The Secret To Positioning Your MSP

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Wives Wanted | The Secret To Positioning Your MSP | Technology Marketing ToolkitWhile there certainly IS a play for simply stating who you want as a client (as in the photo here), successful lead generation requires an irresistible offer and GREAT PROMISE to work.

Most businesses do NOT make such a promise in their marketing and selling activities and suffer from suppressed response rates and less-than-stellar results.

Such a promise puts your competition in a precarious position; they either have to ignore this type of claim and risk having their current clients and prospects assume they are inadequate or unable to deliver such promises, or they have to defend themselves and say, “Hey! We do too!” which comes across as a copycat and is a far weaker position, appearing as though they were forced to play catchup with the competition.

This is a BIG secret to positioning your MSP!

When you do it right, you force your competition to defend themselves against YOU. Wendy’s did this to McDonald’s with its “fresh, never frozen beef” claim. McDonald’s still has no real defense. Most political positioning is ALL about “us vs. them,” with each candidate making a statement that forces their opponent to defend themselves.

You might not LIKE such promotions, but there’s a reason they do it…it works.

A question: What’s the biggest, boldest PROMISE you can make to your clients? Are you TELLING the story of that promise consistently, frequently? Are you making it defensible, providing evidence? Is it too timid? Too similar to what everyone else is saying?

Maybe it’s time to review your website and all marketing to make sure you’re advertising and positioning your MSP in a BIG, BOLD way.

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