What 321+ MSPs, VARs And IT Services Clients Have To Say About Technology Marketing Toolkit

What Our Clients Have To Say

We Are INFATUATED With Technology Marketing Toolkit! Just One Campaign Delivered An AVERAGE Of $2,700 In MRR, $9,525 In Labor And $21,900 In Product Sales!

We here at Sundog are INFATUATED with Technology Marketing Toolkit and all of the sales and marketing processes they’ve given us. So far, our campaigns have resulted in an average of $2,700 in MRR, $9,525 in project labor and $21,900 in product sales! We just want to say THANK YOU to everyone at TMT for all of their help in dealing with our questions. Our company would not be where it is today without all of your webinars, campaigns and awesome workshops! "

Joshua Plaza

SundogIT, Inc.

Robin’s Masterclass Marketing And Mini-MBA Program Helped Us Add $5,000 In New MRR And $10,000 In Projects!

This MASTERCLASS marketing and mini-MBA program takes you out of your comfort zone — precisely where you need to be to GROW! So far, our growth has been $5,000 in MRR and $10,000 in project work. What I found most valuable were the discussions with other MSPs who know what marketing works best. These peers share what they’ve learned the HARD way so we can implement it the EASY way!"

Jennifer Kehr

Marketing Coordinator, Kehr Technologies

From Chaos, Stress And A FLATLINED Residential-Focused Business, Robin Helped Me Become A True MSP

After attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop and going through the 12-week training that follows, WE DID EVERYTHING she suggested! Perhaps more important than the marketing campaigns, is that we have officially BROKEN FREE from the residential and walk-in service markets that were causing chaos, stress and flatlining our business.

Today we are officially an MSP! Thanks to Technology Marketing Toolkit, I now have a proven system in place to expand and grow my business as well as the tools to implement the system. After 90 days of learning Robin’s sales and marketing system, we added almost $3,000 per month in managed services along with several projects! For the first time, I understand the value of our pipeline, our CRM system and our most valuable asset — our growing client database!"

Bryan Windham

Owner, Computer Troubleshooters

With 3 NEW CLIENTS And Expected MRR Of $29,500, My Business Outlook Has NEVER Been Better!

What can I say about the past three months of going through Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Training? It’s been CRAZY! Yes, I’m exhausted after working 12+ hour days, six days a week for the past couple of months. But my outlook on the future has never been better! I can now see what leads we have and how much potential income we will be closing soon. I know it has all been worth it!

After completing these 12 weeks of training, marketing and appointments, we have signed 3 NEW CLIENTS worth $2,500 in new monthly recurring revenue! In addition, with leads from our new website, from referrals and by doing technology business reviews with clients, we expect to soon close $27,000 in new MRR!"

Greg Mauer

CEO, qnectU IT Services

I Increased My Monthly Recurring Revenue By 62.5% LITERALLY OVERNIGHT!

Utilizing Robin’s amazing sponsors, I rebuilt and seriously improved my security stack. With a more robust security solution, I knew my clients would appreciate the added value. With guidance from the Technology Marketing Toolkit team, I crafted an email to my clients justifying a monthly price increase. This is how I increased my MRR by 62.5% OVERNIGHT with considerable profit!

This was a great win, but the BIGGEST WIN was getting my marketing systems back in place which has increased my prospect meetings from ZERO a month to about one per week! Plus, I picked up TWO NEW CLIENTS thanks to Robin’s systems!"

Gareth McKee

Burnt Orange Solutions

The BEST Investment I Have Ever Made For My Business Was Attending Robin’s Workshop A SECOND Time

I am so grateful to Robin Robins and her team for giving me the opportunity to take the Rapid Implementation Workshop a second time. Thanks to implementing Technology Marketing Toolkit’s marketing campaigns, we have added 5 NEW CLIENTS totaling $4,800 in new MRR and $70,215 in project work, most of which has closed in the last 30 days! It has been an awesome 90 days and the BEST INVESTMENT I have ever made for my business!"

Anthony Jurjevic

CEO/President, Techspedient Networks

By Going ‘All Chips In’ With Our Mindset And Marketing, We Jumped From $1,800 A Month To $95,000 In MRR!

As a husband-wife team, we started Mid Atlantic Data & Communications, LLC. in Roanoke, Virginia back in 2004. Because we were 100% break-fix with ZERO marketing, there was no consistency and no safety net. After losing our biggest client, our monthly recurring revenue plummeted to just $1,800 a month.

As if she knew our panic and struggles, we started receiving Robin Robins’ marketing. Before we knew it, we got the Toolkit, joined Accelerators Club, went through her Rapid Implementation Program and attended her live events. We were “all chips in” and working 18-hour days!

Through new connections with vendors, we considerably improved our cyber security offering for our clients. Next, we leveraged our vendor relationships to achieve $65,000 in new monthly recurring revenue through joint ventures. We even put on our first ever cyber security conference which added $12,000 in new MRR! Today, we are at $95,000 in MRR, getting ready to launch our FOURTH location, and we’re just getting started."

Brian And Mary Hamilton

Mid Atlantic Data & Communications, LLC

For The First Time In 20 Years, We Have A Marketing Plan And NEW CLIENTS Resulting From A Proven System

After 20 years of no marketing and STUCK in a rut, we began our journey with Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop and 12-week training program. During this time, we signed and onboarded THREE NEW CLIENTS, adding to our monthly recurring revenue! For the first time in TWO DECADES, we have a specific and proven 12-month marketing plan in place that will enable us to meet or exceed our goals. The Technology Marketing Toolkit has set us on a good course to move us to our next goal: $5 million in revenue!"

Elizabeth Chisman Moon

CEO, Focus Data Solutions

In Just 90 Days, We Have DOUBLED The Growth In Our Vertical!

At M3 Networks, the 90-Day Rapid Implementation Challenge has proven to be a successful recipe to significantly grow our monthly recurring revenue. We have grown our vertical by 100% and increased first time appointments by 90% by defining our vertical and having a good list! In just 12 short weeks, we have added $11,425 in NEW monthly recurring revenue and $150,000 in projects and hardware!"

Casey Messner

Marketing Manager, M3 Networks

TMT Has Shaped Me As A Marketer. $199,080 In Annual Recurring Revenue Is PROOF.

Throughout the past 12 weeks in going through Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Program, Dynamic Edge has grown as a company, both in terms of new clients and upsells to existing clients. We added SIX NEW CLIENTS and $16,590 in new MRR — that’s $199,080 a year! Plus, we earned $157,037 in billable projects.

I am thrilled to have Robin’s team by our side throughout our journey. Dynamic Edge is at a turning point with our sales process thanks in part to the vast resources provided and lessons learned during the workshop. Such a warm and information-rich welcome to the world of B2B IT marketing. I think it’s safe to say that TMT has shaped me as a marketer. Without the Toolkit and workshop, many of these campaigns — and results — would simply not exist."

Gracie Potter

Dynamic Edge, Inc.

My Startup MSP Went From ZERO Dollars To $3,500 In Monthly Recurring Revenue And $3,000 In Project Work!

Maui Tech Solutions is a brand-new startup in the paradise of Maui. After adopting several of the ideas and campaigns from the Toolkit, after attending Robin’s 12-week Rapid Implementation Program and since joining Accelerators Club, we have gone from $0 of revenue to $3,500 in monthly recurring revenue and $3,000 in project work. That’s $45,000 in annual revenue without even sending out my first campaign!

Even better, we have another $7,500 in MRR in the pipeline plus project work that would yield an additional $89,000 in annual MRR and a total contract value of over $267,000! Broken down, that equates to $134,280 in annual revenue! As we say in Hawaii, Mahalo (Thank you) Robin and the whole Technology Marketing Toolkit team."

Mikol Westling

Maui Tech Solutions, LLC

During The Most Difficult Year To Grow Any Business, We Added Nearly $1M In Revenue!

Before discovering Robin Robins, I was reactionary and got sucked into service issues. Marketing was a hope and a prayer. Since joining Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Producers Club just four years ago, Bazar Solutions has continuously GROWN — a 95% revenue growth, a 135% growth in monthly recurring revenue and a profit growth of 976%!

Robin’s proven tools combined with my accountability groups have FORCED us to successfully implement MULTIPLE marketing oil wells we can simply “turn up” when we need. Our margins went from a $45K loss just three years ago to almost $350K in PROFIT last year! Plus, we added nearly a MILLION DOLLARS in revenue during the most difficult year ever to grow any business!

I finally figured out the ONE THING to confidently grow my MSP. It’s just three words: Do. The. Work. By doing the marketing, doing the sales and doing the work, I WON Robin Robins’ Better-Your-Best contest to become Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Spokesperson of the Year!"

Mike Bazar

Bazar Solutions

With 21% Revenue Growth Over Q2 Last Year, Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Influence Has Been TRANSFORMATIONAL!

What a ride these last 12 weeks have been. Frankly, it is SHOCKING to think just how much our Red Box team has accomplished and how fast we’ve already grown in JUST 3 MONTHS! We have had specific, measurable and AWESOME results, including increasing our revenue in Q2 by 21% over last year! Just two marketing campaigns have resulted in more than $186,000 in new revenue!

Thanks to Robin Robins’ marketing and our accountability group, we know our success will far exceed our greatest expectations. We now have specific goals and well-defined objectives that we are accomplishing every week. In fact ,we are CONSISTENTLY generating new business CONSISTENTLY. Our goal is to go ALL-IN to become the greatest story that Technology Marketing Toolkit has ever guided to victory!"

Seana Fippin

Red Box Business Solutions

Admittedly, I Wasn’t Robin’s Best Student…But I Still Added $25K In MRR, $90K In Projects And $100K In Sales!

I finally said “NO!” to a status quo of no growth. I signed up for Robin’s Rapid Implementation 12-week course. Before I knew it, I had a real target market. I had a unique selling proposition — what an amazing concept. I even used the one-on-one coaching calls to better understand what I needed to do. Admittedly, I wasn’t Robin’s best student. I was slow to turn in homework and sometimes didn’t fully compete tasks. But I continued pushing that train…

The results could not be more evident that THIS WORKS! From my new website and direct mail and e-mails and testimonials, I started getting appointments! So, I set an AGGRESSIVE quarterly goal of $25,000 in NEW monthly recurring revenue, and I HIT IT! Yes, we will go on to add $300K a year in MRR in just the FIRST QUARTER! Plus, $90,000 in project work and $100,000 in hardware sales! All of this from what I learned and worked on in 12 short weeks of Robin’s Rapid Implementation training."

Joshua Holloway

7th Dimension, LLC

A “Force Multiplier” For Us! One Marketing Campaign Brought Us 2 New Clients Worth $6K In MRR!

In order to refine our marketing process and better define our target market, we decided to go through Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop and 12-week training for a SECOND TIME! This marketing training program has been EXTREMELY beneficial for Computer Warriors.

We have already benefitted greatly from mailing one of Robin’s marketing campaigns! We have booked 13 sat appointments. From those 13, we are scheduling a network assessment or presenting a proposal to 6 of them! And 2 have already signed on to become NEW CLIENTS worth $6,000 in monthly recurring revenue!"

Brett Moser

Marketing Administrator, Computer Warriors

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