Why Fully Outsourced Marketing Is A BAD Idea

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If you’re an MSP thinking about fully outsourcing your marketing, I’m going to share with you why that could be a complete and total disaster and why you should rethink that strategy.

Most marketing agencies that do a complete, “fully outsourced model” are not strategy firms. They are fulfillment firms. I know because I spent the better part of 10 years working in those agencies selling their services. And I understand why you guys want it. You’re busy. You have a lot going on. Marketing is not your favorite thing in the world to do. And what you want to do is write a check and delegate marketing to somebody else. I’ve seen it over and over again where you’re going to write check after check, jumping from one agency to the next one where it’s rarely going to work out.

These outsourced marketing companies are not going to sit down with you and help you determine the most appropriate and lucrative target market for you. They’re not going to work with you to develop a unique selling proposition or the best offer to generate leads.

Understanding The 4 Key Parts To Running A Successful Marketing Campaign

  1. The Market. Most MSPs, in my experience, do not have a good list or any list at all. You need to know how to build a productive list with the type of clients that you want to target.
  2. The Message. What are you going to say when you show up? What are you going to say to a prospective customer who’s already outsourcing to another MSP? Most people don’t switch MSPs willy nilly. It usually takes three to five years before they decide to transition away from their current MSP. You need a message that’s compelling and answers the question of why they should be doing business with you versus the thirty or fifty other MSPs in the marketplace.
  3. The Media. Most outsourced marketing agencies will buy media for you, place ads on social media, optimize and write blog articles for SEO, or they’ll run your Google Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns. They are fulfillment on the media side.
  4. The Math. You have to know exactly what you can afford to get a customer, to get a lead, and what you can afford to invest properly. You also need to know the averages for click-through rates on your email campaigns and the conversions on your website. Work backward with that math, knowing your allowable cost per lead (CPL) and cost per customer to figure out what you can afford to spend on marketing.

Why Fully Outsourced Marketing Doesn’t Work

From my experience, most fully outsourced marketing companies aren’t going to get into the strategy piece with you. That’s why I started Technology Marketing Toolkit and why we do what we do. Yes, we do offer Done-For-You marketing services. However, we only do it for those clients that already know their target market, how to build a list, and who understand lead generation. Once they understand the strategy, then we can work on the fulfillment.

Spending money on marketing without knowing your target market or having a solid message will leave you frustrated.

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