Advice From The Experts: How To Hire An MSP Salesperson That Will Deliver

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Today, we’re delving into a topic that’s a game-changer for Managed Service Providers: how to hire top-tier salespeople who can not only talk the talk but walk the walk. We’ve got wisdom from experienced MSP owners themselves, so let’s roll up our sleeves and uncover the blueprint for recruiting sales champions.

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Question: How do you evaluate and hire a really great salesperson? How can you make sure you are hiring someone who can help close business and not someone who is just a great talker?

Rob Stephenson: Let’s start with research. Begin with your network. If you can hire someone you’ve worked with or someone you trust has, that’s gold. Granted, our scale makes it a tad harder, but remember, in your market, there are gems to uncover. Reach out to peers and even your clients; tap into the people you trust. Beware of those silver-tongued individuals – we’re after solution sellers, not empty words.

Rob Stephenson: Keep an eye out for those who grasp the bigger picture. They might not be tech wizards, but they connect the dots. They understand how the pieces come together or show the potential to learn fast. If they have some tech know-how, that’s a green light. And don’t settle for just one or two references; aim for a handful.

Rob Stephenson: Now, this hire is an investment. You want a rock star who needs convincing, someone you can’t afford to misjudge. And don’t hesitate to pick your customers’ brains. Who are the top tech salespeople they’ve encountered? Get on those calls and soak in the wisdom.

Anthony DeGraw: Here’s a word of caution – we recently parted ways with a master talker. It was promise after promise, yet nothing materialized. I highly recommend “The Challenger Sale” book. It breaks down different salesperson profiles, including the challenger and the relationship builder. It’s like a guidebook to gold.

Pete Peterson: Let’s turn the spotlight on you – running a successful $5 million MSP. You’re a major player in your domain. My advice? Secure a sales rep who funnels clients into your office. You, the ownership, and the client meet, streamlining the process. Your outside rep is your telemarketer, lining up qualified leads. You seal the deal with ease.

Pete Peterson: And what about those reps who keep you guessing? Take a peek at their top accounts in the CRM. If they’re all “next month,” it’s time to bring them in for a reality check. Make them listen in as you call their prospects – it’s a surefire way to tell real from the rest.

Rob Stephenson: Now, if you’re after a sales leader who’ll spearhead your MSP’s growth and maybe even own a piece of the pie, aim high. Hunt for those known names, the trusted leaders in the MSP realm. Don’t shy away from wooing them if the timing’s right. They might seek a fresh start or a more impactful venture. If your foundation’s solid, they’ll join you with a network of opportunities.

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So, there you have it – advice for hiring a top-notch salesperson for your MSP, straight from the mouths of experienced owners. It all boils down to research, steering clear of the sweet talkers, and pinpointing those who offer solutions. Whether you’re a $5 million powerhouse or scaling up, these insights are your secret weapon.

Remember, in the world of MSP sales, it’s not just about the talk – it’s about driving results. Build a sales dream team that takes your MSP to the next level.

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