Why Genuine Belief Is Your Best Sales Tool

Sitima Fowler and Ray GreenMSP Marketing

There’s a profound idea in sales that isn’t talked about enough: good sales is about transferring emotions, conviction, and belief. The underlying emotion you feel and exude in your sales pitch has a significant impact on how well you can influence and persuade.

The Power Of Genuine Belief

The more you genuinely believe in what you’re selling, the more natural and effortless your sales pitch becomes. Tonality, confidence, and body language – all these aspects that sales trainers emphasize – become innately present in your interactions. Without authentic belief in what you’re selling, even impeccable training can fall short.

The Issue With Undifferentiated Offerings

Many salespeople, and even business owners, struggle because they can’t differentiate their offering from competitors. If, at your core, you feel that your service or product is just ‘one among many’, that sentiment will seep through your pitch. If you genuinely believe that your offering is superior, that confidence will shine through, and it can be infectious.

The Impact Of True Belief On Sales Outcomes

A salesperson who truly believes in their product, even with a mediocre process, can often outperform a skeptic with a perfect process. This is because of the myriad of subtle cues, tones, and behaviors that stem from genuine enthusiasm and confidence.

Building A Strong Onboarding Process

If you’re hiring salespeople, ensure they are quickly immersed in the positive aspects of your offering. Expose them to client testimonials, success stories, and any other form of social proof. This builds an early foundation of trust and enthusiasm, ensuring that they approach prospects with genuine confidence.

Training For Differentiation

Many new salespeople aren’t equipped with the necessary knowledge to differentiate their company’s offering from competitors. Business leaders must bridge this gap, passionately conveying why their service or product stands out in the market.

Personal Experience: The Power Of Genuine Enthusiasm

Knowing, from personal experience, that your product or service is superior can fuel your sales efforts. This isn’t about a scripted sales pitch but comes from a genuine place of wanting to improve the lives of potential clients. This enthusiasm can become infectious, turning clients into advocates.

Sales As A Form Of Leadership

Being in sales isn’t just about persuading; it’s a form of leadership. Like any good leader, a salesperson guides potential clients, helping them make decisions that align with their best interests.

In conclusion, genuine belief in your product offering will provide you with confidence. When that confidence is combined with the right processes and training, it can create a formidable sales force that can overcome even the most challenging sales objections.

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