4 Marketing Oil Wells MSPs Should Have On Autopilot

Robin Robins MSP Marketing Leave a Comment

Every MSP should be striving to consistently grow. We are in the beginning of the year’s growth cycle, and you can’t wait until April for your sales pipeline to start flowing again. Here are 4 marketing oil wells to jump start your marketing and get on autopilot, so you can bring on spring growth as soon as possible and keep your business out of a wintery slump.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, these 4 oil wells will help you scale:

#1: Run an upsell/cross-sell campaign to your existing clients at least once a quarter via a quarterly business review (QBR) or other campaign.

#2: Run a more aggressive “prospect conversion” campaign to unconverted leads at least every six months.

#3: Send a drip campaign (print newsletter, e-mail newsletter blog, TechTip postcard, weekly cyber security e-mail tip) in between online and offline.

#4: Conduct weekly prospecting to continue to build your list and pipeline of leads.

I want you to have a rewarding and lucrative spring. If you don’t have your marketing on autopilot, you are missing out on a flood of new sales. Automating your marketing gives you the time to get back to running your business with confidence your marketing machine is producing.

Streamline your processes and begin to predict what your clients and prospects will say and do, giving YOU opportunities to sharpen your skills and make improvements consistently over time for more effective marketing efforts.

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