By Solving Our Broken Sales Process, We Added $300,000 In Total Contract Revenue

Bobby Fabricant & Alla KamhiGenius of the Month

I started Fabre Tech in 2015 out of my dining room with the hopes of becoming one of the larger MSPs in New Jersey. From day one, I’ve made it a priority to go beyond simply fixing a client’s IT problems and calling it a day. We wanted to be able streamline their IT to help their business become more efficient.

Bobby Fabricant
CEO Fabre Tech

One of my best decisions was bringing aboard Alla Kamhi as our Chief Operating Officer. Alla owned a digital marketing agency that did website design, Google ads, and social media. Just a few years ago, we merged Fabre Tech with her company to provide an all-encompassing technology business to better help businesses grow. We soon realized that the model was cumbersome, and there was a lot more money in IT and cyber security, so we changed our model and became a true MSP. Today we’re moving into the MSSP space.

We Knew Marketing But Didn’t Know Anything About MSP Sales

With Alla’s marketing strengths, we felt like we had a unique advantage most MSPs didn’t. We could get leads and appointments, but once we hit the proposal stage, things usually fell apart. For the longest time, Fabre Tech faced three seemingly insurmountable problems:

Alla Kamhi
COO Fabre Tech
  • Our close rate was near an abysmal 5%.
  • Our follow-up process was random and clunky.
  • We didn’t have a trust-based marketing plan to prove our worth.

We were dropping our prices and making all the mistakes Robin warns about. Constantly being ghosted by qualified prospects, we clearly weren’t being closers. Ready to finally do something R.E.A.L. about our close rate and sales process, we signed up for TMT’s Accelerators Club and went through the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

Utilizing Keap, We Added $2,833 In MRR Through Client Technology Business Reviews

Knowing our follow-up process was broken and our closing rate was embarrassingly low, we went all in with TMT. We copied all of Robin’s marketing material, used Will Nobles’ pricing strategy and got great advice from the TMT coaches. Doing everything as fast as possible, we implemented Keap and integrated it with AppointmentCore.

One of the primary reasons we signed on with TMT is because we wanted a CRM that was already built out so we could start following up the right way. Our old solution was duct-taped together, utilizing a free version of HubSpot and forcing ConnectWise to be a CRM. It didn’t work.

With a real CRM in place and coaching from TMT, we were finally confident to do technology business reviews (TBRs) the right way. Before, they were random conversations without a schedule and a plan. Plus, we were at the mercy of our clients. If a customer complained that we were “overselling” them, we would stop doing them altogether.

Having Keap in place, it is automatically sending out appointment reminders, which solves our follow-up issues. Just by having Keap, AppointmentCore and scheduled TBRs done in a systematic way, we have increased monthly recurring revenue by $2,833 for a couple of clients!

Landing A New Client Worth $156,000 In Contract Value With The Help Of Our New Shock-And-Awe Process

We knew one reason for our lousy close rate was that we weren’t delivering an unforgettable impression. With the confidence, the proven process and the deliverables we received from TMT, all that changed.

First, we got a custom-branded Shock-And-Awe box in place to showcase our strengths and make a great first impression, but we weren’t utilizing it in the right way. Rather than sending it out to new prospects, we were just handing it to existing clients. Here’s our NEW three-step process:

  • Step 1: Before every meeting with a potential client, we e-mail our virtual Shock-And-Awe box.
  • Step 2: After our appointment, we send them our physical Shock-And-Awe box.
  • Step 3: Using Keap, we stay in touch, never letting the prospect out of our grasp.

Finally…Our “Robinized” Website Delivers Us Real LEADS

Another quick action we took upon joining TMT was addressing our ineffective website that never produced leads. We scrapped our old website for a fully “Robinized” website that’s built for conversion.

Our new website delivers credibility, trust AND leads since adding fabulous client testimonials, the free “New Jersey Business Owner’s Guide To IT Support Services And Fees” and the “4 Big Reasons To Choose Fabre Tech To Support Your Computer Network. “

With contact forms to fill out, we’ve received several leads and even a couple of appointments! Soon we expect to do more SEO work and promote the website even more. 

We’d Been Previously Ghosted By Prospects, But THIS Marketing Tool Delivers Responses

Ever since we were introduced to the 9-Word E-mail campaign at Rapid Implementation Workshop, we knew it would become one of our favorite follow-up tools. Today we use the 9-Word E-mail for EVERYTHING. To get someone’s attention…to get a response from a prospect after they’ve gone cold…pretty much everywhere. From this amazing but simple e-mail template, we’ve created several new opportunities for ourselves.

Embracing Trust-Based Marketing And Establishing Our Expertise

Per Robin’s direction, we’ve refocused our efforts on establishing our trust-based marketing the right way. We had our own magazine called The Digital Download. Problem was, we were giving it to existing clients…NOT prospects.

We have since tweaked our magazine to what Robin was doing with MSP Success magazine. Recently, we had someone accept a proposal and literally hold up the magazine and say, “I told everybody that I’m working with this guy!” Instant celebrity! We are also now working on writing a book to further add to our credibility and trust.

This Peer Group Is Like An Extended Sales Team

Beyond significantly improving our follow-up systems and close rate, we got a lot of value out of the community. In the Dashboard QUE, we put out there that we had a client in Arizona that needed assistance. Immediately, we connected with a TMT member in Arizona and have been working with them.

Yes, the entire TMT community, their coaches and all of the MSP owners we have access to have been amazing. Anytime we have questions, everyone is happy to hop on and help. Simply tremendous!

The Lessons We’ve Learned

Alla’s advice: The best advice I can give is the exact same advice we followed. Trust the process and don’t skip any steps. Don’t revert back to your old ways. TMT has a proven sales and marketing process. Stick to it. Because if you divert from it, you’re not going to get the results you’re chasing. Trust the process, own it and keep moving forward.

Bobby’s advice: Stop envisioning yourself as the owner of the company. Rather, consider yourself the SHAREHOLDER of a small business.Not only should you be working ON the business and not IN the business, you should be accountable to constantly growing your business with greater revenue and profits. Then, once you master the process, you can simply pass it on to your team to keep your business growing.

From Throwing Spaghetti Against The Wall To Adding $300,000 In Total Contract Value!

While Alla and I have built a successful MSP in New Jersey, we were seriously struggling with closing sales and following up on opportunities. Without having proven processes in place, you’re basically taking spaghetti and throwing it against the wall, hoping to God it sticks.

Adding Keap and doing technology business reviews the right way have made such an impact on adding more monthly MRR from existing clients. In addition, the Shock-And-Awe box, both virtual and physical, have been game-changers for us. They enable us to connect with our prospects, engage them on all platforms and close two more deals. In less than six months, we have added a total contract value of a little over $300,000!

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