Get Lucky (And Win More Clients For Your IT Services Business) By Doing This One Thing

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One of our key speakers at Boot Camp, Jack Daly, started and grew his company from $0 to $350 MILLION in monthly recurring revenue, with 22 sales offices, 750 employees and $42 million in profits…in 18 months. How in the heck did he do this? (Surprisingly, he doesn’t even drink coffee!) There were a number of things – but ONE idea he fervently teaches is the lowly, handwritten thank-you note. Jack called it his “money bag,” which was essentially a real money bag he carried around with various cards, stamps and a pen so he could immediately write – to everyone he met with – a personalized thank-you note, in his car, before he left the site of a meeting with a prospect. In today’s crazy digital world, the handwritten thank-you note is as rare as hens’ teeth. And that’s the point – the rarity. And since most people feel grossly UNDER-appreciated, you would do yourself a world of good if you would take Jack’s advice and make a habit of writing personal thank-you notes to prospects you meet with. I bet your business would double if you simply sent out 10 handwritten notes of appreciation a day, no luck involved.

Side Note: Are you STILL not registered for Boot Camp? You can’t seriously think that’s a good idea?!?!? Jack’s extended workshop within Boot Camp on building a productive sales team is definitely not one you want to miss and is one I’ll BET you desperately need to hear. Most IT firms are grossly (and dangerously) bloated on the tech and operational side, without an equal balance of sales and marketing, putting them in the dangerous position of having more drains than fountains. YOU need to be here: