How Coaching Your Clients Leads To Higher MSP Profits (Pt. 1)

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Coach Your MSP Clients How To Buy For Higher ProfitsToo often, business owners overlook the buying power in the clients they ALREADY have and are too focused on acquiring new ones.

So in this two-part series, I’m going to discuss how you can increase sales with your current clients and turn them into the clients you want. Let’s dig in…

Part 1 of Coach Your MSP Clients How To Buy For Higher Profits: Teach Your Clients How To Buy

I received several letters from American Express in the last month about using your Amex card to pay your taxes.

Honestly, it never occurred to me to do this, mostly because I’ve never been unable to pay my taxes. But I know a LOT of  people who are in that situation and have not thought about this as an option.

Which brings me to a key point: teaching your clients HOW TO BUY.

Years ago I sought out and purchased a phone system from a vendor, only to have my current IT company grouse at me for not buying through them.

I told them quite clearly they were idiots for not educating, reminding and pursuing ME to let me know they even offered that.

A BIG question you need to ponder: do your clients REALLY know all of the products and services you could sell them?

Here’s a test: walk into every client’s office and challenge them to name every service you offer. If they can, you pay them $1,000. If they can’t, you keep it. Have no fear – in most cases you’ll keep your money.

At a minimum, you should be conducting QBRs (quarterly business reviews) with EVERY top client, going over their account and the services you provide, and suggesting additional services they might benefit from, EVEN IF you’ve talked to them before about it.

During our Rapid Implementation Workshops on day one, everyone sends out emails to schedule QBR’s. Not a single workshop goes by where participants don’t book appointments and increase business from clients by four or five figures. With a simple email!

Situations, needs, budgets change all the time. Other ways:

6 Ways To Double MSP Sales Without Spending Money On Advertising

  • Feature various products and services in your news- letter, either with ads, client case studies and success stories or even promotional flyers.
  • Hold frequent webinars and seminars to educate them.
  • Run cross-sell campaigns at least once a quarter.

Come back next week for Part 2 of Coach Your MSP Clients How To Buy For Higher Profits: How To Develop Your Clients Into Great Clients.

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