3 Things You Should Never Do When Selling IT Services

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How MSPs Can Close The Sale!

Time and time again, we get the age-old question, “how do we close more sales?” We’ve seen hundreds of our clients turn their business around using our Toolkit and growing their monthly recurring revenue. But, we still run into people asking that same question. So, we wanted to put together a few tips on closing the sale so you all can get started on upscaling your business and achieving your goals.

Tip #1 – Never Email Proposals

Now if you think about it your proposal is the single best value that you can offer to a customer. You’ve gone in and assessed their situation, discussing what they want to achieve and how you can help them achieve their goals. Putting together and sending a client a proposal is not the quick note of computer services. A proposal should be a summary of the solutions you will provide to the problems your client is having as a business and there should be a lot of value placed on this proposal. It’s what you’re offering your client. And by emailing it you’re lowering the value of your service proposal to just a quote.

Think about it, what’s the first thing a client does when they open up an emailed proposal? They look at the price, skip over all the details of the actual service proposal, and then that leaves you to awkwardly follow up and then try to close a sale that way.

If you’ve ever been in these shoes, you know the feeling when you follow up with a, “Hey, I just wanted to see if you had any questions about the proposal,” e-mail or phone call. You’re better than that, and here’s my suggestion to you. When you go in to meet with a new client, do your assessment of their network and then BEFORE you even leave, schedule the next appointment so you can report your findings, in person, and discuss the solutions you have for them. If they ask for an emailed proposal, just say, “That’s not how we work,”

Tip #2 – Never Use A Proposal To Close A Sale

So many people meet with prospects and ask about their needs, wants, and everything BUT they tap dance around price. Don’t do this!  You know that most of the time when going into a prospective client meeting you have a ballpark estimate ready to go, you know the general cost to support their network, etc. So, with that said, DON’T EVER wait to email a client the price. A proposal is not a quote, it’s a summary of what you’ve already discussed with the prospect, what they need, what they want, what their budget is, and what their timeframe is. You both should know what’s going to be on that proposal so there are NO surprises. And you have a strong proposal going in to close the sale and grow your MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

Tip #3- Fix Your Flawed Marketing

Imagine the feeling of being ignored, having calls blocked, or just dealing with lots of objections in the sales process. This is the reason is your marketing is flawed. We cover this at our Road Show, and we might even be coming to a city near you soon. Marketing is what’s going to position you. How do you expect to make a sale if you didn’t take the time to pre-qualify your leads from the get-go? If your marketing is flawed in the beginning it’s going to be hard to set the right appointments, otherwise, you’ll end up with people who are just really not interested and whiny pain in the butt prospects, who you don’t want to deal with in the end.

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