Your Daring Escape From The Prison You Call Your Business

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By Robin Robins, President, Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.

When a client purchases a Toolkit, I send them the “escape from prison” letter to congratulate them on the smart decision they have just made and to encourage them to actually use it.

It’s a true story and it goes like this…

Years ago a friend of mine was sentenced to serve 1 month in prison for knocking a guy out in a bar fight. Fortunately he was sent home after 12 days, and the “prison” he was kept in was minimum security and more like a county lock-up than a real hard-core prison. However, the fact that his freedom was taken away from him was a devastating experience.

It Was Devastating

My friend’s freedom was taken away from him without his consent. I am convinced he was innocent and simply defending himself against a stupid bully who (rightfully) got his teeth knocked in for picking the wrong guy to mess with. But the results were the same–he was forced to serve time. It was a tremendous blow to his self esteem and one of the most emotionally scarring events of his life.

However, millions of people hold themselves captive for YEARS in self-made mental prisons created entirely by their own self-imposed limitations and fears.

These prisons are not made of steel and concrete. They are made of excuses, procrastination, complaining, self-pity, and negative thinking. Many people willfully sentence themselves to “hard times” behind the bars of these prisons by not taking responsibility for their lot in life. Instead, they blame others, the economy, their customers, their education, their market, and choices they “had” to make in their life (or any other outside factor) for their lack of success.

Here’s A Letter From YOUR Competition…
And You’re Worried?

The other day we received an order from a new client accompanied by a LONG letter stating that they are highly skeptical of my system, feel it is VERY expensive, and clearly asserting that they will happily take me up on my money-back offer if it doesn’t make them rich. Well guess what–I can already tell you it won’t, and I might as well just refund him now.

He may feel like he’s paid a lot of money for it, but what he doesn’t realize is that his comments (which were about 2 pages long explaining why his business is stagnant, why he’s not growing, and subsequently, broke) say more about his limitations in making a lot of money than anything about my program. How is he ever going to sell his services at a premium rate if he thinks $1,500 is a LOT of money? Truth is, he needs to spend more, not less, on coaching, books, seminars, and other educational material to deal with the crippling negative beliefs he has about money and success.

Additionally, the Toolkit doesn’t work through osmosis–you don’t put it under your pillow at night and wake up the next morning rich. You have to actually do some work. It is a shared responsibility to make your business more successful. Amazingly, some people are actually put off by the fact that my system requires some effort on their behalf and actually tell me that is why they don’t buy it. Apparently they are holding out for the marketing fairy to show up and do it all for them.

Whether they realize this or not, it’s nothing short of a miracle that the average computer consultant can buy my program, send out a few letters and see results. For all I know, this guy has done a poor job supporting his clients, has done nothing to establish his presence or authority, has no accolades or accomplishments to verify his expertise, no USP, and I can almost guarantee that he doesn’t have any client testimonials worth the paper they are printed on. Heck, he might even be ugly, smell bad, and dress like a homeless person sleeping in his van–yet, he’s laying the entire responsibility of his success on the Toolkit.

This is why those who get the best results from my program are already successful–as the biblical saying goes, “To those who have, more will be given.” BUT, I still believe it is MY responsibility to help this person to the best of my ability. That is my life’s calling. However, I will say that unlike George Bush, I don’t think it’s possible to have “no child left behind.” Truth is, some of ‘em aren’t coming no matter what you do.

So, to celebrate freedom this month in ALL aspects of our lives, businesses, and, of course, in our country, here is a list of things that will most certainly keep you locked into a self-made prison of poverty, scarcity, difficulty, and bad luck. We’ve all indulged in these behaviors at some point…but you don’t drown by falling into water, you drown by staying there:

  • Indulging in destructive, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  • Failure to clearly define what you want (financially or otherwise).
  • Failure to create a definite set of plans to acquire what you want.
  • Failure to frequently review and re-evaluate your plans.
  • Procrastination, with or without cause.
  • The habit of blaming circumstances or outside factors for your failure, lack of progress, or unfavorable circumstances.
  • The habit of accepting and believing that your unfavorable circumstances, failure, or lack of progress are out of your control and cannot be changed.
  • Lack of interest and action in controlling your time.
  • Weakness of desire in sticking to your plan of action.
  • “Softening” situations (it’s not that bad, it can wait until tomorrow, I can’t handle more clients anyway).
  • Allowing interruptions.
  • Tolerating bad behavior from clients, vendors, employees.
  • Wasting time on low-leverage activities (secretarial work, running errands, constantly checking e-mail).
  • Lack of interest in disciplining yourself to focus.
  • Willingness–even eagerness–to quit at the first sign of defeat, problems, or difficulty.

Happy 4th!

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