What 321+ MSPs, VARs And IT Services Clients Have To Say About Technology Marketing Toolkit

What Our Clients Have To Say

Robin’s Marketing Has Added $2 Million in New Sales To My Business Over The Last 2 Years
I can directly attribute a $2 million+ increase in gross sales as well as a 200% net profit increase to utilizing Robin’s marketing campaigns and techniques. They have enabled us to generate five times more leads for our business than we’ve ever had before and have enabled our sales team to convert these leads into huge sales.

Ikram Massabini

MVP Network Consulting

We Have More Than Doubled Our Annual Sales From $1.6 Million To $3.6 Million
Our marketing has gone from simply ‘looking good and not performing’ to delivering consistent, predictable RESULTS and ROI. Thanks to using Robin’s marketing approach, sales skyrocketed from $1.6 million to $3.6 million. Robin’s Marketing Roadmap has given us a solid plan for implementation and the confidence to reach our goal of $4.3 million this year.

Michele Ringelberg

NeXt I.T.

Robin Re-Energized Our 10-Year Business So We Can Generate Sales At Will, Starting With $37,500 In MRR
Robin and the Technology Marketing Toolkit have done wonders in re-energizing our 10-year business. Among our eye-opening results in these past 90 days, we have initiated five quarterly business reviews as well as marketing that have resulted in $37,500 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Plus, we have generated $58,515 in projects! Because we have the tools to actually drive sales, by the end of next quarter we expect to be able to generate sales at will!

Melanie Pare

KSP Technology

We Added Over $1 Million In Revenue This Past Year
Before Robin, saying we were struggling to get new clients was an understatement. We were losing money…Not good. But after we started using her materials, leads started to pour in! The marketing was working, as evidenced by the fact that revenue grew a solid 40% that year—but more importantly, it was the first year we actually generated a profit!

Mike Clemmons

ByteCafe Consulting

Today We Are In A Much Better Place For GROWTH And SCALE Than We’ve Ever Been Before

Of all of Robin’s marketing, the Aspirin Campaign has been one of our best-executed campaigns. With a newly scrubbed list, we generated eight leads, four appointments, one closed deal and one pending contract. From our online marketing, which includes Google AdWords, search engine optimization and LinkedIn prospecting, we’ve sat 10 appointments, from which we closed three deals!

We are now in a much better place for growth and scale than we have ever been before. Since attending Robin’s workshop and focusing more time on executing, we’ve hit our monthly recurring revenue goals that we were just NEVER hitting before. Our old target was typically $4,000 to $5,000 in additional MRR. Wanting to challenge our results, we shot for $7,500 in MRR and were able to achieve this!

Brandon Bowers

ZenTek Data Systems

Even After Following Robin’s Marketing For 4 Years, Attending Her Workshop Helped Us Close $205,776 In New Projects Plus Land Our Biggest Client Ever!

While we have been actively implementing Robin’s marketing for four years now, we recently attended her Rapid Implementation Workshop to discover NEW strategies that lead to even MORE sales and recurring revenue. During the 12 weeks following the training, we’ve closed $205,776 in new projects and have $135,547 out in proposals!

After improving our unique selling proposition by adding meaningful specifics that separate Computerease from our competitors, we should soon be closing a contract with a total value of $417,000 over 36 months! Who knew a simple USP could help us land our BIGGEST CLIENT ever?!

Larissa Finley


Once My Mindset And Confidence Transformed, I Saw IMMEDIATE Results, Including DOUBLING My Monthly Recurring Revenue!

By going through Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, shifting my mindset and improving my confidence, I started seeing results IMMEDIATELY. By implementing monthly newsletters, monthly webinars, weekly TechTips e-mails and weekly direct mail campaigns during the 90 days following the workshop, my monthly recurring revenue more than DOUBLED – from $7,000 to over $15,000! Plus, we added $37,867 in new client project work!

Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot put a price on how much this opportunity has improved my life. I’m not only a better business owner today, I’m also a better father and husband. For that alone, I will be forever grateful. While at the workshop, I closed a deal. While at Robin’s DC Roadshow, I closed a deal. Robin and the Technology Marketing Toolkit team have the secret sauce.

Matt Jones

Geek iT, iNC.

We Keep Attending Robin’s Workshops Because We KEEP GETTING RESULTS!

My husband/business partner and I have attended several of Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshops. Why? Because each time we go through this program, we learn even more about business and marketing and we grow as a company.

During the 12 weeks following this most recent workshop, we conducted multiple quarterly business reviews. One resulted in a client project for $1,511. Another one was a six-system upgrade for $16,142. And for another client, we upgraded two systems worth $2,860!

We also received two referrals from this workshop experience. One referral brought in $714 for a new computer. And the other referral was an office-move project valued at $2,960 as well as a data backup project for $496 and $158 in monthly recurring revenue. This client also purchased a new computer and setup for $2,124! That’s a total of $26,807 in project work plus $158 in new MRR in just 90 days! Thank you, Robin and Technology Marketing Toolkit, for letting us be a part of your workshop.

Stefanie and David Groot

Windstar Technologies, Inc.

INSTANT RESULTS From Robin’s Workshop! In The 25 Years Since I Started My Business, Our Monthly Recurring Revenue Is At An All-Time High!
In the 90-day period of the Rapid Implementation Program, Natural Networks increased our net new MRR by $12,369.46 by adding EIGHT new clients and upselling nine existing clients. Our total project revenue in these 90 days was $60,850, and we added $114,230 in hardware and software sales, plus we have a few potential clients in the pipeline. Our MRR is higher than it has ever been in the 25 years I have been in business! It’s invaluable to any business owner because it’s cost-effective, time-saving and has been proven time and again to absolutely WORK!

Anthony Polselli

Natural Networks

While At Robin’s 2-Day Workshop, We Sent A Few E-mails That Turned Into 13 Appointments, $7,966 In New Monthly Recurring Revenue And $62,796 In Projects!

Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop was a complete whirlwind of activity. We learned a lot and made great connections with other IT business owners. The best part? While at the two-day workshop, we sent a simple e-mail to 70 of our clients, which turned into 13 appointments and $7,966 in increased monthly recurring revenue with an additional $62,796 in projects!

Ashley and Jeremy Valverde

Affinity Tech Solutions, LLC

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