The Secret To Closing More MRR That No One Is Talking About

Bruce McCully MSP Marketing

Bruce McCully has become a renowned figure in the world of cybersecurity and MSP growth. As the founder of Galactic Advisors, he’s on a mission to revolutionize the way MSPs approach security and sales. His journey, marked by the impressive growth of his own MSP and pivotal experiences in combating cyber threats, has fueled his passion for empowering other MSPs. Bruce’s unique blend of technical expertise, business acumen, and a genuine desire to make a difference sets him apart as an influential voice and a trusted advisor in the MSP community.

A Bit About My Background

I’m thrilled to share some insights that have been game-changers in my journey, and I believe they could be for you too. If you’re running an MSP and looking for ways to boost your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), you’re in the right place.

Before we dive in, let me give you a bit of context about who I am. I’ve been in the trenches, just like you. My journey in the MSP world has been full of ups and downs, but each step has been a learning experience. I started my own MSP and grew it significantly before moving on to new challenges.

The Turning Point

The real turning point for me was back in 2019, right before the world got hit by the pandemic. We were doing great, growing our MRR by $1.3 million, but it was our experience with ransomware attacks in hospitals that really opened my eyes. This experience wasn’t just a wake-up call about the vulnerabilities in the MSP-supported environments; it was a catalyst for a bigger mission.

A Mission Born from Experience

Seeing firsthand the impact of these security breaches, I realized there was a gaping need in our industry for a robust, comprehensive approach to MSP security and sales. That’s why, after selling my MSP, I founded Galactic Advisors. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: protect a million people by empowering MSPs like you with better security and sales strategies.

Here’s the catch – if you perfect your security stack but end up pricing yourself out of the market, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Selling is key, but let’s be honest, it’s not the most enjoyable part for many of us.

A New Approach To Sales

How about closing more MRR without the traditional selling? It’s possible! The trick lies in understanding buyer inertia and clearing the path to commitment without being pushy.

Remember your physics class? Inertia means a body at rest stays at rest, and a body in motion stays in motion. In sales, a buyer at rest (like me with my beloved car) stays at rest until something prompts a change. Once they’re in motion, your job is to keep them moving toward commitment.

Step-By-Step Guide To Close More MRR

Step 1: Lead Forms And Credibility Emails

It all starts with the ‘why now’. When a prospect fills out a lead form, they’re essentially raising their hand, signaling they’re ready for a change. That’s your cue to jump in. Schedule a call right away. But, before you even hop on that call, send them something to chew on – credibility emails. These aren’t just any emails. They’re your golden ticket to building trust and showing you’re the real deal.

Step 2: The 20-Minute Call

This is your reconnaissance mission. In just 20 minutes, dive into their world. What’s their current setup? What are their pain points? This isn’t about selling; it’s about listening and understanding. You’re like a detective piecing together clues to figure out the best way to help them.

Step 3: Analysis And Readout

Now, roll up your sleeves. It’s time to dive deep. Conduct a thorough analysis of their environment. This is where you show your expertise. You’re not just identifying problems; you’re painting a picture of a safer, more efficient future with your services. And when it’s time for the readout, make it count. This isn’t a monologue; it’s a dialogue. Engage them, answer questions, and break down complex concepts into bite-sized, understandable chunks.

Overcoming Common Objections

Objection 1: “I Don’t Want An Assessment”

This one’s tricky, but here’s a tip. Use analogies they can relate to. It’s like going to a doctor. You wouldn’t expect a prescription without a diagnosis, right? The same goes here. Assessments are crucial. They’re not just for you to understand their system but for them to see the value in what you’re offering.

Objection 2: “It’s Too Expensive”

Price is always a sensitive topic. The key here is to shift the conversation from cost to value. Dive into the risks they’re currently facing and the potential costs of a security breach. It’s not just about the price tag of your service; it’s about the cost of not having it.

Objection 3: “We’ve Been With Our Current Provider For Years”

Loyalty is great, but security is paramount. Acknowledge their loyalty, but also gently guide them to see the gaps in their current setup. This is where you bring out your big guns – your advanced security stack. Show them how your services are not just different but better.

The Power Of Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool in your sales arsenal. Let me tell you why. When you’re doing the readout from your analysis, it’s easy to get lost in the technical jargon. But here’s the thing — stories resonate with people. They’re memorable, relatable, and, most importantly, they humanize the data.

Imagine you’re explaining a complex security risk. Now, instead of just throwing numbers and technical terms at your prospect, wrap that information in a story. Maybe it’s a story about a business just like theirs that faced a devastating cyber-attack. As you narrate the challenges and the aftermath, your prospect sees themselves in the story. It’s no longer just data; it’s a real-world scenario they want to avoid.

Closing the Deal

Now let’s talk about closing the deal. You’ve done the hard work, addressed objections, and shared compelling stories. It’s time to seal the commitment.

Lay out the options clearly. Whether it’s different packages, services, or custom solutions, make sure your prospect understands what each option entails and how it benefits them. This isn’t about overwhelming them with choices but guiding them to the best fit for their needs.

Wrapping Up

Remember, it’s not just about having the best tools or services. It’s about how you present them, how you educate your prospects, and how you guide them toward realizing the value you bring.

Stay safe, stay smart, and let’s close some more MRR together!

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