8 Of Our BEST Subject Lines To Get Your MSP Marketing E-mails Opened

Robin RobinsIT Managed Services, IT Marketing, IT Sales, Managed Services, MSP Marketing

Did you know the average e-mail open rate (which is not entirely an accurate number) is roughly 20%, with an average click-thru rate of 2% to 3%? Not too exciting, huh? That means if you send 100 e-mails, the BEST you can hope for is two or three people clicking on the link. From there (and depending on a number of other factors), you might only get another small percentage taking action. So what can you do to improve the response and return on your MSP marketing e-mail campaigns? Well, one really key element to boosting response is the subject line. Here are a few that have worked well for us that YOU should TEST:

  • Hey…
  • <> (just put their first name or an alternative for <>)
  • IMPORTANT: I need your answer to this by Friday
  • Did you see this?
  • Is this really you?
  • I’m pregnant (this is an actual e-mail subject line I used; one member told us his wife trashed his computer after seeing it come through – I think they had issues).
  • Our office flooded [pic enclosed]