5 Tips To Get Your MSP Marketing Direct Mail Delivered And Actually Read

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Direct Mail When using Direct Mail the best offer is no better than the worst offer if it’s thrown away unopened before your prospect reads it. So here are a few ways to “sneak” past the human spam filter in every office and get your letters opened.

1. Make direct mail look like personal mail. Use a real, live stamp. Hand-address the letter, and don’t put a company name or logo on the outside.

2. Send it PRIORITY direct mail or FedEx. Yes, it’s more expensive. But if you’re disciplined about cleaning up the list and targeting only those prospects you really want, this will be a good, smart investment into getting that prospect to want to engage with you.

3. Use a grabber, also known as lumpy mail. It’s hard to resist opening a box with something rattling around inside, or some other unusual PACKAGE that clearly has a mystery item inside.

4. Send an e-mail in advance, telling them to be on the lookout for “the red envelope” (or whatever your envelope looks like). Make sure it’s an unusual color or shape, so you can describe it. Tease them to be on the lookout for it for a special gift, offer, private message, etc. The curiosity will cause them to go seek it out.

5. Use teaser copy on the outside. “Photo Enclosed: Do Not Bend” STILL works and is a favorite trick to get an envelope opened.

There you have it, folks, these steps will help you utilize direct mail marketing while not coming across as fake, or phony.