Val Aubry

Success Story

Recession Proofed Business-Woman & Wife, Val Aubry

Val Aubry, age 55, has successfully recession-proofed her life and has been named, “Genius of the Month” by internationally-acclaimed marketing professional, Robin Robins. Aubry is based in Lancaster, PA, and owns Main Street Software, Inc. ( )

RECESSION PROOFED PAYCHECKS: Val Aubry knows what it feels like to let staff who feel like family go and then work on your business revenue streams so you don’t have to face difficult choices like that again. Her last direct mail campaign got an 8% response thanks to her business coach, Robin Robin’s marketing advice. Val says Robin’s Technology Marketing Toolkit is like a “cookbook” and she just has to “serve it up.” To get 8% return, when most marketing professionals consider 1% great, she used a method called “lumpy” mailers. One portion of her clientele base tripled as a result of the direct mail campaign. Clearly for her, it’s working and her business growth is up 40% while others continue to struggle in this economy. Val Aubry was named, “Genius of the Month” by Robin Robins’s group and has recession-proofed not only her paycheck but also those of her staff.

RECESSION PROOFED MARRIAGE: Val Aubry’s been married for 31 years, sings in a band with her 25 yr old daughter and works day to day by her husband’s side. He’s the technical skill behind their computer support business. She’s the marketing and accounting genius. How do they make it work? “We focus on complimenting each other instead of competing with each other,” says Val Aubry. She feels her marriage is strong because she and her husband communicate and support each other. Their daughter is an integral part of their spiritual life and they even do a “praise” band Saturdays at their Presbyterian church. Enjoying life, Val Aubry’s recession-proofed her marriage and family life.

RECESSION PROOFED BUSINESS: In 2005, Val Aubry was faced with letting staff go. It was hard. Today, through increased revenue stream strategies, networking, and getting into a business marketing coach boot camp program, Val Aubry’s business is recession proof. She says she made mistakes early on and has learned from them. “You can’t just be a worker bee all the time. You have to work on the business itself, continuing to grow it and look at how to be efficient,” says Aubry. She’s learned from her business marketing coach, Robin Robins, that if you don’t work on the business itself, you will always be looking for new business.

RECESSION PROOFED SERVICE: Val Aubry finds the time to do charity work. She’s been involved in the Katrina clean-up and continues to visit New Orleans in her free time to help those in need. She is actively engaged in many charities in and around her community. For her, keeping her life recession proof, means she can continue to make a difference in her community.