How To Exponentially Increase Appointments From Referrals

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If you’re an MSP or IT services firm, one thing I know for sure is that you live and die on client referrals. Here I’ll show you how to increase appointments from referrals!

You love to get them, and it’s probably the number one way you get customers. In this video, I’m going to share with you one tip, one little strategy, one little difference that you need to do every time you get a referral that is going to exponentially increase appointments and turn that referral into a paying customer every single time.

As we all know about MSPs and outsourced IT services firms are that they live and die on referrals. It’s the number one way they get customers. However, not many of them have a strategy for one asking for them and then following up on the referrals. I’m sure you’ve had it happen where you ask for a referral or you get a referral and you follow up with that referral, but they sort of push you off. They go to you, they don’t respond.

They act like they’re not that interested, etc. Maybe if you’re one of those BNI or referral groups, you got a referral from somebody and you reach out to that person saying, hey, I was given your name by so-and-so and we do IT support and call me and let’s book an appointment. And again, you struggle with getting them to either book the appointment, take your call, maybe even buy.

If you’re having this kind of challenge, closing the connection, here’s the one thing you want to do with the client referrals.

Go to the person who referred the client to you, and ask them for an introduction. Don’t just ask for a referral. What you want them to do is either call or ideally email the person they’re referring you to. Have them copy you on the email saying, “look, this is my IT guy, this is my company. They’re fantastic. I’ve used them for years. I would highly recommend you take an appointment with this guy, this gal because they’re phenomenal.”

By doing this little step, asking your client for an introduction, you’re going to exponentially increase your chances of getting that person to respond to you, book an appointment, and even become a customer. So, try that little strategy out. I promise you, you’re going to see a vast difference in the quality of the referrals that you’re getting and you’ll increase appointments exponentially from doing so!

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