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What Most Miss About Their Unique Selling Proposition

Posted by Robin Robins On March 3rd, 2021

Advanced IT LLC | What Most Miss About Their Unique Selling Proposition

One of the most powerful marketing and business advantages you can give yourself that accelerates the sales process and dampens, and often nearly eliminates, price resistance is the USP or unique selling proposition. Candidly, most can’t articulate one because they don’t HAVE one. This is not to be overlooked or skipped over. The question “Why should I choose you over all other IT firms?” is one you MUST be able to answer succinctly and powerfully if you hope to win business away from competitors.

It’s important to know that most companies are not “born” with a USP and must strategically MANUFACTURE one. Further, a USP is not a tagline. If you can communicate your USP in a single sentence, like “Fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed,” you REALLY have something. But most cannot summarize their USP that way and must, instead, create a list of reasons. This Marketing Example is our USP summarized on a single page we give prospects in our Shock-And-Awe box.

Because this is so important, and because so many struggle with it, I thought it worthwhile to do a review of this marketing fundamental. Let me remind you of my four-point litmus test for a powerful USP. It must be unique to you, it must have meaningful specifics, it must have a strong appeal to your target market and it must be defensible before the prospect buys. Let’s break these down…

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Is Apple Going Out Of Business?

Posted by Robin Robins On February 28th, 2021

Apple, originally Apple Computer Company, recently announced that computer sales accounted for just 10.4% of their revenue in 2020.

In 2000 computers accounted for 86% of Apple’s revenue.

Are they in trouble or going out of business?

Not anytime soon…

Since 2000 their computer sales have increased 400%, but their overall sales have increased by a staggering 3,000%! Can you guess what their number one source of revenue was in 2020?

What was once their main source of revenue is now just one of the thousands of products and services they offer.

Why is this important to you?

Because IT service businesses can (MUST!) do the same thing.

Instead of just trying to get more NEW clients, IT businesses’ quickest way to grow their revenue and profits is to expand what they offer to current clients.

Here’s what Amy and Bria from M3 Networks found…

“Robin’s 90-Day Challenge has represented a SIGNIFICANT period of growth and learning regarding sales and marketing. By implementing client-focused campaigns in this 90-day period, we added $14,631.67 in monthly recurring revenue as well as $105,267.18 in project and hardware sales!”

Hot damn! That’s over 280k in added annual revenue.

And that came from doing the same thing Apple did…focusing on new things to sell your current clients and getting intentional about it!

Is what Amy and Bria experienced normal?

No. When we tallied up the results from hundreds of companies that went through this program, the average annual revenue added in 12 weeks was $219,957.

But that’s still not too shabby. 😉

But where do you start?

What do you offer? How do you go to current clients and past customers and get them to gladly spend thousands of dollars with you a month?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been showing IT service businesses and MSPs how to do for over 19 years, and the first step is to fill out a survey about your business and schedule a free one-on-one marketing roadmap consultation.

You can do that at

The difference between staying where you’re at and getting incredible results all starts there.

P.S. You probably guessed it…iPhones accounted for nearly half of Apple’s revenue in 2020.

Lead Generation Tips And Tricks: Double Or Triple Leads On Any Campaign You Run

Posted by Robin Robins On February 17th, 2021

Lead Generation Tips And Tricks: Double Or Triple Leads On Any CampaignAs Ogilvy famously said, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.” John Caples wrote, “If the headline is poor, the copy will not be read. And copy that is not read does not sell goods.” All true.

The biggest and single most important lead generation tip and trick is the headline copy. As a copywriter, I know the headline MUST stop the reader in their tracks and draw them in; after all, if you cannot get the reader’s attention, NOTHING else you’re saying or offering matters. Yet how many so-called advertisers actually know and practice this? Woefully few. Here’s a list of headlines for an industry publication designed to generate leads. Tell me if any of these grab your attention and cause you to want to read (or respond!) to the advertisement:

“Flexible Business VoIP”

“Technology Will Take You Far”

“Better. Faster. Greener.”


“Journey Together. Journey Further.”

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What Makes A “Qualified” Lead?

Posted by Robin Robins On January 27th, 2021

Sales Qualified Lead | Technology Marketing ToolkitAh, the age-old whine of the failing salesperson: The leads are WEAK! Some people would automatically dismiss this as a lazy salesperson’s excuse (which often IS the case) – but thinking that ALL leads are good is just as foolish. There ARE times, when leads generated, are NOT qualified leads and not worth the effort of a salesperson to pursue and/or meet with, much less waste time creating proposals for. The trick is to qualify without pushing away leads that have a high potential to be a client but need to be pursued and SOLD, and that’s what I want to discuss.

Since every business is slightly different, I cannot provide a list of “absolutes” as to what makes a qualified lead for everyone. Some of our clients serve home users and find a solo entrepreneur to be a highly qualified lead, while others only work with enterprise accounts with 1,000+ users. Some clients have multiple “client avatars” that have different criteria to make them qualified.

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Back To Basics Marketing 101: How To Classify And Qualify Inbound Leads To Maximize Sales

Posted by Robin Robins On January 20th, 2021

How To Classify And Qualify Inbound Leads To Maximize Sales

Did you know IT services firms lose THOUSANDS of dollars every year due to very poor or non-existent follow up on the leads they generate? Recently we’ve been getting a LOT of questions from members wanting clarification on how to properly classify and qualify inbound leads to maximize sales.  I would suggest you read through and then go back to listen to the 2019 December Marketing Deep Dive posted to the Dashboard, where I also covered this topic in more depth.

General Classifications For People On Your List

Where people are getting confused (often) is in the definitions used to describe various groups of individuals in your house list. To clarify, here’s a brief overview of the generic LIST CLASSIFICATIONS we suggest you use. Some of these are unique to my organization because I’m the ONLY marketing consultant I know who stresses the importance of cleaning and qualifying a list BEFORE you spend money and time marketing to it. Therefore, I’ve created my own specific definitions to help my clients in classifying prospects and qualifying inbound leads so they can manage their lists properly. Here they are:

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How To Attract HOT Leads To Your MSP Using Personal Ads

Posted by Robin Robins On January 13th, 2021

How To Attract Desirable Clients Using Direct Response Marketing

Years ago, I was exposed to this marketing example, written by the late Gary Halbert, as an example of brilliant direct response marketing copy AND strategy. It’s a personals ad he wrote that led him to find his then-wife. He also used it as an example of how a good sales letter can solve just about any problem you have.

I’m not sure I buy that in total, but almost every problem can be HELPED by a good sales letter, whether it’s to sell someone on donating money to your cause or to convince a relative or friend to a particular course of action.

The biggest lesson Gary taught in this piece is that great direct response marketing is VERY similar to a personals ad, detailing who you WANT, as well as who you DON’T want. The technical name is a “flag” in your copy, which can be a direct “Dear Office Manager” or a description of the person you’re talking to – their pain, problems, desires and wants.

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Overcoming Sales Objections: How To Deal With The “I Want To Think It Over”

Posted by Robin Robins On December 11th, 2020

Overcoming Sales Objections: How To Deal With The “I Want To Think It Over”EVERY salesperson has gotten the dreaded “I want to think it over” response. Problem is, how do you respond politely and without annoying the prospect to the point of them telling you to go to hell? Most salespeople just roll over and say, “Okay! Call me if you have any questions,” which is essentially abandoning the sale. Not good. So what is the secret to overcoming sales objections like this one?

You start by doing exactly what they want you to do: agree with them and SLOW DOWN. Tell them you understand and RESPECT THEIR DECISION to think it over because you do. We’ve all been in a place where we are uncertain about making a decision, and having a pushy jerk trying to talk you into it only makes you dig in your heels more.

So, in your best late-night DJ voice, put a big SMILE on your face (thank you, Chris Voss) and use this sales objections script based on something I learned from good old Tommy Hopkins: Read full article and comment →

The Single, Simple Trick That Will Get 3 To 4 Times More Response From Every Single Marketing Campaign, Guaranteed

Posted by Robin Robins On October 22nd, 2020

Any ideas on what it is? Hint: It’s the thing that got you to read this article – the headline.

The headline is “the ad for the ad.” It’s the device that, if well-written, will stop the right reader-prospect in their tracks and get them involved in reading your campaign and taking action. In the example above, I could have written “How To Get Your Wife To Chase You Around The Bedroom Like A Horny Teenager” and gotten even more response than with the one I used. I could have even pivoted off that as an example of the importance of headlines; however, I would have attracted the WRONG person with the WRONG proposition – i.e., a desperate husband looking for a little more love in his life (to put it politely). Read full article and comment →