“From $0 MRR To $10,000+ And Growing Strong!”

Damien Pepper Genius of the Month

For 21 Years, I Didn’t Really Want To Grow I could sum up my first 21 years in business in just a few words … we had no ambition to grow. I was comfortable with my little business here in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and although some would call us stagnant, my real hope each year was that we …

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“We Added $802,221 In New Revenue In Just 3 Months!”

April Painter Genius of the Month

We Never Talked About Marketing Before Robin For the last 22 years, we’ve been successful selling IBM solutions and working with break-fix clients. With the advent of virtualization and cloud-hosted applications and systems, we quickly realized hardware and maintenance sales/margins were declining and we would need a new way to do business. We never did much in the way of …

“In Just 12 Weeks, I Generated $205,228 In Revenue!”

Liam O'keeffe Genius of the Month

After 26 Years In Business, Our Marketing Was Sporadic At Best My journey with Robin started 26 years into our business with a great client base already in hand. Over the last five years, we have faced a significant challenge in transitioning from a systems integrator/VAR to a leading managed IT services provider. As the Managing Director of a 12-person …

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Atlanta MSP Increases Net Profits By 2,968% In One Year With A Very Strategic, Aggressive Marketing Plan

Robin Robins Genius of the Month

“That girl is on fire…” The lyrics to the Alicia Keys song resounded throughout the room as Jennifer Holmes, co-owner of MIS Solutions in Atlanta, took the stage to a standing ovation from 550 of her peers to be awarded the title of 2013 Spokesperson and winner of the “Better Your Best” competition at the annual IT Sales and Marketing …

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How This Joplin MSP Had His Office Building Destroyed, Lost 17 Clients And $13,000 Per Month In Recurring Revenue OVERNIGHT…And STILL Managed To Get A 1,444% Increase To His Bottom Line Last Year Through Smart Marketing

Robin Robins Genius of the Month

Seems like getting marketing DONE is the hard part. Most of us have tons of great ideas for marketing campaigns and have more than enough templates to choose from, but HOW do you find the time to get it all done? And where do you start? That’s what I recently discussed during this interview with my new spokesperson, John Motazedi, …