How This Desperate Immigrant Escaped The Tyranny Of The Russian Mafia To Start A Multimillion-Dollar MSP 

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Growing up in a small Russian town called Bataysk, I was a quiet and introverted kid after my father was killed in a car accident. During a school trip to the library at the age of 12, I saw my first personal computer – a magical device that would change my life forever.   Seeing my passion firsthand, my mom saved …

After Purchasing An Unprofitable “30-Year Old Start-Up” MSP, We Added $23,500 In MRR And $180,000 In Project Revenue In Just 4 Months!

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In November of 2021, I gambled my entire retirement to purchase Simplified IT Solutions. Less than a month later, I lost one of my biggest clients before I even knew them – $40,000 a year GONE. Suddenly, I had lost 20% of the value of my MSP. To replace that income, I contracted out my tech services. That was a …

How Picking A Target Market Allowed Us To Practically DOUBLE Our Business 2 Years In A Row – From $517,595 To $2,167,167!

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Trapped In A Lifestyle Business For 15+ Years I started my IT business before I was even ready to start a business. I figured I would work in corporate America first, learn a little and then be ready. But I was just 27 years old, and God had other plans. In 2002, Net A Corp Technologies was born. After growing …

Shawnee Wright

After Robin’s Rapid Implementation Program, We Went Far Outside Our Comfort Zone To Find $44,546 In MRR And Over $1M In Hardware!

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I Didn’t Trust Myself To Grow Our Company On the first day of the Rapid Implementation Workshop, Robin Robins shared a quote from Thoreau: “The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation.” Suddenly I realized that quote perfectly described how I felt. As the business development manager for Integrated Axis Technology Group (IA), I knew that we struggled with …

How A Seismic Mindset Shift Led To $15,000 In New MRR And $316,620 In Project Revenue

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Working Too Much For Too Little After my Chief Technology Officer position at a pharmaceutical company dissolved during the recession, I started Critical IT Solutions in 2010 in the very competitive Washington, DC, area. Little did I know that by starting my own IT services firm I would be working 20-HOUR DAYS, including weekends! But with all of the time …

How I Added $13,139 In MRR And $150,724 In Revenue With An “All Hands On Deck” Team

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2 Major Obstacles Stunted Our Growth As President and CRO of iStreet Solutions, I recognized that two major obstacles prevented us from growing. First, our branding and services didn’t stand apart from every other MSP’s. And second, since the California shutdowns, our marketing has been inconsistent and lacked results. So, my first step was to make a Venn diagram featuring …

How A Telephony Company Changed Their Service Model And Added $576,000 in NEW Sales and $8,335 in MRR in 3 Months

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Seventeen years ago, Allen Krueger, Jr., took over his father’s telephony company. He always joked that they were a “new old” company because they’d been around forever but had to adjust to today’s technology needs. He has since retooled the company by transitioning from a telephony-only business and into networking, VoIP and managed services. When I joined Allen’s team two …


Redefining The American Dream, David Javaheri’s “Marketing Bombardment” Brought In 40 New Clients, $1,384,486 In Revenue And $969,000 In Profits To Win This Year’s Better Your Best!

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My American Dream Story Growing up in Iran, I came to the United States at age 16 to pursue a better life. Without finishing high school, I was blessed to be accepted into Northeastern University. But without a penny to my name, I had no choice but to work 120 HOURS per week to pay my way. I often went …

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How We Transformed Our Lurching, Sputtering MSP To A SMOOTH, Marketing-Focused Ride By Adding $78,896 In Annualized MRR And $108,950 In Projects

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“I Guess We’ll Start A Business” Remember National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, when Clark Griswold was expecting his big Christmas bonus but got a Jelly of the Month subscription instead? Yeah, that was me. Working as a one-man tech support department in 2004, so my fat Christmas bonus replaced with a $20 gift card for a sandwich. Rather than wait for …