Building A Sales Team? Here’s Who You Should Hire First

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One of the questions I get all the time from MSPs when they’re building a sales team is “Robin, who should be my first hire when I’m growing my sales and marketing team? Who’s going to give me the biggest ROI?”

It’s not going to be what you think, but this one hire on your sales team can add half a million dollars or more to your business every year if you get this position right.

One of the single most important first hires you ever want to hire is a Business Development Rep or a Sales Development Rep. Also sometimes called a Telemarketer or Appointment Setter. They play such a pivotal role in all of your marketing and sales development.

Because if you get that position right, you hire the right person with the right scorecard, the right blueprint with the right direction, they can literally add over half a million dollars to your business every year. They’ll do that by calling and following up on campaigns, following up on inbound leads, following up on referrals that you get.

And what’s really key about this is you’re going to give these leads to somebody whose full-time job is to do nothing but call, email, follow up, and book appointments for you or your sales rep.

Most people think, “Oh, man, I’ve got to hire an outside Sales Rep first to grow the business.” That’s not necessarily the case because a really good outside Sales Rep, who knows how to develop business and close managed service contracts, will need to make at least six figures or more. Because people who know how to sell B2B services and negotiate thousand-dollar contracts with C-Level executives aren’t junior reps. That person is going to have to be very, very highly skilled.

So, what I tell MSPs is the first hire you want to make is that Sales or Business Development Rep. Because if you put that person in place, they’re going to help you build a list.

They’re going to help you book appointments, confirm appointments, and take a lot of that busy work off your plate. You don’t have time to follow up and nurture every prospective lead—you’re running a company! So, this role is essential to growing your business.

And if you have a good Sales Rep, pair them up with a good Business Development Rep. Then you’ll double or triple the productivity of your sales team.

Because they’re not sitting there, sifting through the haystack, looking for needles. They’ll spend their time talking to qualified leads who are actually interested in doing business with you.

At the upcoming IT marketing roadshow, I’ll give you the ads you need to make that first hire, of that Sales Development Rep or Business Development Rep.

You’ll learn what to pay them and what kind of results they should be able to produce at a minimum. I’ll also include a job description of what they should be doing and how they should be performing.

And it’s all going to be given to you at this upcoming roadshow where we’re talking about how to take your MSP from wherever you are today to be earning a seven figure net or more. I’m going to be giving you an actual financial and marketing model to help you become a seven-figure earning MSP.  It’s all going to be templated out.

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