A Surefire Way To Avoid Big, Expensive Marketing Mistakes

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By Robin Robins, President, Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.

Warning: The information you are about to read contains real work. It is not a magic pill. It is not easy or fast and cannot be delegated. It also may take several months to complete.


The secret process I’m about to reveal is only known and understood by top marketing copywriters and strategists, and I can practically guarantee that your competition either doesn’t know how to do this, or is too lazy to see it through.

I can also practically guarantee that if you do what I’m about to reveal, you’ll never have to worry about making money, securing top-dollar accounts, or wasting your time and money on bad marketing again.

What is it?

Market research. I know, I know. It doesn’t sound sexy. And quite honestly, your definition and understanding of market research is probably some textbook definition that is WAY off. But before you can develop a sizzling marketing campaign that draws clients in like bees to honey on a warm day, you gotta do it.

This is why I’m more effective at selling computer consulting services than most computer consultants who’ve been in the business for years; I’ve invested (and continue to invest) hours upon hours researching what motivates most business owners to outsource their IT support. I am willing to do the work required to thoroughly research a buying group so I can effectively sell to them. I suppose that’s why I’m dumbfounded at how little knowledge most computer consultants have about their customers’ buying motives, business habits, belief systems, and buying patterns. From my standpoint, they are swimming in the deep end without a raft.

So what should “market research” consist of? First, there is customer research. You need to know:

  • Demographic information such as size of company, industry sector, years in business, annual revenue, number of employees, company structure (privately owned, publicly traded, branch office), location, number of PCs, technology/software installed, and so on.
  • Psychographic information such as what is most important to them when looking for a computer consultant? What makes them really frustrated and angry? What are their beliefs about computer support or technology in general? Also, what memberships, clubs, or associations do they belong to? What seminars and trade shows do they frequent, if any? Who do they truly respect and honor in their industry, and why?
  • Situations or events that prompt them to buy your services. In other words, what is typically going on in your customers’ companies that make them call you? What are the most common problems that cause them to seek out a solution? Is there an event that causes them to start looking?
  • What do they fear and hate? What do they secretly desire, whether it’s rational thinking or not? What do they really want? What beliefs do they devoutly believe about their business, their industry, their employees, their technology?

You also need to know:

  • Their industry lingo and slang.
  • Who else is selling similar services to them, and how are they selling it?
  • Trends in their business or industry.
  • Who have they used in the past? Who are they using now?

To gather this research, you will need to attend events and seminars where your prospects hang out. You’ll need to read the publications they read. You’ll need to do one-on-one research and interviews with willing members of the target market you are trying to sell to. You’ll need to review commercially available research on your customers or market area. You’ll need to study the marketing from comparable services and products, and those of your direct competition. You’ll need to ask (and record) a lot of questions. It’s also necessary to test concepts and messages through Google Adwords or other online venues to see if your messaging is correct.

In essence, you need to know your customers as well as they know themselves, if not better. Without this knowledge, you have absolutely no base to start from when it comes to marketing. That is why so many people think marketing is “hard;” they are trying to guess at what their customers want and what they will respond to. More often than not they’re wrong and end up paying for this lack of information throughout their business lives in lost sales, missed opportunities, and failed marketing.

But there is one more step. Once you have conducted that research, you need to find a good sales copywriter to help you put it together into a compelling and succinct message. A GREAT copywriter will insist on doing this research before writing a single word.

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