We Hit The Impassable $3 Million Wall, Then Used A $58,253-A-Month Wrecking Ball And Raced To $4.5 Million!

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50% Growth For 2 Straight Years Seemed TOO Easy. For the first few years, RoundTable Technology had the great fortune of growing organically through word of mouth, referrals and a couple of small acquisitions. I took my seat at the RoundTable in 2016 to help with sales and business development. At first, my job was a breeze since new contracts …

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How Easily Are You FOOLED By An Idiot In An Expert’s Costume?

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John Edwards, the psychic medium known for talking to people’s dead relatives, makes millions selling tickets to two-hour events all over the world where he performs (key word: PERFORMS) his psychic feat to people wanting to believe in the afterlife, the ability to connect with lost family members and who have an intense curiosity to discover if he’s the real …

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Ring-Ring! Is There ANYBODY There Who Can Take My Money?

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At every Rapid Implementation Workshop (www.RapidImplementationWorkshop.com), I take attendees through an exercise of secret shopping each other’s businesses. The scenario we give them is this: You are the Operations Manager of a company with 26 employees. Your server keeps rebooting, and your current IT company can’t come out to fix it until Tuesday of next week (three days from now). …

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Don’t Send Out Any MSP Marketing Emails Without These 7 Features

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Email marketing during the 1990’s was a gold mine. Fifty to sixty percent response rates were common (compared to an industry benchmark of 20% today). Every email campaign I sent out got a flood of email responses. Today it’s an art form rather than a free-for-all. While email marketing shouldn’t be the only tool in your arsenal, it’s still incredibly …

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5 Dumb MSP Sales Mistakes Computer Consultants Consistently Make

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“Have you ever heard the phrase life is hard, but it’s harder when you’re stupid?” One of my favorite talk show personalities Bill Handle asks listeners this often. In my early days of selling, I earned the highest degree in D.U.M.B and discovered that cold prospecting and marketing without a plan is NOT fun or productive. Today, I coach hundreds …

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Selling IT Services To The Government

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The United States government is the largest customer in the world. They buy millions of dollars in services and products every year. Landing an IT government contract can be a huge boost for your business. But it’s not about grabbing for any government contract you can find. You need to make sure it’s the right opportunity for you. Today we’re …

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Selling Managed Services: 5 Keys To Accelerate Growth, Success And Profitability This Year

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You’re pulling 80-hour work weeks but not getting the results you want. You think you’re setting smart, business goals but failing to achieve them. You’re frustrated, even unhappy, about the state of your IT services firm and struggling when selling managed services. What can you do? Why IT Firms Struggle I’ve worked with, mentored and assisted thousands of IT business …