The 5 Traits Of Elite Salespeople

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In a world where salespeople are aplenty, it’s surprising to learn that only 6% of them can be considered truly exceptional, the cream of the crop. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, TMT’s Robin Robins shares valuable insights on how to build a productive sales team and avoid hiring the 74% that fail to deliver. If you’re an MSP (Managed Service Provider) owner or aspiring to enhance your sales team’s performance, read on to discover the secrets behind the success of the top 6%.

1. Understanding the Essence of Sales

The first and foremost trait of elite salespeople is their profound understanding of what their job truly entails: selling. Unlike the 74% of salespeople who struggle to grasp this concept, elite salespeople wake up every morning with one goal: closing deals. They know that their ultimate responsibility is to bring in sales, not merely develop relationships or make phone calls. While forming relationships is essential, it should always align with the end goal – driving sales.

When I interview salespeople for TMT, one of the interview questions I’ll ask is, “What are you really good at”? Often times candidates will mention they are good at building relationships but fail to mention their ability to sell. Elite salespeople, on the other hand, confidently state that they excel in selling, and they are laser-focused on achieving sales targets. It is this mindset that separates the elite from the rest.

2. Embracing Continuous Learning

Elite salespeople do not leave their success to chance or rely solely on on-the-job experience. They invest in their education, reading sales books, attending workshops, and continuously honing their skills. Recognizing that investing in their development will lead to greater rewards, they take charge of their growth and improvement.

The importance of self-directed learning cannot be overstated. While companies may provide training, elite salespeople take the initiative to seek knowledge beyond what is offered. They actively seek out resources to become better at their craft, and this thirst for knowledge sets them apart from those who settle for mediocrity.

3. Following a Solid Sales Process

The path to sales success is paved with a well-defined process. Elite salespeople understand that there is one best way to approach a sale and make a conscious effort to follow this process consistently. They train rigorously, mastering every step of the sales cycle, thereby ensuring a smooth and predictable experience for themselves and their prospects.

Just as a pilot wouldn’t leave the success of the flight to chance, elite salespeople understand that having a structured sales process is vital for achieving consistent results. This process empowers them to navigate through various scenarios, objections, and challenges with confidence.

4. Exuding Confidence and Overcoming Objections

Confidence is the hallmark of elite salespeople. They have unwavering faith in themselves, their product, and their ability to overcome any obstacles that come their way. Rather than backing down when faced with objections, they tackle them head-on, even challenging prospects when necessary. This poise and resilience make all the difference in converting leads into satisfied customers.

Elite salespeople don’t shy away from discussing the topic of money, fees, or price. Instead, they confidently address these concerns, proving that their product or service is worth the investment. Their ability to handle objections with grace and persistence sets them apart from the majority who succumb to doubts and hesitations.

5. Demonstrating Tenacity and Perseverance

Finally, elite salespeople don’t give up easily. They understand that success in sales requires patience, persistence, and consistent effort. They refuse to be disheartened by initial failures and keep pushing forward until they achieve the desired outcomes. This tenacity sets them apart from the 74% who often give up too early and miss out on the potential rewards that await them.

Success rarely comes overnight, and elite salespeople are willing to put in the time and effort required to see results. They remain undeterred by rejection and use it as a stepping stone toward improvement.


In my experience, I’ve learned that the traits of the elite 6% are not merely innate talents, but skills that can be developed with dedication and determination. By understanding the essence of sales, embracing continuous learning, following a solid sales process, exuding confidence, and demonstrating tenacity, you too can build a productive sales team that drives business growth.

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