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Perpetually Looking For That “Easy Button,” We Found $576,000 In New Sales And $8,335 In New MRR Instead

Starting as a communications company in 1959, Krueger Communications has transitioned into a networking, VoIP and managed services business. But when it came to marketing, Krueger Communications had done NOTHING for decades. So, when the owner told me about Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit, I was initially skeptical. All the success stories I had read seemed too good to be true.

Then we went to one of Robin’s IT Marketing Roadshows. Suddenly, it ‘clicked’! All the content and marketing I had been trying to do myself was ALREADY DONE and PROVEN! So, we went ‘ALL-IN’ on Technology Marketing Toolkit, including attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop, joining Accelerators Club, adopting their marketing automation and CRM solution and even their Done-For-You Website.

In the workshop, Robin told me, ‘Matt, you’re sitting on a GOLD MINE’ because she knew we had serviced nearly 60 years of clients. So, she taught us what we call a crazy ‘sci-fi tool’ because it helped us BOOK 43 MEETINGS in just 90 days – adding $500,000 in project sales! Next, from Robin’s drip marketing e-mail campaign, we added $8,335 in MRR!

Krueger Communications’ original owner, Allen Krueger, Sr., had searched for a marketing ‘easy button’ for decades. When I joined the team, I quickly learned it doesn’t exist. In fact, this marketing journey is tough, relentless and challenges you at every turn. But once the results start coming in, like adding $576K in new sales, $8,335 in new MRR and bringing in right-fit clients, it’s SO WORTH IT!

Matt Wellner

Matt Wellner

Krueger Communications

Conducting 32 Technology Business Reviews, We Added $78,896 In Annualized MRR And $108,950 In Projects In Just 90 Days!
For 14 years, my husband ran Your Computer Hero from our basement as a one-man IT services firm. Because he rarely invested in marketing, growth was painfully slow. He was getting burned out by high-demanding clients who paid very little. After I joined the team, we decided to take our MSP to the next level.As a husband-and-wife team in business together, we had a propensity for self-destruction. We had one foot on the gas and the other smashed on the brake. It was time to put the pedal to the metal! Thankfully, a member of Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership team recommended Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit to us. The very first marketing campaign we executed of Robin’s brought in seven NEW CLIENTS and added $45,000 in revenue!Next, we headed to Nashville and attended Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. The very first day of the workshop, we sent out a few simple e-mails and BOOKED 12 APPOINTMENTS! Over the following 90 days, we conducted 32 Technology Business Reviews and network assessments. These meetings with existing clients and new prospects brought in $78,896 in annualized MRR, $108,950 in new projects and a bunch of project revenue in the pipeline.Last year, we were at $385K in revenue. However, since Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we’ve added $227,846.04 in new revenue and are on track to hit $650K this year! Most importantly, we LOVE our business again.
Jenna MacLennan

Jenna MacLennan

Your Computer Hero

I Burned Through $60,000 In Bad Marketing Before… What Could Possibly Go Wrong Now?

My previous ties with marketing were not productive. My MBA taught me nothing about real-world marketing, which is why I invested $60,000 in marketing at a previous company that delivered ZILCH.

During the in-person Rapid Implementation Workshop, I kicked off our Technology Business Reviews (TBR) campaign using the standard TMT campaign included in the MAP program. Since I was the new owner of the business, it was important to meet face-to-face with my clients. Also, because I knew we were underserving my clients, I used the TBRs to get their feedback on our three new managed services and cyber security plans.

By conducting these TBRs, I picked up on a valuable piece of information. I learned that my clients followed a strict budget process. As long as I come to the TBR meetings with a spreadsheet filled out with their expected IT expenses, they are more likely to say “Yes!” This new knowledge led to a network replacement project for our largest client worth $175,000. From the TBRs, we added $180,000 in project revenue and $2,000 in MRR.

Ryan Rolfsmeier

Ryan Rolfsmeier

Simplified IT Solutions