David Jordan and Erin Merrigan.Pacific Computer Consultants

MSP Owner Avoids Selling Business By Implementing 25 New Marketing Initiatives To Save His Company And Grow

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Lack Of Marketing = Lack Of Results David’s story: As president of Pacific Computer Consultants, I was one of Technology Marketing Toolkit’s original Producers Club Members. Since 2015, I’ve benefitted from great advice from my accountability group, Robin Robins and also her idea-rich presenters. Only problem was that we struggled with implementing consistent marketing campaigns that resulted in new clients …


How A Small-Town Break-Fix Business Increased Our MRR By 281% And Revenue By 117% By Becoming A Real MSP

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There’s Nothing More Powerful Than A Single Mom Wanting To Be There For Her Kids I started my own IT services business in October 2000 for ONE reason…my two kids! Owning my business gave me the freedom to be their mom, take them to school and attend every game and concert. I didn’t miss one. More motivated and determined than …

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A Second Time Through ‘Rapid’ And Our Third Marketing Manager Helped Us Add $1,080,190 In Upsells Alone In Just 3 Months!

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 Firing My Share Of Marketing Managers Kelly’s story… Founded by my father and brother, Opti-Vise IT has been serving Eaton, Ohio, and the surrounding area for 15 years. As our director of sales and marketing for 10 years, I got Robin’s Toolkit years ago (though it sat on the shelf for far too long) and have worked to implement many …

How We More Than DOUBLED Our MRR (From $42K To $96,500) By Rebuilding My MSP With A Marketing Engine

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From A $13M Business To Considering Closing Shop I was what most business owners strive to become. A $13 million business with some high-profile clients. But they say the bigger you are, the harder you fall. Boy, did we fall hard! We went through more ups, downs and pivots than a roller coaster. We were the tail and never the …

Dennis Gentles

My ‘Journey’ Led Me To Add $12,328 In New MRR In Just 90 Days — On Pace To Finally Break $1 Million!

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I Knew The Importance Of Marketing But Just Couldn’t Make It Work Since I founded CloudFirst Technology Solutions in 2010, I always knew the value of good marketing. (At least, I THOUGHT I did.) In the early days, I put together a small marketing team and focused on building a website. We made some flyers and canvassed offices throughout Las …


Brand-New To Marketing, We Added 2 Clients Worth $98,280 Plus $326,461 In Sales In Just 90 Days!

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Running 20 Years WITHOUT A Marketing Plan As husband-and-wife cofounders, we just celebrated our 20th year in business this July. My husband, Page, wears both the tech and sales hats while I have always donned the business administration hat. In 20 years, we have evolved from an e-mail delivery firm (2001) to an IT networking break-fix company (2003) to an …


After 22 Years Of ZERO MARKETING, I Set An Aggressive Goal Of Adding $25K In MRR And Hit It In Just 90 DAYS!

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Sabotaged By My Ex-Wife And Then Fired My Mom And Dad I started consulting back when our years started with a 19. I quickly built a client base through word-of-mouth and absolutely no marketing. I was a tech trying to be a business owner, but also juggling HR, payroll, operations, EVERYTHING. Sound familiar? As a result, not only did I …

While Others SHUT DOWN Marketing In 2020, Juern Technology DOUBLED THEIRS… Which Doubled Their Revenue – Up $1,269,711!

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THIS Kept Me Up At Night I started Juern Technology in 2012. Like many MSPs, I began as a one-man IT shop and grew slowly from out-of-the-blue referrals. Through the years, I would try random acts of marketing: Facebook Ads – check. ClickFunnels – yep. Even hired a marketing consultant, but never got one client. ZERO! Being honest with myself, …

I Finally Discovered THE ONE THING That Added Almost $1 MILLION In Revenue And A 350% Profit Growth In Our Better Your Best–Winning Year!

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Early Struggles, Ineffective Marketing, Stagnant Growth – Sound Familiar? I officially started Bazar Solutions, Inc., in 2009. I grew my business the first few years the way most IT people do: word of mouth, referrals and a little bit of cold-calling. I tried my hand at TV advertising, canvassing and other one-off marketing campaigns. Nothing stuck, and we generated few …