Make Every IT Services Client Worth More In Revenue

Robin Robins IT Sales Leave a Comment


How many of the products and IT services that you can sell to clients is one client buying from you? 

I once learned something from a guy who does marketing for churches, and I thought I’d share it with you. He lives in the south, where the church is a big marketing business. Their jobs include getting people to the church, growing the congregation, and looking at how integrated every member is into the church.

So, for example, if you only go on Easter and Christmas, you’re not very integrated as a member, but if you go to church every Sunday, Wednesday night, participate in the bake sale, and you’ve got your kids in Bible school, then I’d say you’re pretty involved. So you see, the more they get someone engaged in things going on in the church, the “better” they classify you as a member.  

So in my company, for example, the more our members are integrated, the happier they are.

The longer they stay as a member, the better results they see if they come to the meetings, are in an accountability group and put in the work. So if you think about your clients that are happiest with you and most profitable, it’s probably the ones where you’re doing all their work.  You’re doing their entire network, hardware, software, phone system, copier/printer. You’re doing all of it. And the client is happier because you’re doing all of the work.  

So part of your job is to make sure that every client uses as many of your services as possible.

You can come up with a score, have it broken down on a spreadsheet, have all the services you offer on a list and have a check box available for every service that client uses.  

So, for example, before I do my quarterly business review with you, we can sit down and say, “Hey, I just noticed you don’t have a phone with us. You’re not on our VoIP phone system. Are you looking for a new phone system?”  

And so every time I’m meeting with you, I know what you bought, what you haven’t bought, what I might want to upgrade you to.  Those are the things I know I’m going to talk to them about in their quarterly business review. 

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