Selling Managed Services: 5 Keys To Accelerate Growth, Success And Profitability This Year

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Selling Managed ServicesYou’re pulling 80-hour work weeks but not getting the results you want. You think you’re setting smart, business goals but failing to achieve them. You’re frustrated, even unhappy, about the state of your IT services firm and struggling when selling managed services. What can you do?

Why IT Firms Struggle

I’ve worked with, mentored and assisted thousands of IT business owners. Throughout the process, I’ve identified multiple patterns indicative of success and failure. I’ve seen how daily habits, actions and decisions shape the outcome of their business. Most importantly, I’ve seen transformations from failure to success. I’ve seen hundreds of IT business owners transform operations from desperate failures to huge success in a matter of months. Want to know their secret?

The Five Key Secrets To Running A Successful IT Firm

I’ve done the legwork to identify the five key areas of success when you’re selling managed services.

The Road Map. Indecision is one of the biggest reasons for failure. Many people don’t make changes, or even get started because they don’t know what to do first. That’s where a road map comes in. You need a plan that lays out your long-term goals and the steps you need to take to get there.

Coach. No one hits a homerun on their first swing. They need a coach to show them the proper technique, stance and form (plus hours of practice.) A business coach can offer invaluable advice and help you to avoid mistakes and any doubts or questions in your head. They’re also a great resource to hold you accountable and kick you in the butt when you need a push.

A Marketing System. Most businesses fail from a lack of revenue and profits. A business’ most crucial function is getting and retaining customers at a healthy profit margin. Running a sporadic marketing campaign here and there won’t cut it. You need a thriving, consistent marketing system that consistently delivers leads.

A Trusted Peer Group. This is an obvious but easily overlooked key to success. It can be lonely when you’re leading a company. Meeting other business leaders who understand what you’re going through can be an invaluable resource. A trusted peer group is a great sounding board for new ideas. You can get feedback on how to handle difficult situations with clients or employees, and sharing experiences and advice can dramatically shorten your learning curve.

Accountability. When you’re leading a company, ultimately, you’re only accountable to yourself. It’s easy to give yourself “passes,” procrastinating on critical decisions and actions you need to take. Using the above tactics, set up a system to hold yourself accountable. Talk to your coach, set goals with your peer group, create deadlines or benchmarks to achieve your plan.

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