Is Your Marketing Different At 1 Million Vs 5 Million+?

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Should your marketing be different?

Is marketing different for an MSP that’s doing 10 million dollars? Should their marketing plan look different than if you’re a one-million-dollar MSP or smaller startup? I think the answer is going to surprise you.

We hear a lot of new prospects say that our “Robin Robins marketing” works fine if you’re a brand-new startup but are hesitant to believe it can also work for a 5-10 million dollar or more MSP. We hear it the other way too. So I started thinking about this concept. Maybe they think there’s a different kind of marketing when you’re five million versus when you’re a million.

First of all, the thing you’ve got to understand is the strategies, processes, and campaigns that you use to generate a lead or customer are the same. Your company’s revenue does not determine the campaign itself. The only time your marketing strategies and campaigns change is if your target market changes.  Your marketing should be based on the target market you’re going after.

If I said our marketing plan was only to target medical practices if you’re an MSP selling to medical and you’re an MSP selling to construction or non-profits, then I can see that argument holding water, making a little bit of sense. But that’s not the case at all. Your revenue does not determine the type of marketing that you do.

If you’re a startup, maybe you have to get a little scrappy. You need to do more referral-based business or use more lower-cost strategies. But my clients that are doing $10 million-plus are doing referral marketing, Facebook ads, SEO, etc. They’re doing the same things as the guys with startups. The only difference is the type of client that you’re going after, because then your marketing strategy, messaging, and your offers are going to change based on the customer you’re targeting, not the revenue that you’re doing.

In my program, we teach you the four M’s, which are market, message, media, and math:

  1. The Market. Most MSPs, in my experience, do not have a good list or any list at all. You need to know how to build a productive list with the type of clients that you want to target.
  2. The Message. You’ve got to come up with a compelling message and an offer that makes them want to engage with you. You need to understand lead generation, how to put together offers, and how to put together a sales pipeline to get those future customers who are in the process of thinking about hiring you. Establish yourself as an authority.
  3. The Media. You pick the media based on the customer. Whether that’s social media ads like Facebook or SEO or Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click).
  4. The Math. You have to know exactly what you can afford to get a customer, what you can afford to spend to get a lead, and what you can afford to invest properly. You also need to know the averages for click-through rates and opens on your email campaigns or for the conversions on your website. Work backward with that math, knowing your allowable cost per lead (CPL) and cost per customer to figure out what you can afford to spend on marketing.

You want to be strategic, smart, understand how to put together offers, and you want to understand lead generation. And that’s exactly what we teach in our program.

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