Create Your Own Luck By MSP Marketing With GREAT Client Testimonials And Success Stories

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MSP Marketing With Client Testimonials | Technology Marketing ToolkitHere’s a question: When was the last time you added a fresh new case study or testimonial to your website? To your Google reviews? To your Shock-And-Awe box? One thing you ought to be constantly paying attention to is the quantity and quality of reviews and testimonials you’re getting.

Clients in B2B ventures often don’t think to give reviews. Home service businesses, restaurants and companies delivering retail services are more likely to get reviews unsolicited. In professional services, you HAVE to ask for and cultivate them – specifically, start measuring the impact you have on your clients.

One thing you can count on is that clients won’t. If you aren’t providing tangible metrics of productivity, security, uptime, speed and performance, you leave it entirely up to the client to arbitrarily determine if they are getting results – or not.

One of the things we have built into our Rapid Implementation Workshops is MEASUREMENT. We require this tracking and reporting of activities, leads and sales MOSTLY for the purpose of bringing awareness of critical metrics and leading indicators to our clients.

In doing so, we ensure they are far more likely to get results due to Pearson’s law: Anything measured improves. Anything measured and reported upon to someone else improves exponentially.

Action Item: Sit down and figure out what key metrics YOU could track for new clients to provide more concrete evidence of the value you bring. If you tracked this for every client, you’d get averages you could promote in your marketing and advertising, PLUS the added benefit of forcing YOU to tie what you do to your clients’ productivity.

I also encourage you to invest in more testimonial-driven marketing pieces and collateral. The image here is our updated testimonial book for Sponsors. My marketing team did an excellent job by putting the comments and the logos right on the cover so a person could “get” the impact without even opening the cover. This goes in all marketing communications to new prospects and on our websites.

For the record, you can never have enough, and most people are far too light on testimonials. How about you?

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