Overcome Fee Resistance By Doing These 2 Things

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Close more sales and overcome fee objections with these tips.

If you’ve been selling IT services for any length of time, I am sure you have dealt with this: fee resistance. People who don’t want to take your advice and think, “We don’t need all that. Your prices are too high. I don’t want to spend that kind of money.”

And fee resistance can come in all forms, whether it’s cybersecurity, managed services, projects, whatever it is, people just don’t like to spend money on IT. So if you’re dealing with this, how do you overcome it? Well, there’s two things that you need to know in order to overcome fee resistance.

One: you’ve got to stop selling stuff.

And if you look at most marketing and advertising, not just in IT, but if you just look at most marketing and advertising, it’s “We do this,” you know, “We do support, we do cybersecurity, we do cabling.” And the problem with selling stuff is it makes you a commodity. So you’re promoting yourself. You’re just like, “Hey, we sell bottled water,” right? There’s nothing unique. There’s nothing special about us. That’s how 80% of how people market themselves.

If you go to the next level up, if you’re a little bit more sophisticated, then people might get into features and benefits and maybe even gimmicks. Like, “Sign up and we’ll give you a free drone” or “We deliver peace of mind.” And that’s kind of like the benefit.

And you might talk about features like “We’re available 24/7, so you never have to wait for us to return your call, etc.” Or some form of “We’re better than the other guys.” And that’s if you’re even sophisticated enough to do that.

But the problem is, again, what most IT firms do is they sell stuff, they sell cybersecurity, managed services, network, uptime, etc. And you’ve got to get out of doing that.

What you want to do is sell trust and you want to sell you.

Because if a prospect trusts you, if they truly completely trust you, if they think that you are a trusted advisor, an authority, an expert, they’re less likely to question you.

So what I teach my clients to do is you’ve got to sell trust FIRST. And the way you do that is through your marketing. Because if the first time you’re selling is when you’re sitting down in front of that prospect and you’re trying to convince them how great you are and how much better you are, you’ve already failed. If selling is difficult, the marketing is flawed.

So what you want to do is let the marketing pre-sell, pre-qualify, and position you.

That way when you sit down to sell to somebody, they’re already thinking, “This is the guy, this is the gal, this is the person I can trust with IT.” And when people trust you, fee resistance melts away.

Because the reason you’re getting fee resistance is because they’re looking at you like a gallon of milk. “Well, there’s five different brands here. They’re all milk. This guy’s cheaper than this one. I’m going with the cheaper one.” You would do the same thing.

So, if you’re getting any resistance, your marketing is flawed and you’re not building sufficient trust and credibility.

Number two is you’ve got to target better clients because let’s face it: not everybody is going to spend money on IT because not everybody values it.

Bottom line, not everybody can afford your services. So part of what you want to do with your marketing is be smarter in how you target and who you aim your marketing bullets at so that when you actually hit your target, it’s a client. It’s a prospect that you want that is already willing to spend money on IT, who already values it.

And if you’re not doing marketing the way we teach it, which is direct response, target marketing, and if you’re not targeting right and you’re selling stuff, that’s the double whammy. That’s when you’re going to get into fee resistance.

So I’ve put together a masterclass for you, and I’m going to show you how to build trust, how to position yourself properly, how to use marketing to pre-sell pre-qualified prospects so they want to buy from you versus anybody else.

And then also how to pick better target clients. Because here’s the good news, folks in America and worldwide, you still get to pick who you target with your marketing. You’re not forced to take everybody as a customer. You don’t have to take people who are cheapskates, who are complainers, who are whiners, who won’t listen to your advice.

And again, if your marketing is set up properly, you’re going to filter all those people out and you’re going to attract and target better quality clients and your marketing should be doing that for you.

So, click here for my free masterclass.

I’m going to explain to you: How do you sell trust? How do you target better customers? How do you set up marketing systems that do the heavy lifting of selling so that by the time you’re sitting down with that prospect again, they are pre-sold? They want to do business with you regardless of price, and we can get rid of fee resistance and charge a premium.

I promise you; this is going to be eye opening. This is going to change everything. It’s going to make life infinitely easier for you. And I think you’re going to understand finally why you’re dealing with this fee resistance and you’re going to be able to eliminate it finally and forever.