5 Tips For MSPs To Build Successful Sales Teams

Robin Robins MSP Marketing, Sales

For Managed Service Providers (MSP) owners, hiring a winning sales team can be the key to unlocking business success. In this enlightening discussion, we’re delving into the wisdom shared by experienced MSP leaders. Let’s meet the experts who lent their invaluable insights to this enlightening discussion (from left to right):

They’re breaking down the importance of hiring aggressive sales reps, skilled account managers, and even forming a powerhouse marketing team.

1. Unleash The Sales Hunter

Imagine having a sales rep who’s not just good on paper, but a game-changer in the market. In the realm of MSPs, the conventional “ramp jumper” won’t cut it. Instead, these leaders seek out the ultimate sales hunter – someone who’s not only well-versed in the craft but can also make a measurable impact. Whether it’s driving revenue, landing big clients, or bringing in game-changing partnerships, the hunter is all about tangible results.

2. Elevate With Expert Account Management

Every MSP knows the critical role of account management, and it goes beyond just quoting and client engagement. The account manager is the bridge between tech prowess and customer satisfaction. They’re not merely engineers but are armed with a deep understanding of the business landscape. This role involves nurturing existing relationships, driving growth, and ensuring client success. The account magician ensures the engine runs smoothly while delighting clients.

3. Build Your Marketing Team

Picture this – a dynamic marketing team working in tandem with your sales force. It’s not just about hiring a marketing coordinator; it’s about assembling a team that drives your brand, messaging, and market presence. These MSP visionaries advocate for a diverse approach, creating a “salary cap” of roles from sales development reps to marketing coordinators. By casting a wide net, MSPs can discover hidden talents and assemble a team that covers all bases.

4. Putting It Into Action

For MSPs hitting the $2.5 million revenue mark, the hiring strategy evolves. It’s about having the confidence to diversify roles and bring in professionals who fit the bill. The sales hunter, the account magician, and the marketing maestro – each role complements the other, forming a symphony of growth. From driving revenue to fostering client relationships and amplifying market presence, these roles are the building blocks of MSP supremacy.

5. The Never-Ending Hunt For Talent

As one MSP leader aptly puts it, talent hunting should be a constant pursuit. It’s about recognizing potential even when there’s no immediate vacancy. Uncovering those individuals who possess the spark – the energy, the expertise, and the drive – can make a significant difference. Whether they’re seasoned professionals or fresh college graduates, identifying the right people ensures that the MSP remains fueled by innovation and growth.


In the high-octane world of MSPs, assembling a sales and marketing team is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. The sales hunter, the account manager, and the marketing team form a triad that propels the business forward. It’s about going beyond the ordinary, seeking excellence, and embracing innovation. So, if you’re looking to elevate your MSP game, take a cue from these insights – and remember, success comes from building a synergy of skills, personalities, and roles that together can craft your MSP success story.

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