Done-For-You Marketing Services

As an IT business owner or MSP, what is your most valuable asset? It’s your TIME. Why waste weeks or months trying to implement a marketing campaign all by yourself? Why endure the endless headaches and hassles while risking NOT getting the results you want?

We have a dedicated team of experts who are ready to create, write, design and deliver multiple marketing initiatives FOR YOU so you can continue working ON your business. Not only do our Done-For-You Services save you massive time, they often deliver greater results, including more leads, sales and recurring revenue!

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Done-For-You CallRail Call And Form Tracking

Match all your inbound calls to online or offline marketing campaigns and get immediate visibility and validation into which strategies are driving leads and which are not with our Robin-ized version of Call Rail.

  • Stop taking guesses on which campaigns are a waste of money and start getting true data on what marketing is making your phone ring.
  • Stop having that nagging feeling that your inbound leads are being botched (or ignored) and start hearing opportunities turning into appointments.
  • Stop having zero clue to what happened to leads and start tracking them through to sales.

Amazon Best Seller

When you’re an author of a bestselling book, you’re no longer a salesperson or a business owner. You’re suddenly an EXPERT. You are THE AUTHORITY on IT, compliance and cyber security. You are practically a local celebrity, especially when your book achieves Amazon Bestseller status – which we guarantee it will!

Set yourself apart from the pack as an elevated expert and authority in your market by becoming a best-selling author. You will be able to…

  • Get through previously “closed doors” quickly
  • Improve your close rate
  • Increase your price and charge more because of your “expert status”
  • Finally get the attention of a sought-after prospect
  • Boost referrals and seal strategic partnerships
  • Land speaking engagements and generate free press

This is a once-a-year project that has limited availability. Please get with us direct to learn about availability.

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Done-For-You Social Media Posting Service

Why Should YOUR IT Services Firm Be On Facebook, Instagram AND LinkedIn? Because YOUR Top Prospects, Clients And Competition Are.

The stats slap you in the face: If your business isn’t on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn today, it’s like not having a website 10 years ago!

FACEBOOK - Americans spend an average of 58 MINUTES on Facebook every day.
INSTAGRAM - Edging out Twitter, 71% of U.S. BUSINESSES use Instagram.
LINKEDIN - 90 million SENIOR-LEVEL influencers use LinkedIn.

Our Done-For-You Social Media Posting Service AUTOMATICALLY Provides Continuous Business-Branded And Target Market-Directed Professional Posts Without Any Time Or Effort From You!


Done-For-You Shock-And-Awe Box

Deliver an unforgettable impression that turns prospects into paying clients! We create 25 boxes customized to your business, plus all of the contents inside, including: Your Cover Letter, Audio Business Card, Testimonial Book, FAQ Fact Sheet, Free Report and Articles, Overview Of Relevant Services, Client “Bill Of Rights” or “Guarantee Certificate”, Awards and Accomplishments, Newsletter Copies and Branded Promotional Items.

Not Sure Which Done-For-You Marketing Service Is Right For You?
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Done-For-You Newsletter image

Done-For-You Newsletter Service

Start sending out a quality newsletter each month to prospects and clients that fuels referrals, increases sales and converts stubborn prospects into clients while saving yourself massive time and hassles.

Our start-to-finish monthly newsletter service includes:

  • A professionally written and custom-designed newsletter
  • Your own special offers and monthly promotions
  • Print-ready and personalized PDF
  • Printing, postage and mailing DONE
  • Access to hundreds of IT-related articles
  • Complete files so you can customize and print yourself

Done-For-You Postcards

Our 100% Turnkey Done-For-You Concierge Postcard Service Becomes Your EASIEST And FASTEST Way To Add A Proven Drip Marketing System EVERY Month That's Designed To Get Your More Appointments, More Referrals And More Sales!

The Best Part...We Take Care Of EVERYTHING!

Our Done-For-You Concierge Postcard Service Includes:

  • Popular TechTip Postcards - Each month, we will send our highest-converting TechTip Postcards to your prospect and client list.
  • Printing, Postage & Mailing DONE - We gladly print, stamp and mail your postcards to your list for you - everything is included!
  • Professional Design That Gets Attention - Every Postcard features a bold graphic, bright colors and a layout that gets noticed and gets read.
  • Proven Copywriting That Gets Results - Written by Robin herself, every postcard features a powerful headline and copy that converts!
  • Peace Of Mind That Your Drip Marketing Is Working! - Each and every month, you prospects and clients will see your brand and your message without fail!

TechTip Postcard image
MSP Success Magazine Cover

MSP Success Magazine Program

Anyone Can Be Featured In A Magazine. But When YOU ARE THE MAGAZINE Your Newfound Credibility, Authority And Celebrity Makes Prospects And Clients Take Notice And Take Action

Shark Tank’s Daymond John was recently featured on the cover of today’s fastest growing MSP magazine, MSP Success Magazine. Now, YOU and your MSP can receive the same attention and credibility as Daymond John by also being featured on the cover and in the cover story of our magazine — It’s our MSP Success Magazine Cover Story Opportunity!

Your prospects and clients (and even your competitors) will view you and your MSP in a whole new light when they see YOU on the cover of MSP Success Magazine. Suddenly, you become THE IT expert. You instantly become THE authority in your area. Right then and there, you reach THE celebrity status where prospects and clients gladly pay more to do business with you.

Done-For-You Prospect Detective

It’s Like Caller ID For Your Website!

Because we know only 2% of all web visitors will ever call or submit an opt-in form, how do we capture the rest of the 98%? Prospect Detective is like Caller ID for your website; it enables you to identity WHO is on your website, their contact info, and what their buying intentions and behavior was on your website - without them ever filling out a form. This data can be golden in the hands of your sales team. With Prospect Detective running behind the scenes, you are able to enter the buyer's journey much earlier by identifying the companies visiting your website. Armed with such powerful data, your sales team is able to make more frequent and impactful first contact with potential customers.

Pair this with Call Tracking and now you are able to track the sources and campaigns that drive prospects to pick up the phone and call you. Not only will it record all inbound calls from your website, but it will attribute the call to what campaign contributed to the actual conversion. This is especially valuable if you are doing any digital marketing so that you can optimize your ad spend.

Done-For-You Prospect Detective Analytics Dashboard
Online Shock-And-Awe Web Page Layout

Done-For-You Online Shock-And-Awe

With just one click, you can deliver the perfect online impression before sales meetings and client renewals. Popular online components that members include: Your Cover Letter, One-On-One Personalized Video Message, Video Business Card, Testimonial Videos, FAQ Webpage, Free Report and Articles, Overview Of Relevant Services, Client “Bill Of Rights” or “Guarantee Certificate”, Awards and Accomplishments and Link to Online Newsletter.

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