An Introduction To Video Marketing For MSPs

Mike Stodola MSP Marketing

The average person reportedly watches up to two hours of video content daily. This surge in video consumption underscores the necessity for owners to evolve their MSP marketing strategies. Leveraging the power of video marketing can educate customers on your offerings and help your MSP establish a distinct brand voice.

Through video, MSPs have the chance to foster trust, engage with clients on a deeper level, and ensure their services are both seen and heard in a crowded market.

Benefits Of Using Video For MSP Marketing:


According to HubSpot, videos attract 2-3 times as many monthly visitors and double their time spent on the website. Motion and storytelling captivate audiences and invite them to engage with content more deeply. Thus, the dynamic nature of video holds the viewer’s attention, making them engage longer than with mere text-based content.


Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This means a complex MSP service, like network security protocols or cloud migration strategies, can be made comprehensible within a two-minute video, using animations, visuals, and demonstrations, making it easier to understand for potential clients.


Seeing a face or hearing a voice creates a human connection, fostering trust. Videos allow MSPs to display their operations transparently, enhancing credibility. Whether it’s video testimonials from satisfied clients or a behind-the-scenes look, it provides the viewer with third-party validation and a genuine insight into your company’s operations.


With platform optimization, videos can have varying formats – short snippets for Instagram stories or long-form detailed videos for YouTube or webinars. Moreover, incorporating videos into your website can boost its SEO, making it more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results.

MSP Video Marketing Tips & Recommendations:

Use our video formula below as a reference when planning your video content.

Engage With Rehooks

Halfway through your video on cloud services, introduce a fascinating fact about cloud technology evolution or recall a notable client success story. This can rejuvenate viewer interest and reinforce your message.

Here are some example hooks that we use frequently in our video content.

Back-Up Claims

Transparency and authenticity are paramount, especially in the tech industry. So, when mentioning a success rate or service efficiency, link it back to case studies, white papers, or industry reports that validate your claim.

Harness The Power Of Testimonials

By concluding videos with real-life testimonials, potential clients can resonate with the experiences shared, thus enhancing trust and viewer retention.

Continuous Engagement

With rapid advancements in technology, MSPs can benefit from producing weekly or bi-weekly training/update videos. These can spotlight recent updates in tech or elaborate on novel services, ensuring the audience is always in the loop.

Scheduled Content

A monthly webinar series discussing the latest IT trends, coupled with Q&A sessions and exclusive behind-the-scenes content, can provide immense value. Such initiatives help in creating a community around your brand, resulting in a more engaged and loyal audience.

Video Marketing Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them:

Over-Reliance On Video

While video is powerful, it should be a part of a holistic marketing strategy. Complement video content with blogs, infographics, follow-up emails, and other forms of content to cater to all audience preferences.

Taking quotes from your video content and sharing them on your other channels is an easy way to repurpose your MSP videos.

Here’s our recommended follow-up email cadence to help you get started.

Not Tracking Performance

Like any marketing tool, videos should be analyzed for performance. Use video analytics tools to gauge viewer engagement, watch time, and other critical metrics to refine future content strategies.

Tools like Vidyard or Wistia offer insightful metrics like viewer demographics, engagement graphs, and heat maps.

Ignoring Feedback

Your audience’s feedback is invaluable. Listen to their praises, criticisms, and suggestions, and use this input to shape your future video content. Platforms like Trustpilot or direct website surveys can be invaluable. Actively seek feedback, and more importantly, act on it. Whether it’s praise or constructive criticism, it’s a goldmine for iterative improvement.


For MSPs, video marketing, executed with strategy and authenticity, can offer engagement, trust-building, and conversion opportunities. Don’t just be another voice in the crowd—be the face that clients recognize and trust.

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