What 449+ MSPs, VARs And IT Services Clients Have To Say About Technology Marketing Toolkit

What Our Clients Have To Say

Initially Very Skeptical, After Generating $84,400 In Revenue In 90 Days, We Realized This Was The BEST BUSINESS DECISION We Ever Made!

“We were very skeptical about joining TMT’s Accelerators Club and going through Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Turns out, besides starting our business, it was the BEST BUSINESS DECISION we have ever made.

If we told you we only got what we expected out of the Rapid Implementation Workshop, it would be a lie. We have gained FAR MORE than we ever dreamed was possible. Among the impressive results we’ve achieved, we have:

  • Increased our MRR by 50%
  • Generated $84,400 in increased revenue
  • Added $13,000 in new projects
  • Seated 27 appointments

We still can’t believe everything we’ve accomplished in just 90 days!”

Matt and Jeanine Kinsey

Matt and Jeanine Kinsey

IT Fusion

Coaching Has Enabled Us To Exceed Our MRR Goals

“As a salesperson, I have a handful of years of B2B sales. However, prior to joining the Sales Champion Program, when we proposed our services, we’d have prospects give us added information about their process while letting us know that they went in a different direction. I wasn’t closing sales that I wanted.

Since joining the Sales Champion coaching program, as a team we hit our annual MRR quota goal and then exceeded it! In the past, I’ve come very close to making it, but always fell short.

Being able to role play with peers who give good feedback has been invaluable for me. I was able to identify gaps in my first-time appointment questions that was causing me to lose the sale.”

Kasey Sheley

Kasey Sheley

Sales & Marketing Manager, SundogIT

We Won An $8,500-A-Month Agreement

“This group has been the prescription we needed to improve our sales approach and process. Our average client MRR is just under $5,000 a month and many of our clients also generate an equal amount of services/product margin in addition to the agreement.

In our group, the coaches’ focus is on our improvement. Following the sales playbook that TMT provided has helped my team shore up everything from lead capture through the close process.

I find great value in the role-play meetings; having the ability to practice with my peers and not in front of my prospects while getting quality feedback from the coaches and all of our group members is a needed, welcome function.

We won an $8,500-a-month agreement that will grow over the next year and include a significant amount of project work from the training of this group. Following this program helps successfully manage the process to properly address each lead and improve your close ratios, which we all can use. Since joining, we added $34,850 in MRR!”

Mike Moran

Mike Moran

President, Affiliated Resource Group

We Improved Our First-Time Appointments To Close Rate From 4.7% To 16%

“Before joining the MSP Sales Champions coaching program, our sales were abysmal. There were many things I was frustrated with but the sales closing percentage was all on me. I think I was like most MSPs in thinking that since I was the only person in sales, I could wing it and figure things out as I went along.

I’m not going to lie, it was painful at first to join a sales accountability group. Following a sales process I’m NOT comfortable with and role-playing were not things I’m used to. The alternative was to keep doing things the way I’ve always done. Which was not an option to reach our one-year, three-year, and 10-year goals.

Since joining the MSP Sales Champions group, we improved our first-time appointments to close rate from 4.7% to 16%. No IFs, ANDs, or BUTs. I implemented the sales process and didn’t change one thing about it.

The biggest PERSONAL benefit is confidence and income. I’m confident going into sales meetings. I’m confident I can grow MRR and bring more income for me and the family business.”

Tito Huynh

Tito Huynh

Vice President, Business Data Services VP

The Numbers Speak For Themselves – In Just 90 Days, We Added $11K In MRR And $20K In Projects

“Before we joined Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit, our numbers were trending downward. To change our mindset and our path, we signed up for our SECOND Rapid Implementation Workshop through TMT. As a result, we’ve had some INCREDIBLE successes over the last 90 days.

First, we signed our largest client ever! Next, we sponsored two networking events that resulted in about 60 new leads. We signed two more clients for a total of $11,000 in NEW MRR and closed about $20K in project work! All in all, since we started the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we have experienced a 25% increase in MRR in just 90 days. Trust Robin, commit to the process and you will have results. The numbers speak for themselves!”

Kyndel Wynn

Kyndel Wynn

Chief Operational Officer, Info Station

MSP Sales Champions Transformed Our Business, Resulting In A 33% Increase And Building A More Respected MSP

"Before joining the MSP Sales Champions group, my experience at Kloud9IT had been successful, but I sensed the need for improvement. Dealing with numerous deals, especially smaller accounts, demanded significant attention. I was eager to sell every opportunity, sometimes neglecting to assess if it truly aligned with Kloud9IT's best interests. In the previous year, I closed 39 deals with an MRR of $40,846.75, averaging $1,047.35 per deal, and a closing rate of 26%. All deals were on 3-year terms, totaling $1,470,483 in contract value.

Initially skeptical about what more I could learn after years in technology sales, I decided to give MSP Sales Champions a chance. The introduction of sales strategies, processes, and the concept of 'diagnosing' situations like a doctor caught my attention. As my engagement increased, I began to see a shift in my approach.

The transformation was evident in my sales statistics. I closed 25 deals with an MRR of $60,934, averaging $2,437 per deal, and a 31.6% close rate. Opening 79 opportunities, I increased my deal size by 43%, all on three-year terms, resulting in a total contract value of $2,193,264. My newfound ability to assess the suitability of business engagements for Kloud9IT contributed to a 33% increase over the previous year.

Listening and actively participating in the MSP Sales Champions group not only gave me valuable insights but also translated into a substantial annual raise. Beyond personal success, it has played a pivotal role in building Kloud9IT into a more respected and recognized MSP in the industry."

Bob Bolte

Bob Bolte

Senior Business Development Manager, Kloud9IT

TMT Is An Excellent Partner

“I have been beyond pleased with what TMT brings to the table. You come in with fingers crossed, maybe even prepared to be underwhelmed because of experiences with other vendors, then BAM! You realize you made the right decision. The education you get from TMT will be much, much more than you can even imagine. You will be a different company after joining, barring you join and execute.

Kelley Sanford

Kelley Sanford

Founder, Nerds in a Flash

My Close Rate Has Surged To 80%!

“The MSP Sales Champion coaching program arrived at a crucial moment in my career.

Previously, I maintained a respectable close rate, consistently between 60% and 65%. However, I was alarmed when it dipped below 50%, and my attempts to rectify the situation proved futile. Despite updating my sales presentation, revising internal processes, and seeking input from team members, I found myself in a slump, feeling embarrassed and lacking wins for an entire month. One prospect even cited the absence of differentiation and opted for a cheaper alternative. That was a wake-up call.

Enter the MSP Sales Champion coaching program. The impact was immediate, with a notable shift in the focus of discovery meeting questions. Through sessions, I recognized that I hadn't been asking the right questions – ones centered on the client and their business rather than technicalities. The coaching provided new approaches to running discovery meetings, and role-playing sessions proved invaluable, helping me identify my shortcomings and paving the way for more meaningful and successful prospect interactions.

Armed with my refined discovery questions, I began to stand out, forging stronger client relationships and presenting custom plans that set me apart. In just four months, my close rate skyrocketed to 80%. The newfound success is attributed to the insights, guidance and accountability provided by my coach and fellow team members. I am excited to continue on this upward trajectory and appreciate the support that has revitalized my sales and promises continued growth."

Joanna Mirov

Joanna Mirov

Sr. Advisor Of M&A, Ntiva

Membership Opportunities Transformed Our MSP Sales, Boosting MRR By $17,084

“Reflecting on my first year selling MSP services, it was a challenging journey. I managed to sell only $4,166 worth of RMM from new customers in seven months, with a discouraging close rate of around 10%. After attending Boot Camp and joining the Producers Club, we witnessed a significant transformation. Our MRR sales surged by $17,084 in the same seven-month period, and our close rate improved to 21.8%, closing 24 out of 110 discovery calls.

This success, however, wasn't enough. We needed a catalyst, a spark to propel us further. Doubling down on our efforts to refine our process, I joined the MSP Sales Champion group. The camaraderie and success stories of others in the group instilled the confidence that I too could achieve similar results.

In the initial weeks, I honed my confidence through role-plays and gained unique approaches for challenging prospects. I learned the importance of a thorough discovery call process, steering away from pushing product features and focusing more on understanding the prospect's pain points.

Delving deep into core issues and showcasing how our services could solve problems became the key. When facing objections, the collective wisdom of the group provided creative solutions I hadn't considered. The group dynamic empowered me to overcome objections and refine my proposals, making them tailored to each prospect's pain points.

The journey with the Sales Champion Group has been immensely fulfilling. Our business has grown, allowing us to hire more people and support others in our community with our expertise. While my experience with the group is just beginning, the tried-and-true sales process has already yielded great success. Understanding why deals didn't close and gaining insights from a fantastic group of individuals has been one of the most valuable aspects of this journey.”

Elan Jones

Elan Jones

Director Of Business Development, eCreek Solutions

You Get At Least 100x Value On Your Investment

“Robin Robins and the TMT team are absolutely brilliant when it comes to helping MSPs and MSSPs grow. The marketing campaigns and strategies work IF executed. The support is outstanding. I started with TMT in 2014 and this was by far the best investment I have ever made into my company, my staff and myself. You get at least 100x value on your investment. If you are serious about your business, get TMT in your corner to help you grow and knock out your competition! They are the only marketing company to use if you’re looking to grow your MSP or MSSP.”

Igor Pinchevskiy

Igor Pinchevskiy


After Joining, We Added An Impressive $63K In New Monthly Recurring Revenue

“Joining the new sales training group was a game-changer for my company. As a Sales Manager at Braintek for the past 20 years, I've faced numerous challenges in building and managing a successful sales team. Previous attempts at hiring salespeople often ended in failure, with a lack of proper training and understanding of how to guide them to profitability.

Having attended sales trainings in the past, I realized the need for a more tailored approach to our industry. This program has provided valuable insights into running effective sales meetings, compensating sales teams and holding them accountable. The weekly accountability meetings, guided by our coaches Sitima Fowler, Ray Green and the peer group, have been instrumental in keeping us on track.

The focus on understanding our team's expectations, setting quotas for activities and sales goals and addressing challenges has been invaluable. The group's support has not only helped us answer crucial questions but has also enhanced our sales techniques. Utilizing new strategies has allowed us to differentiate our company and better connect with prospects.

Applying these techniques has translated into tangible results. After joining, we added an impressive $63K in new Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)!

I am confident that the skills learned in this group will continue to drive our success. With plans to add another salesperson, I am excited about the continued growth and prosperity ahead. This training is not just a generic sales program; it's specific to our industry, making it a standout choice for anyone in the managed services sector.”

Greg Brainerd

Greg Brainerd

Owner/Sales Manager, Braintek

Originally A Skeptic, After Adding $166,080 In New Revenue, I Now Admit THIS STUFF WORKS!

“As Director of Marketing and Sales Operations for iStreet Solutions, I had first heard of Technology Marketing Toolkit from my old company. They were highly skeptical and thought Robin Robins’ marketing program was all ‘smoke and mirrors.’ Of course, if they had invested in TMT, perhaps they would still be in business today.

The president of iStreet Solutions, Mark Richter, asked me to review Robin’s marketing program. Little did I know at the time that I would turn out to be an ardent fan. After we went through TMT’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, one of our first and best initiatives was to conduct quarterly business reviews with our clients. After an impressive 90 appointments sat and six deals closed, we brought in $155,724 in additional revenue!

After that big win, we implemented one of Robin’s proven direct mail campaigns. We sent out 50 letters a week and followed up with three phone calls, three e-mails and LinkedIn connections, as TMT instructs. As a result, we generated 11 LEADS, sat FOUR APPOINTMENTS and closed a deal worth $10,356!

The step-by-step process laid out by TMT reduces your time spent on how to do it and rather forces you in the spotlight to just do it. From the weekly accountability calls, we almost always came away with something we could implement. Take it from someone who was dubious about these marketing strategies before getting started, THIS STUFF WORKS!”

Imran Lakhani

Imran Lakhani

Director of Marketing and Sales Operations, iStreet Solutions

TMT Really Cares About Our Success

“I’ve been part of MSP Launch Academy for almost two years now, since it was launched. I have had a great experience with the company and the membership. There always seems to be training happening and the content is timely and extensive. It isn’t just about sales, but we get operational excellence content delivered too. Plus, the team is always available for support — they really care about our success.”

Amit Mauskar

Amit Mauskar

Owner, Office Network Online

Rightsizing Our Client Base And Aggressively Running Marketing Campaigns Added $165,060 In Annual Recurring Revenue!

“Twenty-one years ago, my father and I started I-M Technology in Connecticut. About a decade ago, the business had been flat for five years straight. At the time, we simply had a dialer but didn’t implement any real marketing.

I knew that in order to grow the business, I really needed to figure out how to get our message and brand out to our target market. So I bought the Technology Marketing Toolkit. And for the built-in accountability, we joined Producers Club.

When I joined TMT about 10 years ago, I learned the value of creating drip marketing campaigns to keep our MSP top of mind. As a result, we created a unique way to make our drip marketing stand out. Not only did we start sending out printed newsletters every month, we also included a custom flyer in each one.

My team and I spent nearly a year fine-tuning our offering and our cyber security stack. Last year, we locked in our entire new platform and rolled it out for our existing clients. Because I knew these improvements better protected my clients, we didn’t give them an option. Here are the steps we took to transform our business:

  • First, we created a new agreement, terms of service, master service agreement and statement of work.
  • Second, we sent out a three-step e-mail sequence to communicate to our clients that we are improving our offerings and cyber security.
  • Third, we got out new contracts to EVERY SINGLE ONE of our clients.
  • Fourth, whether they signed the new contract or not, they had 30 days before the new pricing went into effect.

To date, our aggressive pricing rollout has already added $144K in new annual recurring revenue – simply from recontracting! Plus, I expect to add another $16K in ARR when we have completely rolled out the new pricing.

For over a decade now, my team and I at I-M Technology have been implementing Technology Marketing Toolkit’s proven sales and marketing, accumulating over $10M in overall revenue from what we’ve learned and implemented. In addition, we rolled out an aggressive price increase to our clients in a unique way that has so far accounted for an additional $144,000 in annual recurring revenue! We’re coming for you, $10M…

Robin and team have consistently leveled up each year I’ve been a member. It’s been extremely helpful to get the content and the breadth of the business that they address and share. The best part is being associated with a peer group of like-minded individuals because we’re holding each other accountable and act as cheerleaders for each other. We celebrate the wins, analyze the losses and figure out the lessons. That in itself has been huge in helping the business grow. My business has 4x’d from what it was when I first started with TMT.

Stuart Bryan

Stuart Bryan

President, I-M Technology, LLC

TMT Provides Much More Than ‘Just Marketing’!

“I happened to come across TMT while searching for help in growing our business. We started our company a few years ago and were looking at expanding, but we didn’t know how since my partner and I both come from a technical background. Our small team had their hands full in daily tasks and I was always running around putting out fires (oftentimes with clients!) I heard about TMT and thought it may be a good idea to investigate it. We had previously paid a small fortune for SEO services in the past and didn’t see any results, so I was a bit hesitant in pulling the trigger on another marketing firm. After some back and forth, I decided to pull the trigger and give it a shot. We got enrolled and then I was shown the platform, which included tons of marketing training materials, videos, seminars, programs, documents, you name it. I didn’t really know where to start.

My coaches told me I needed to attend the Rapid Implementation Workshop, which I did. Then, things started taking off. We booked 5 appointments with our clients on day 2 of Rapid, which led to over $100,000 in new projects. (We aren’t a huge firm, so that was impressive for us). The ball was rolling. New website loaded, with BETTER SEO, new marketing programs running, internal stability with our engineering team, expansion of our stack and correct tool alignment, stability with clients and ease of management, and so much more! With weekly coaching calls with experts across the country who genuinely care about us and want to see our business succeed, we started aligning our business the right way and it felt so good!  Things became easier for us not only on the marketing side of the business, but also internally as well. This is when I started discovering that TMT provides much more than just marketing (it should really be called “The Everything Toolkit”). There is a whole process of business alignment, growth strategies, and plans to fit just about any type of technology-related business out there. We are learning new things and putting them into practice almost every week! It’s amazing. If you are on the fence, I would highly recommend you do this. Whatever they say, just do it and get ready, because your business will take off as well.”

Peter Vavrosky

Peter Vavrosky

Co-founder, Black Belt Secure

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