Feeling Stuck With Your IT Marketing? Read This!

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Save yourself time and headaches with these systems.

So, when you look at what most firms do for their marketing, it’s what I call vulture marketing. They basically wait for something to die in front of them and then they go jump on the carcass and hen peck it with all the other vultures. And clearly, that is not the best way to do marketing, especially IT marketing.

And so, you’ve got to get out of this random act and hope of doing marketing and instead what you want to implement are what I call marketing oil wells. Now, a marketing oil well is a systematic way of getting clients. So marketing is not as much a creative process as most people think. They think, well, they’ve got to come up with a clever ad or a cute slogan or have brand imaging and so forth. And that rarely, rarely works.

What you want to do is create an IT marketing campaign that works and then rinse and repeat and rinse and repeat.

There are a couple components to having a marketing oil well. One, you need an offer. Now in marketing an offer can be something like the video above or it can be a free report. A lot of our clients use a dark web scan or a cybersecurity assessment. So, that is called an offer, and the offer is designed to get the prospect interested in doing business with you.

The second thing that you’re going to need is some sort of a follow-up system. Because when somebody requests your offer, like when they opt in on a web form, you want to have some email, some phone calls, maybe even some direct mail that goes to that prospect that follows up to try and book that appointment.

And then the third thing you’re going to need, of course, is a list to send the offer to. So, if you are targeting small, mid-sized businesses in your area, what we want to do is we want to get really clear on who your target market is, your list.

Then we create an offer that we know is going to appeal to them and open up the conversation.

And then we promote that offer through various media, and that media could be direct mail. Now, I know everybody’s ears flop over with direct mail, but if you don’t have their email address or have permission to email them, direct mail or telemarketing follow-up can work really well.

You can also do Facebook ads, you can do LinkedIn, even search engine optimization. Because they’re coming to your website and we need an offer that is going to get them into your funnel, get them into your list, get them to give you their email address so they give you permission to email and then you follow up to book the appointment to get them interested. This is your sales process, and of course, that helps build your list.

And then the process repeats itself again. Marketing oil wells are the key.

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