What 393+ MSPs, VARs And IT Services Clients Have To Say About Technology Marketing Toolkit

What Our Clients Have To Say

Wishing I Had Pulled The Trigger 6 Years Ago, We Already Added $2,200 In New MRR And Expect TREMENDOUS GROWTH Soon!

Running my IT services business as a sole proprietor for 20 years, I was STILL basically a start-up. About six years ago, I received a marketing piece from Robin Robins and just filed it away. I told myself I wasn’t ready. Just recently, I finally bit the bullet. It was time to focus on my business. So, I attended Robin’s IT Marketing Roadshow, signed up for her Accelerators Club and went through the Rapid Implementation Workshop. That fast-forwarded EVERYTHING!

This whole program made me realize just how much I have to learn about marketing. I know there is a lot of money to be made using Robin’s Technology Marketing Toolkit. The information provided is so ABUNDANT and the help from her coaches has been INVALUABLE. The assistance we need to execute these campaigns is always there. Whether it’s a phone call or e-mail, we always have the help at our fingertips.

In the past two months, we have already converted several break-fix clients into recurring revenue MSP clients. We signed $2,200 in MRR – this is a WIN for us! I know within the next 12 months we will see a tremendous growth spurt in our business using the tools. My only regret is that I didn’t do this six years ago!

Yvonne Graber

Yvonne Graber

Managing Partner, G2techs

We Implemented 25 Marketing Initiatives In 90 Days To Add A New Client, $2,447 In New MRR And $23,125 In Projects

Before I was hired, Pacific Computer Consultants had no marketing plan, no prospecting and did very little marketing. As a result, they were STUCK at $1.3 million in revenue for three straight years. Because several of our clients were on the verge of retiring, if we didn’t grow quickly, our revenue would soon fall off a cliff.

I was hired as their first marketing manager dedicated to growth. In my first two weeks, I flew to Nashville to attend Robin Robins’ Producers Club meeting, immediately followed by her two-day Rapid Implementation Workshop. The whole Rapid Implementation Program was very structured. The Technology Marketing Toolkit team walks you through everything, and your coaches and peers hold you accountable.

We saw IMMEDIATE RESULTS! While sitting IN Robin’s workshop, we executed a simple e-mail campaign and got responses THAT SAME DAY! Then, less than a week later, we upsold two clients to add $1,015 in new MRR and $11,625 in new projects! Next, after conducting just a few technology business reviews, we were able to add $3,500 in projects. Finally, we know our new SEO efforts recently landed a new $1,432 MRR client who added $8K in project work! All told, we executed 25 marketing initiatives in 90 days, and so far have $23,125 in projects and $2,447 in new MRR to show for it!

Erin Merrigan

Erin Merrigan

Marketing Manager, Pacific Computer Consultants

By Rebuilding My MSP With Robin’s Marketing Engine, I More Than DOUBLED My MRR From $42K To $96,500!

It’s hard to believe my business was once at $13 million with over 500 employees. Then, after all the bad deals, bankrupt clients and sunsetting product lines, we lost $45K in MRR overnight and suddenly there were just 12 of us left. After 17 years in business, I was back at square one.

After years of hearing Robin Robins’ message and attending her events, we COMMITTED to going through her Rapid Implementation Program. Being an MSP that had previously done zero marketing, we suddenly had our hands in EVERYTHING. Over the next few months, we established our presence on social media, created a brand-new website and built out our marketing oil wells and drip marketing campaigns.

We doubled down on our marketing, and wins started coming. From Robin’s direct mail campaign, we brought in several new clients and $8K in new MRR! Our biggest win originated from a little e-mail exercise we did in Robin’s workshop. From that marketing initiative, we closed a deal for $42K in new MRR, along with $30K in projects!

In the last few months, we have completed multiple IT projects valued at $81K. Before working with Technology Marketing Toolkit, our MRR was at $42K. Today, we have more than DOUBLED our MRR to increase it by 129% at $96,500 per month! It’s funny, back when we were a $13M business, I wasn’t in control of my own destiny. Now, thanks to Robin Robins and the marketing engine we built, I am finally in the driver’s seat.

Scott Larson

Scott Larson

President, eCreek Solutions

The Technology Marketing Toolkit has completely altered the trajectory of our lives.

In February of 2020, I decided that our MSP was done, had no future, and wasn’t worth the effort I was putting into it. So, I shut down our company…for about 30 minutes. All I could really think about during that 30 minutes was the Technology Marketing Toolkit presently sitting on someone else’s desk. As my pity party wound down, I made another decision. I decided to go get the Toolkit and actually start working on it. Through the next several months, the Toolkit and its materials were a light guiding me out of darkness and despair. I knew that I wasn’t alone and that there was someone who actually cared enough about people like me to put together a resource as rich and powerful as the TMT.

There were many subsequent rethinks of my rethink, but I carried on. In 2021, my daughter/partner and I cashed in our tickets to the TMT Boot Camp and traveled to the Orlando, FL conference. That week changed our lives. We came home with a better understanding of what Robin was trying to teach us and actually began to implement as many of the ideas and concepts that we possibly could.

We built up our software stack, developed policies and procedures, and actually began marketing.  To our astonishment and delight, our MRR has increased more than five times what it was before Orlando, (from less than $1k/month to over $5k/month). Our MRR client base has tripled (from 3 to 10), and our project income has soared. While our numbers may not seem like much, our hopes and aspirations are over the moon because of what Robin and the TMT is doing for us.

We have been able to have an impact in our community by supporting one of the largest foster care/adoption agencies in our town. We have helped a new client disentangle themselves from an unscrupulous provider, and we’ve intervened on behalf of a number of elderly clients who were being severely taken advantage of and outright cheated.

The Technology Marketing Toolkit has completely altered the trajectory of our lives. Now that we’ve engaged with the Accelerators Club, we are seeing even more results. Today we landed our largest client to date - $2,000/month on a two-year contract plus phones and equipment. It is all due to the beacon of light and hope that the Toolkit has become to us.

Kerry Hammer

Kerry Hammer

Owner, Hammer Technical Services, Inc

Privileged To Get Robin Robins’ “Golden Ticket To Marketing,” We Transformed Our Business And Ourselves – From Only $1,500 In MRR To $1.8 MILLION In Revenue Today

Before starting with Technology Marketing Toolkit, we were always just one storm away from losing everything. We barely made our payments, survived on very little and didn’t have money for Christmas. Sure, we knew WHERE we wanted to go – financial freedom, security, food for our five children and the ability to pay for a vacation without going to a relative’s house – but we just didn’t know HOW to get there.

Our ‘golden ticket’ arrived about four years ago in the form of a letter from Robin Robins. Before we even attended Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we watched her YouTube videos about how to speak to sales prospects. Robin’s strategy WORKED! We landed $2,500 in new monthly recurring revenue and $35K in project work!

While at the workshop, Brian saw for the first time the ability to sell great products. Mary saw the ability to finally be financially free and take control over her life. Before working with Robin, we were stuck at only $1,500 in MRR. Shortly after meeting Robin, we shot up to over $8.5K in MRR plus $100K in project work.

Three years ago, we began to see the results of implementing Robin’s process and Toolkit. We had just lost a $100K customer the year prior and recently lost another client worth $30K. No problem…by following the Technology Marketing Toolkit formula, we hit our highest gross revenue that year – $536,124! Little did we know that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Last year was absolutely our breakthrough year! We focused on what we were good at – building relationships. By leveraging JV partnerships, cross-selling our clients and learning how to sell, we finished last year at $1.8 million in revenue. This year, we are projecting to hit $2.5 million! And we were finally able to take that nice family vacation!"

Brian And Mary Hamilton

Brian And Mary Hamilton

Owners, Mad Data IO

Since Discovering Robin Robins’ Marketing Resources, I Added 12 New Clients And Increased Gross Revenue By 54% And Net Profit By A Whopping 972%!

I started Biztek Solutions, Inc., over 20 years ago out of my bedroom. For the first six years, I had a break-fix model, so I was trading dollars for hours. When I topped out at $125K in revenue, I thought I had ‘made it.’ I was wrong. My business coach and mentor told me, ‘Derek, you’re not an entrepreneur yet. You simply bought yourself a job.’

I discovered Robin Robins’ marketing resources and services a couple of years ago. As a result, last year was our best year ever, with SIGNIFICANT GROWTH. We’ve been on fire. I increased gross revenue by 54% and net profit by a whopping 972%!

Thanks to Technology Marketing Toolkit, their coaches and their marketing campaigns, I’ve enjoyed multiple breakthroughs in the past couple of years. We’ve ‘Robinized’ our website and invested in Robin’s marketing automation and CRM platform. We also defined our sales process and playbook, which led to a 49% conversion rate! And added 12 new clients with $23,395 in MRR and almost $100K in project work, all from Google AdWords.

But we’re not done! We have set a goal to achieve another 50% in growth to hit $3 million gross revenue with at least 12% net profit. Within the next three years, I am focused on growing net profit to $500K+ annually. Then I plan to sell my business and become a coach."

Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson

President & CEO, Biztek Solutions, Inc.

How I Transformed My Break-Fix Business To An MSP Model, DOUBLED My MRR And Added $1,124,000 In Revenue In A Single Year

Stuck in a rut, I had been living a real-life Groundhog Day. Despite our best efforts, our break-fix business was stuck at the $2 million in revenue barrier year after year after year. Fortunately, my wife and business partner convinced me to attend Robin Robins’ IT Marketing Roadshow.

While there, I saw and heard so many MSP success stories that I wanted to be a part of the action. I immediately signed up for Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Rapid Implementation Workshop to hopefully transform Impress Computers from a ‘stuck’ break-fix business to a growth-minded MSP.

Robin’s workshop was definitely like drinking from a firehose! It was fast-paced and competitive, and we threw everything we had into it. Then we armed ourselves with all the marketing tools, resources and knowledge to transform our business. Everything we did must have worked because we got our FIRST MSP client from Robin’s campaign! Suddenly we realized, hey, this crazy redhead may actually know something we don’t!

All in all, we have improved our security stack and our reporting and radically changed our marketing. It must have worked because two years ago we broke through the $2 million barrier and jumped up to $2,393,000. Last year, we doubled our MRR, doubled our contracted customers and increased revenue by $1,124,000 to be at $3.5 million!"

Roland Parker

Roland Parker

Impress Computers

Stuck At The Same Revenue For 8 Years, We ‘Bombarded’ Robin’s Marketing And Added 40 New Clients, $1,384,486 In Revenue And $969,000 In Profits Last Year!

Immigrating to America from Iran at age 16, I achieved my dream of becoming a business owner. While I was successful at growing my business to $2 million, I felt so defeated because I was STUCK at that level for eight straight years. So, I decided to attend Robin Robins’ IT Marketing Roadshow in San Diego.

My first order of business was changing the name of my marketing department to ‘Marketing Bombardment,’ since sales and marketing would be our primary drivers. Our most effective campaign was our ‘Three Steps to Easy Onboarding’ postcard and sales letter which brought in 30 NEW CLIENTS for $85K in MRR and $200,000 in projects!

By implementing Robin Robins’ proven sales and marketing strategies and campaigns, I grew my revenue by $1,384,486 and my MRR by $150K by adding 40 new clients last year! I also added nearly a million dollars — $969,000 — in profit that same year!"

David Javaheri

David Javaheri

President, Direct iT

In Just My SECOND YEAR, I Grew My MRR By 54% And My Revenue By 147% To Break The $2 Million Barrier!

After joining Robin Robins’ Producers Club and engaging in vendor and speaker presentations at the quarterly meetings, we applied so many key marketing strategies that helped us to thrive last year. We were able to grow our existing client revenue while getting some incredible new HUGE partnerships that will bring faster growth that would not have been attainable otherwise.

By improving my exposure and credibility with Technology Marketing Toolkit’s opportunities, including authoring a book and an exclusive cover article in MSP Success Magazine, we landed a partnership with one of the largest CPA associations in the US!

It’s been a fascinating thrill ride looking back at the rollercoaster that was last year. Not only did we dodge many bullets, we also grew our MRR by a whopping 54% and our revenue by 147% to reach $2,142,000 in only our SECOND YEAR in business!

The best is yet to come! With the momentum we have with our cybersecurity offering and our new association partnerships, our goal is to hit $3M by next year, $5M in five years and $10M in just eight years."

Scott Hagizadegan

Scott Hagizadegan

Shield IT Networks

Our One-Year Transformation: From Questioning Our Survival With Just 3 Clients And Only $4K In MRR To 29 Clients And $46K In MRR!

When the global pandemic hit, we quickly went from not being able to keep up with calls to suddenly no calls at all. I was dreading the possibility of laying off staff or my business outright failing.

I immediately signed up for Robin Robins’ Accelerators Club, and we went all in on implementing her marketing. Pay-per-click advertising was my most lucrative venture. Then I took advantage of Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Done-For-You Book. It’s a really cool way to demonstrate my knowledge, expertise and credibility to prospects. Besides, I never thought I’d be able to add ‘author’ to my list of accomplishments.

I was determined to take advantage of all the resources I had available to me through Technology Marketing Toolkit. I would say I definitely did. We mail our printed Technology Times newsletter and Tech Tip postcards to top prospects, have added 10 new clients with our intentional referral program and close nearly 100% of our deals with our customized Shock-And-Awe Box!

While results took longer than expected, our numbers were simply unbelievable. We closed the previous year with only three managed service clients representing $4K in MRR. Our revenue was at $366K, but our profit was in the red at minus $49K. The next year was a completely different story. We added 26 NEW managed service contracts, had $46K in MRR, and our revenue was at $746K. We even had a respectable profit of $245K for the year!"

Glenn Brainard

Glenn Brainard

Founder and CEO, Ideal Security and Technology

I Went From ZERO Marketing And STALLED Growth To Adding $1 MILLION In Revenues And $243,086 In Profits!

Before discovering Technology Marketing Toolkit and Robin Robins, we had nothing regarding marketing. NO list, NO CRM system, NO one answering the phone lines. We had NO marketing, NO campaigns, NO real website… NOTHING! As a result, revenue growth was unpredictable and stagnant.

Because of the cybersecurity webinars we ran from Robin’s training, we signed two new clients, including one who’s our largest client — over $20K a month in MRR! By partnering with a compliance organization as Robin taught us, we signed FIVE sizable clients. Also, from a single in-person networking event, we closed a $5,000-a-month deal and received several leads.

I admit that when it comes to sales and marketing, everything we’ve done and continue to do are the results of what Robin Robins’ team taught us. And last year we enjoyed unprecedented growth. Our revenues were up $1,000,000. That’s 37%! And profits were up $243,086! We did all of this through organic growth without any acquisitions."

Sue Brumm

Sue Brumm


We Have Managed To Increase Our MRR by 38%!
I just wanted to say thanks to Robin because I have been working the task of getting my RMM clients to be fully engaged. We have managed to increase our MRR by 38% and added almost $4,000 to our monthly net income. We started in October 2020 so it’s a post-pandemic increase.
Carlos Soto

Carlos Soto

Computer Troubleshooters

Like A Jet Engine Strapped To My Back, Robin’s Marketing Helped Me Add 26 New MSP Clients And $97,711 In New MRR In One Year!

I was tired of working 14-hour days, only to grow slowly for two decades. So, I hired a salesperson and gained ONLY ONE new customer in two years! It was the most expensive lesson I ever learned. If I was going to start growing, it was all up to ME. I needed a better way, a smarter way to grow my business.

The Technology Marketing Toolkit seemed to be a great solution to growing my business without killing myself in the process. That marketing program helped me to delegate, be a better manager and even find new predictable business.

Attending Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop gave me the tools I needed to get results by requesting technology business reviews with my clients. In just two weeks, I had $16,322 in new annual recurring revenue! In the new year, I earned another $96,000 in annual recurring revenue simply by conducting more TBRs with clients!

I feel like last year was my BEST YEAR so far. Not only did we add over $400K in new revenue, I went from spending half of my time doing IT work to probably about only five to ten percent as a tech today. We moved 50 of our previous break-fix clients to an MSP model which added $97,711 in new MRR. Plus, we added an additional 26 NEW CLIENTS last year!"

Jay Hill

Jay Hill

Owner, Network Providers

I Used To Lose $100K Year After Year. After Joining Robin Robins’ Producers Club, I Have DOUBLED My Profits In One Year!

Before working with Technology Marketing Toolkit, my MSP had lost well over $100K multiple years in a row. No matter what I had tried — hiring salespeople, sending out mailers and even going door to door — nothing worked! I was desperately looking for a community of MSP business owners who I could share my struggles and frustrations with.

But I didn’t know where to turn. And when you’re in a ‘sink or swim’ situation, you really need someone to throw you a life preserver. By golly, Robin Robins became my lifeguard! Two years ago was my best year ever. That is until last year. We DOUBLED our profits with a 20% profit margin and really crushed our sales revenue goals.

I now have a whole community of successful and exciting people who help me and my business. I simply love meeting with other business owners and being able to talk business and help me to achieve my goals. Producers Club really provides that benefit."

Fred Reck

Fred Reck

President, InnoTek Computer Consulting

Vowing To ‘Never Give Up,’ I Grew My Once-Struggling MSP Revenue By £368,519 And Net Profit By £232,501 Last Year

Two years ago, I personally went through a lot. First, there were my own mental health issues. Then I had a scare with my heart. Finally, our two-year-old daughter’s health issues brought about multiple challenges. On top of everything, the UK went into a serious lockdown when the virus hit.

I’ll never forget the date of August 8th. That’s the day I totally stepped up my game. I was determined to plan more and hold myself accountable. To accomplish this goal, I joined Robin Robins’ Producers Club and made a promise to myself to NEVER give up.

As a result of never giving up, we put a ton of Robin Robins’ marketing resources and campaigns into place. Just three years ago, we brought in £539,439 in revenue and LOST £15,849 in net profit. In the year before last, we increased revenue by £164,775 and net profit by £118,271. But we weren’t done. Last year, we added another £368,519 in revenue and £113,031 in net profits! That’s a 1,459% increase in profits in three years!

Today we are ready to really ramp up our marketing efforts to increase MRR and own the space we work in. We believe we have only just touched the surface of what is possible. And based on the current projects in our pipeline, we expect our revenue to DOUBLE this year!"

Mark Cronin

Mark Cronin

Founder, MSC IT Solutions

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