How One MSP Increased MRR By 37.4% Using This One Strategy

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At Technology Marketing Toolkit, we provide clients with proven IT marketing services for MSPs. My mission is to educate clients on how to scale their business by implementing the strategies I give them. Watch how one MSP took the trial-and-error guesswork out of his marketing and attracted new, high value clients.

In 2006, Matt Kahle founded Real IT Solutions, a reliable IT provider that prioritizes family and being the “easy button” for their West Michigan manufacturing clients. Matt, one of my Producers Club members, gives a powerful lesson learned in this 12-minute presentation for the Golden Cone Award. In this presentation he focuses on a single idea that has resulted in a significant, measurable outcome that he passed along to the other Producers Club members to replicate in their business. He gives his exact strategy, along with what not to do, and his resources on how to make $557,484 in 12 minutes.

By Giving 5% More Value, You Can Increase Prices By 25%

Matt has been part of Producers Club long enough to know that it all comes down to doing the work and implementing. For Matt, the one thing he implemented that worked was raising prices. I talk about this often and it is a highly critical step in growing MRR. At first, he resisted out of fear his clients would leave if he raised prices. He finally got to the point where he had a strong enough pipeline that he could afford to lose a few if that’s what it came down to – and that was enough to give him the confidence he needed. Then ultimately, he was able to add more value to his clients by providing training and upgrading all the security. By giving 5% more value to his clients, he was able to raise prices 25%… and without losing a single client.

Matt set aside the anxiety of implementing this strategy and not only did it shape the future success of his business, but it is the driving force that increased his profits WITHOUT losing any clients! Matt will share all of the resources he used to accomplish this amazing feat, so don’t pass up this blog’s MUST-SEE presentation.

Fun fact about Matt… he is very clever. Check out how his team of IT professionals have fun while also serving customers here: Real IT Solutions’ series of creative and clever YouTube videos. You may find yourself in stitches – while picking up an important IT tip or two.

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