop, We Are Ready To Grow Again!
“My boss, Dave Henderson, attended Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop four years ago. At that time, CyberStreams had four employees and about $500K in revenue. Just three years later, CyberStreams has grown to 19 employees and $2,400,000 in revenue!  Now, Dave probably quotes Robin at least once a day. Answering the phones live, launching our Done-For-You Website and Newsletter service and sending the Shock-And-Awe box, which gives us better closing rates, are all impressive aspects of how we were able to grow so rapidly.  Part of my goal as a new marketing and sales employee is to look for ways to make improvements on what we already have in place. By attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop a second time, I was able to improve our IT Planning Meetings, create our 12-month marketing plan calendar and get out my very first direct-mail campaign. As a result of my new efforts, we are about to CLOSE on a NEW CLIENT!  Knowing where we are today, with all of our successes, I have the opportunity to help further strengthen our success with Technology Marketing Toolkit. After going through this second workshop, I am confident we will continue to grow!”  
Melody Kelly Image

Melody Kelly

Marketing Administrator, CyberStreams

In Just 90 Days, We Increased Our MRR By $111,600, With A Net Profit Of $59,800!
“Before joining Technology Marketing Toolkit, we knew NOTHING about marketing and how to actively attract clients. We only relied on referrals. The buzzwords – campaigns, appointment setting, QBRs – were foreign to us. Because we were committed to growing our business to new heights, we attended Robin Robins’ Roadshow and signed up to attend her Rapid Implementation Workshop.  During those three days in Nashville, we were sponges, trying to learn anything and everything during sessions while meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs. That was just the beginning to our journey of growth. As we reflect on our achievements and lessons learned, our results BLOW US AWAY!  In the last few months, we have identified our target market, our unique selling proposition and the Top 5 Reasons To Choose Us. We learned how to scrub a list, started cold-calling, implemented Robin’s CRM and marketing automation tool, ran a direct mail campaign and rebuilt our new SEO-focused website. Whew! Our biggest game changer for us financially was CONSISTENT QUARTERLY BUSINESS REVIEWS (QBRs). Those made us proactive vs. reactive for clients. Increasing our rates was a big barrier we finally broke through. With QBRs alone, we increased our MRR by $111,600, with a net profit of $59,800 and $7K in project work! We attribute a lot of our success to our weekly accountability calls and the Technology Marketing Toolkit team!” 
Atul Bhagat and Sonia Bhagat

Atul Bhagat and Sonia Bhagat

President & CEO and Chief of Operations & Client Experience, Base Solutions

TMT’s Sales Coaching Has Led To Almost Doubling Our Close Ratio!
The sales training done by our Producers Club coaches is excellent.  They really hold your feet to the fire and make an excellent team.  Each weekly call drives the content and teaches you how to close more business but, more importantly, teaches you how to close BETTER business so you aren’t signing a troubled client that causes headaches down the road.  These calls have almost DOUBLED our sales close ratio and at the same time helped us weed out those nitpicky prospects who just aren’t a good fit.  These calls just work.  Thank you to the whole team.  You’re teaching us to be sales rockstars! 
John Kistler

John Kistler

J&B Technologies

Through Robin Robins’ Program, Our Goal Is To DOUBLE Our Income This Year!
“Starting as a husband-and-wife break-fix business in 2001, Computer Techs primarily supported CPAs and Catholic schools in the Pasadena, California, area. For well over a decade, money was tight, a marketing budget was nonexistent and we didn’t know the benefit of follow-up. We signed up for an MSP marketing program. But after two years and absolutely ZERO RESULTS, our frustration level was rising.   We received an invitation to one of Robin Robins’ marketing programs. Since we had heard multiple good things from her business acquaintances, including the potential for money growth, we decided to move forward with Technology Marketing Toolkit.   First, we were AMAZED at how fast our new CPA-targeting website was built – in just a week and a half! Next, we joined Robin and her team in Nashville for her Rapid Implementation Workshop. We finally got the training we had expected from our previous marketing company. Following this training, we began answering our phones live, built a Shock-And-Awe box to improve our close rate, started sending monthly newsletters and implemented a Referral Reward Program. From our direct mail campaign, a dozen CPAs want to discuss our IT services after tax season!   Momentum is starting to pay off because we are COMMITTED to the process. We’ve signed one new client for $7,200 in annual recurring revenue and expect this client to grow over time. Plus, a few of our clients have increased their monthly MRR as a result of our marketing. We are continually learning and consistently implementing Robin’s marketing systems and processes. As a result, we expect SUBSTANTIAL GROWTH this year, including achieving our goal of DOUBLING OUR INCOME!  
Lyle and Natalie Thomas

Lyle & Natalie Thomas

Computer Techs

Thanks To Robin Robins’ Personal Advice, I Went From Almost Losing My 2 BIGGEST CLIENTS To Getting Even More Business From Them!
“During the pandemic, I heard through the grapevine that my two most lucrative clients were considering LEAVING ME. One even asked, ‘What exactly are we paying for?’ So, through Robin’s monthly Q&A, I personally asked her for help. Rather than giving a canned response, Robin asked thoughtful questions and gave me a genuine solution. As a result, not only did we SAVE BOTH CLIENTS, we got a nice cloud migration, on-site backup and software upgrades to boot!Marketing ISN’T BS! Since attending Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Rapid Implementation Workshop and joining Robin’s Accelerators Club, we are now PROFITABLE! Affiliation with TMT has gained me credibility. Plus, we have ‘Robinized’ our website, are sending out drip marketing regularly and now answer our phones live! When you’re ready to stop doing ‘more of the same,’ the help you need is out there in the form of Technology Marketing Toolkit and their community!
Tim Malm

Tim Malm


You Can’t Put A Price Tag On Success – Robin Has Given Me The Roadmap!

Less than a year ago I met with the CEO of a major technology company. We discussed his products and technology and then the conversation turned to growing my business. I didn’t have the resources to buy another MSP, so he suggested I contact Robin Robins and check out Technology Marketing Toolkit.  I proceeded to contact Robin’s company and sign up for the Accelerators Club. As with most small MSP owners, I wore many hats and worked “in” the business instead of “on” the business. For me this had been going on for many years (over 30)! I told Robin if I had met her even 15 years ago, I would easily be doing 10 times the business I am doing now. Once I got involved in her program, I realized how little I knew about running an MSP. From marketing and sales to pricing my services, knowing what my Gross and Net Profits should be, absolutely eye opening! After attending her Rapid Implementation Workshop, I now have direction, purpose, a functioning CRM and a roadmap of how I am going to grow my business.

I can say with absolute certainty that without Robin and TMT there to help MSPs grow and prosper I don’t think many of us would survive. Her company has haloed the lives of so many MSP owners. Robin and her staff really, really care about our success and are there to help us which is more than I can say for most companies and people I have dealt with over the years. Sure, her services aren’t free but nothing worthwhile is. Her energy and passion are so infectious to all of us which helps in so many ways to become better and more successful at our craft. If a fellow MSP came to me for a recommendation, I would give Robin and TMT 100 stars for helping to put me on the right path to succeed. How do you put a price tag on something like that?  Thank you so much, Robin, for everything you do!

Michael Seidner

Michael Seidner

President/CEO, M5 Systems

We Achieved Multiple Little WINS Through Robin’s Program Including Landing An EXACT-FIT CLIENT!
Winning is hard. Achieving little wins each day is the only way we will ever be able to reach our goal of becoming a million-dollar MSP. Thankfully, by going through Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Program, we have already achieved several of these little wins.

One win for us came by implementing Robin Robins’ direct mail Aspirin Campaign. From this single campaign, we’ve been introduced to several prospects who may just become future clients. A second win was our entire website reboot, which increased our search engine optimization and improved our Google ranking. A third win for us was strengthening our relationships with our current clients. We accomplished this by sending out birthday emails and starting a referral program.

The ultimate win when it comes to marketing is getting a new client. Because of all the marketing strategies we’ve implemented since starting Robin’s program, a prospect decided to sign on as A NEW CLIENT! This new client fits our target market and is EXACTLY who we’ve been searching for.

By going through Robin’s Rapid Implementation Program, it gave us a direction to walk to make our goals a reality one day real soon. That is why the little things that are done every day are wins. Sending out letters, having a conversation-focused website, knowing our target market, making the dang phone calls and taking on the beast of marketing one bite at a time.
Chauntelle Olsen Image

Chauntelle Olsen

Marketing Administrator, Network Heroes

From NO Marketing Systems To A STRONG Marketing Foundation With $25,000 In New Project Work
Just a few months back, we literally had no marketing systems. All we had was a hodge-podge of badly messaged marketing collateral, a terrible website that didn’t generate leads, poor e-mail follow-up and sporadic digital marketing. I knew we needed to vastly improve our marketing systems, but didn’t have time to build everything from scratch.

Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop and her Accelerator’s Club Coaching Program seemed like the perfect solution for us to improve our marketing systems and produce new business results QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY. So, we made the investment and got to work.

I’m happy to say I’m pleased with EVERYTHING that’s happened as a result of going through Robin’s Rapid Implementation program. First, we’ve generated $25,000 in new project work by scheduling MANY more quarterly business reviews. Second, the Technology Marketing Toolkit marketing automation CRM has made it MUCH EASIER to trade leads and opportunities and follow up. Third, we have a discovery call generated from the TMT Digital Marketing Done-For-You team. And fourth, we generated four qualified leads and two look promising for an additional $11,000 in MRR.

I am excited we now have a STRONG MARKETING FOUNDATION to build off of. I also feel VERY CONFIDENT about the marketing plan and processes we now have in place thanks to my participation in Accelerators Club. And I’m confident it will produce the results we are looking for by year’s end.
Steve Messineo Image

Steve Messineo

Business Development Officer, Citara Systems, Inc

After 17 Years Of Little Marketing, We Signed 4 NEW CLIENTS Using Robin Robins’ No-BS Marketing Campaigns 
Through 17 years, ClearCom IT Solutions had grown by word-of-mouth referrals, but little marketing. So, I was brought onboard as their Administrative and Marketing Coordinator. Attracted to Robin Robins’ no-BS marketing style and great MSP-specific marketing tips, I convinced my boss to let me attend her Cybersecurity Roadshow in Boston. The entire conference was AMAZING!

Soon after, we purchased the Technology Marketing Toolkit. Having pre-written, tested material that was ready to launch through Robin’s Marketing Automated Platform in Infusionsoft… I’m SOLD! That year, we launched our “Robin-ized” website, started a monthly newsletter, created our Shock-And-All Box to help close new clients and started direct mail campaigns. These efforts WORKED! We booked several appointments and SIGNED 4 NEW CLIENTS! Plus, by having technology business reviews on a regular schedule with our clients, we have increased both MRR and project revenue.

In addition to new clients and new monthly recurring revenue, our marketing improvements have impacted the TRUSTWORTHINESS and REPUTATION of ClearCom IT in a positive manner. Clients are WOWED by our Shock-And-Awe Box that we send prior to appointments and have mentioned they are impressed with our newsletters. Even better, prospects who have been on our mailing list for years have called to let us know they’re now READY to discuss a change in IT.

I can say with certainty that the knowledge gleaned from Robin Robins and her marketing strategies and campaigns will impact future profitability here at ClearCom IT Solutions.
Jenn McGroary

Jenn McGroary

ClearCom IT Solutions

By Attending Robin Robins’ Workshop A SECOND Time, We’ve Already Landed A NEW CLIENT Worth $15,264 A Year!
Five years ago, Bridgepoint Technologies’ president went through Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Program. As a result of attending that workshop and becoming a Producers Club Member, he has built a STRONG MARKETING and SALES SYSTEM that drives results. The BridgePoint team saw firsthand what Technology Marketing Toolkit and their tools can do for a business. This sparked an idea…This year, we made the decision to return to the Rapid Implementation Workshop to help grow our digital workorder app, as well as our entire MSP. Being together in that high energy environment, connecting with others and seeing the success that can occur from following Robin’s process was like pouring gasoline onto our fire!Among the many marketing initiatives we have implemented, we have configured both our app website and MSP website to meet the important credentials of an efficient, results-driven site. We attended two tradeshows for our target market which have generated 15 demos and counting.We’ve also consistently been running Robin’s Poker Chip campaign and landed ONE NEW CLIENT for an additional $15,264 in annualized recurring revenue! We are excited to continue implementing more and more of Robin’s marketing as we officially release our digital workorder app.
Cole Huskisson

Cole Huskisson

BridgePoint Technologies

Revenue From Our FIRST Marketing Effort PAID FOR Robin Robins’ Program And MORE!

After attending Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop, joining Accelerators Club and getting Keap, Robin’s CRM and marketing automation program, we had TWO MAJOR WINS! First major win: we established a process for tracking our leads. Second major win: marketing to a defined target market was an IMMEDIATE SUCCESS. After just our FIRST mailing, we signed a new co-managed client that’s one of the largest manufacturers in the area! The revenue from this one marketing win will pay for Robin’s program and even help us add more personnel!

From our technology business reviews (TBRs), drip marketing, newsletters and a direct mail campaign, we have proven our value to our clients and prospects. We have also generated four appointments, three future appointments and conducted two TBRs with clients. Even better, we have two leads valuing over $2,300 for project work and $1,200 in MRR. Plus, we signed on a new client which should bring in as much as $4,500 in MRR and $60,000 in project work!

Patrick Kemp

Patrick Kemp

Loud and Clear Communications, LLC

After 36 Years With No Marketing, Technology Marketing Toolkit Helped Me To Add An Expected $2,900 In MRR And $15,000 In Projects

After 36 years with no marketing and no MSP business model, we finally realized we needed to change after we lost seven major customers in just six months. Robin’s team helped me realize that by adding MSP services to my business, I can increase my current revenue with my customers and even open doors to potential new clients. I am expecting around $1,500 to $2,500 per month in managed services by the end of this quarter.

As far as results from our new marketing, we are currently cleaning our list of 2,065 local prospects. Thanks to Robin’s team, our done-for-you lead generating website will be finished next week. Using their “Quick Shot” e-mails, we have set up three quarterly business reviews with existing customers and the 9-Word E-mails we sent resulted in five meetings and a verbal agreement of a $15,000 project and $400 in new MRR!

Barry Brown

Barry Brown

Sirtawn Systems

After Robin’s Toolkit Helped Increase My Revenue By 43%, I Attended Her Workshop And Added $9,600 In Annualized MRR!
As a one-man shop, I can confidently say that Robin Robins’ Technology Marketing Toolkit helped me hone my marketing skills as well as introduced the power of doing quarterly business reviews (QBRs) for my clients. With those business improvements, I was able to increase my overall revenue by 43%!Because I still needed to bring in Robin’s marketing standards to Periphix, I signed up for Robin’s Accelerators Club and attended her three-day Rapid Implementation Workshop. As a result, I have added $800 a month in monthly recurring revenue and expect to add another $800 - $1,200 in additional MRR after tax season. I also expect to add another $25,000 in project revenue in the next six months.
Jason Danyluk

Jason Danyluk

Owner, Periphix Solutions

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