The Power Of Giving Thanks To Your Prospects And Clients

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It’s a short week for many of us as we prepare to spend time with our families and celebrate Thanksgiving. So this week I’m going to share a brief, but powerful lesson: USE HANDWRITTEN THANK-YOU NOTES! We used to send Jamie and Emily (aged eight and five at the time) to Roots Academy for singing lessons. I received a handwritten …

How To Get More Qualified Leads In Your IT Business

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In the “guru” industry, we often describe what we do as “information marketing,” or ourselves as “infomarketers,” a term that, to the best of my knowledge, was developed by the Godfather of information marketing, Dan Kennedy. While many (including Dan Kennedy) don’t particularly like the term, it’s accurate and descriptive: information marketers are people selling information products – specifically books (and back in the day, cassette tapes and …

Become A Trusted Advisor

How To Get Prospects And Clients To View You As A Trusted Advisor

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Some of you reading this might be old enough to remember the wildly popular BluBlocker sunglasses from the ’80s. The technology in the lenses was originally created by NASA to block the sun’s blue rays; but they didn’t become a hit with the general public until adman Joe Sugarman discovered them and aggressively promoted them via magazines, TV commercials and …


How To Fix Your Failing Marketing Campaigns: The 4 M’s of Marketing

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All 4 will ensure smooth sailing of your marketing endeavors. If you’ve ever run a campaign that failed and you’ve been frustrated by it because you don’t know where it went wrong, I can virtually guarantee that you missed out on one of the 4 M’s of marketing. You’ve tried different things like social media, search engine optimization, pay per …