MSP Marketing Guide: How To Generate New Leads And Get More Managed Services Clients In 2024

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What Is MSP Marketing? MSP marketing is a marketing plan, campaign, or strategy designed to facilitate the sale of managed IT services. Many MSPs think that marketing and sales activities are the same, but this is not the case. Marketing activities help you reach your target audience and influence prospects to contact you. Because the MSP sales process is highly …

How MSPs Are Fumbling Their Inbound Leads: The Art Of Effective Follow-Up

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In today’s digital era, handling inbound leads and qualified prospects requires a strategic approach to capitalize on potential opportunities. In this blog post, we delve into the recommended process for handling inbound leads, emphasizing the importance of timely response and efficient follow-up. By adopting these strategies, you can significantly enhance your chances of qualifying leads and securing valuable appointments. So, let’s explore the key principles that can revolutionize your lead management game.

5 Ways Marketing-Powered Selling Closes More Deals

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My company, Technology Marketing Toolkit, has a marketing-powered approach to selling, and I want to explain how to let your marketing do the heavy lifting instead of doing a lot of hard-core selling and negotiating. I typically say that the order should be marketing then sales, because marketing happens before sales, but the thing to understand is marketing cannot get the entire job done. When you’re selling to existing clients, whether it’s managed services, VoIP, or advanced cybersecurity solutions, marketing can’t get the entire job done. There still needs to be you, or somebody from your organization to answer that phone, respond to the email, get on a call with that prospective buyer, meet with them, and get a check out of them. Marketing can’t do that job in and of itself.

How To Create Cant Ignore MSP Marketing

How To Create “Can’t Ignore” MSP Marketing

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Here’s a critical question: how easy is it for someone to IGNORE your MSP marketing? Doesn’t matter if it’s direct mail, a Facebook ad, trade-show booth or e-mail – if your prospect is not instantly drawn in with interest and curiosity, it falls flat.

This is why I rally against vague headlines that all too often miss the mark. “Looks cloudy” for an ad trying to sell cloud solutions. “Is your network battle-ready?” for a cyber security solution. What the hell does any of this mean? Don’t know, don’t CARE – and that’s what you have to realize whenever you are writing copy for whatever campaign you’re putting out. It MUST be IRRESISTIBLE to your ideal prospect. If they can look away, they will.

8 cybersecurity campaigns

Sell More Cybersecurity Services With These 8 MSP Marketing Campaigns

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Cybersecurity has been the most talked about topic on every business owner’s mind. Cybersecurity services are in high demand, but many IT services firms aren’t capitalizing on this recurring revenue stream. Because of this, there is ample opportunity for you to educate your clients and prospects about emerging threats — and why they can’t afford to skimp on your cybersecurity …

The Power Of Giving Thanks To Your Prospects And Clients

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It’s a short week for many of us as we prepare to spend time with our families and celebrate Thanksgiving. So this week I’m going to share a brief, but powerful lesson: USE HANDWRITTEN THANK-YOU NOTES! We used to send Jamie and Emily (aged eight and five at the time) to Roots Academy for singing lessons. I received a handwritten …

How To Get More Qualified Leads In Your IT Business

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In the “guru” industry, we often describe what we do as “information marketing,” or ourselves as “infomarketers,” a term that, to the best of my knowledge, was developed by the Godfather of information marketing, Dan Kennedy. While many (including Dan Kennedy) don’t particularly like the term, it’s accurate and descriptive: information marketers are people selling information products – specifically books (and back in the day, cassette tapes and …