How To Secure An EXTREME Advantage Over Your Competition And Make More Money By Not Acting “Normal”

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Here's An IdeaThis shocking statement just in from the US National Library of Medicine regarding diets: “They all work…when you stick to them.”

Back when I was teaching fitness classes, the most common question I would get was “What is the BEST exercise I should do for _______ ?” with the blank being filled in with the body part or thing they were most unhappy about. Didn’t matter if it was a beer belly, flabby thighs, a big butt, cellulite or my personal favorite, “bingo wings” (look it up).

My answer was always the same: the one you WILL DO. Not the one you’ll think about, not the one you’ll read about and not the one you’ll talk about.

The one you’ll actually, truly, consistently DO.

Recently I polled a tiny group of brand-new members regarding their participation in a new program we’re experimenting with called “The 4-Week Fast Start.” This is a series of live webinars held weekly for a month to give them the easiest to implement and MOST successful campaigns I’ve got. Every week we give them ONE campaign (so as not to overwhelm them) with full instructions on how to implement. Sessions are delivered live so they can ask questions, and recorded so they can watch on demand. We also provide support via the QUE and an e-mail “hotline” for questions.

Seriously, no stone is left unturned and I’m ding-dang-darn certain these campaigns WORK.

Of the nine members I polled, only one had implemented a single campaign. Not too shockingly, they actually got results, generating roughly $2,400 in new monthly MRR, along with a number of Windows 7 end-of-life upgrades.

The rest who responded didn’t implement a single thing. As in nada. Zilch. Zip. When I asked why they didn’t even try to implement a single campaign, here are the answers I got back:

  • I didn’t attend any of the sessions.
  • I’m still trying to get my list (which was the first session from four weeks prior).
  • We’re focusing on fixing operational problems.
  • I was on vacation.
  • We’re already doing the things that were covered.
  • I didn’t pay attention enough to implement, but will do something in the future.

So there you have it, folks – your competition’s ambition, summarized. When presented with multiple surefire, moneymaking campaigns that they paid to receive, this is how they performed.

This is why I find it funny anyone is worried about sharing a working campaign with me for fear I’ll show it to our community, revealing it to their competition, who will then steal it. I wish it were that easy.

Reality is, most simply cannot get beyond day-to-day “stuff” to take action on sales and marketing.

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This is, of course, NORMAL behavior, not a failing on the training, support or instructions. NORMAL people break and abandon New Year’s resolutions by January 31st.

NORMAL people are piled in debt and stay that way even as they earn more money over time.

NORMAL people are overweight and out of shape despite the numerous diets readily available on your phone, healthy food options abounding at every restaurant and healthy food with appropriate portions available for delivery to your doorstep.

NORMAL people don’t read non-fiction books, go to seminars or invest in training unless paid for and mandated by their boss. NORMAL people (98%) who enroll in an online class never finish.

NORMAL IT services firms never get past the $1 million mark, and a scant few beyond $5 million. That’s why you have to be VERY careful about acting and behaving “normal.”

In business, everyone wants a competitive advantage, but they look in all the wrong places: A “secret” marketing campaign nobody knows about.

The ultra-rare rock-star employee who is self-motivated, problem-free and highly capable. The vendor with the magic pill for operations and staffing. A guru on the mountaintop with all the answers (yep, I put myself in there). The elusive client base that forks over money without question for IT services.

That’s not to say these things don’t exist (but they are RARE). It’s to underscore that the only TRUE competitive advantage you have any control over is YOU, getting yourself up early day after day and CONSISTENTLY implementing good ideas and solid fundamentals.

That’s it.

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