3 Things You Should Never Do When Selling IT Services

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(IMPORTANT: Please go to ITMarketingRoadshow.com for details for this year’s event – The information at the end of this video about the IT Marketing Roadshow pertains to a previous event) How MSPs Can Close The Sale! Time and time again, we get the age-old question, “how do we close more sales?” We’ve seen hundreds of our clients turn their business …

David Rendall – Find Your “Freak Factor”

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Here’s a clip from David Rendall’s presentation, where he shares an encouraging message about the value in each individual and that sometimes our strengths can be seen as weaknesses to others. You may even realize that your “weaknesses” might actually be your greatest strengths! Want more? Check out his book on Amazon by clicking here.

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Freedom Is NOT The Right To Do As You Please Without Consequence, But The Opportunity To Make Choices To Create Your Own Circumstances

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Happy “freedom” month to our US, French and Canadian members. Given the number of international folks who follow me, I would be remiss to overlook that many of them are not celebrating their country’s freedom this July. However, every country has SOME holiday or celebration where freedom from oppression is celebrated, so I’m going to dedicate this article to “things …

I Finally Discovered THE ONE THING That Added Almost $1 MILLION In Revenue And A 350% Profit Growth In Our Better Your Best–Winning Year!

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Early Struggles, Ineffective Marketing, Stagnant Growth – Sound Familiar? I officially started Bazar Solutions, Inc., in 2009. I grew my business the first few years the way most IT people do: word of mouth, referrals and a little bit of cold-calling. I tried my hand at TV advertising, canvassing and other one-off marketing campaigns. Nothing stuck, and we generated few …

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Free One-Day Cyber Security Sales And Marketing Crash Course

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 Click Here To Reserve Your FREE Spot Free One-Day Cyber Security Sales And Marketing Crash Course. Discover How To Build, Sell And Package Your Cyber Security Stack And Gain The Expertise And Knowledge To Confidently Add This High-Profit Income Stream To Your Business. Five Live Presentations From The Industry’s Top Experts On Cyber Security, Marketing And Sales. Plus, Nearly …

How Do I Market My MSP Service?

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I’m often asked, in a roundabout way, “How do I market my MSP service?” This is the exact question I answer most of my presentations and webinars. When I begin a presentation on marketing MSP services to an audience of MSPs selling outsourced IT support, I like to start by asking: “What should your MSP marketing efforts accomplish?” Almost without …

By Transforming Our Mindset, Our Model And Our Marketing, We Jumped From $1,800 A Month To $95K In MRR!

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Living In A Basement Apartment With 5 Kids And Not Knowing Where Our Next Check Was Coming From As a husband-and-wife team, we started Mid Atlantic Data & Communications, LLC, in Roanoke, Virginia, back in 2004. As co-CEOs, Mary is the business piece and Brian is the tech piece. Mary brags on her husband as a natural-born salesperson: “Brian is …

How To Develop Leadership Qualities In Your Company

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  You do NOT get paid for what you are doing or what you are going to do. You get paid for DONE. DONE! You get paid for what you get done. The members that succeed can execute. For example… Jack Welch wrote an amazing book called Winning. He talks about the four E’s and one P that every leader …

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Six Ways You Can Improve Your Ads Immediately

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If you’re looking for more leads, appointments, and sales there are six ways that you can improve your ads immediately in ANY type of marketing. And if you’re NOT doing these, I can guarantee potential leads are slipping through your fingers and into the hands of your competitors. Let me explain… Several years ago, when I was first becoming a …