How To Close IT Managed Service Contracts

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How-to-close-it-managed-service-contractsAre you a managed services provider that wants to land larger contracts? Do you lose sales because clients think your managed IT services are “too much money,” or because of sticker shock? Here’s what you need to change to close IT managed services contracts.

Your Sales Presentation

Customers have zero tolerance for ordinary or mediocre services. The internet has turned over the power to the buyer — if they don’t like or aren’t impressed immediately by your services, they’ll quickly go elsewhere.

It starts with your marketing and sales presentation. Whether they know it or not, clients instinctually ask themselves a series of questions before they will purchase your services.

  • Does this salesperson really care about me or are they just trying to sell me something?
  • Are they telling the truth?
  • Can they do what they are promising?
  • Am I paying a fair price?
  • Is this the right fit for me?

These are the same questions you should ask yourself in your marketing strategy. Every piece of marketing from the first ad to your sales presentation should cohesively express the value of what you’re selling.

How To Close IT Managed Service Contracts

Here’s how to close large IT managed service contracts — never quote a client on the full or annual price of a managed solution.

Always give the price in monthly payments. This is particularly important when selling large contracts, or when selling to companies carefully watching their cash-flow.

This isn’t a new or earth-shattering strategy. However, many managed service providers still make this mistake and scare off clients. Think about companies that sell high-ticket items such as cars, homes, timeshares, furniture, etc.  They quote their pricing in monthly payments, not the total amount. It’s easier to justify the value of a $500 a month managed services payment than a $6,000 annual contract.

If you’re still struggling with price resistance and closing deals quickly, take a look at my Advanced MSP Sales And Persuasion Blueprint. It’s a roadmap that will help you create a self-sustaining IT sales process to improve your close rate and profitability.