Your USP: The Secret To Standing Out In A Saturated Market

Robin RobinsMSP Marketing

In the realm of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), there’s an all-too-common story that unfolds when it comes to crafting service offerings. Many of us, perhaps at the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, looked around at what others were doing. We asked peers for their contracts, scrutinized their service bundles, and mirrored their pricing strategies. This, we thought, was the recipe for success. But as we ventured out into the market, an unsettling reality hit us: we had merely created another “me too” service in an already saturated market.

This realization prompted a deeper reflection on the essence of our offerings and the importance of carving out a unique selling proposition (USP) in a crowded field. Allow me to share insights and strategies that can help redefine your MSP’s market position, making it not just another choice, but the choice for your targeted clientele.

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The Pitfall Of Following The Crowd

The initial misstep is simple yet profound: basing your service offerings on industry standards without a distinct differentiation. This approach can leave you to blend into a sea of sameness, invisible to the very clients you aim to serve. The truth is, no market is clamoring for more of the same. In my case, nobody’s wandering around wishing for another marketing consultant; the world, is full of them.

Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The cornerstone of standing out is not in what services you offer but in understanding who you’re offering them to. It’s about first determining who your customer is and then tailoring your services to meet their unique needs. This strategy moves you away from being a generic service provider to becoming a specialized solution for a specific market segment.

I’ve encountered countless IT professionals who lament their choice of target market, branding them as too frugal or dismissive of the value of IT services. However, this sentiment spans across all verticals, suggesting the problem isn’t the market—it’s the alignment between what’s being offered and what the market actually values.

Leveraging Your Target Market For A Strong USP

Understanding your target market’s specific needs and preferences enables you to craft a service offering that resonates deeply with them. My journey from a traditional agency background to focusing on small business owners underscores this point. I knew that the lengthy processes and high price points of big agencies wouldn’t suit the dynamic and budget-conscious world of small businesses. Thus, I adapted my offerings to what my target market not only needed but was eager to invest in.

Mining Data For Gold

You likely already possess invaluable data on your ideal clients—their preferences, their budget sensitivities, and what services they value most. This data is gold, waiting to be mined. Reflect on your most profitable and enjoyable client engagements to start shaping your USP. Additionally, consider establishing a client council. This forum can offer continuous, real-world feedback on your services, ensuring they remain aligned with your market’s evolving needs.

The Entrepreneurial Approach To Marketing

The backstory of many MSP owners often begins with a passion for IT rather than a calculated market analysis. While passion is a vital ingredient for success, coupling it with a strategic understanding of market needs can catapult your MSP to new heights. It involves shifting from the question, “How can I sell what I offer?” to “What does my market want to buy?”

The entrepreneurial journey demands a departure from our comfort zones, urging us to adopt new skills and approaches that may initially feel foreign. Yet, it is in this discomfort that growth and differentiation lie.


The saturated MSP market requires more than just technical expertise; it demands strategic differentiation through a well-crafted unique selling proposition. By focusing on your target market first and shaping your services to meet their specific needs, you can transition from just another MSP to a valued partner.

Our journey as business owners should constantly evolve towards understanding and serving our markets better. By mining our existing data, engaging with our clients, and adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, we can uncover the unique value we bring to the table—a value that not only distinguishes us but also deeply resonates with our target customers.

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