Using Testimonials in Your Marketing

Robin Robins IT Managed Services

The single biggest marketing mistake I see on a regular basis is lack of testimonials or other proof.

Get this straight: none of the prospects you market to have any reason to believe a word of what you are saying. As far as they are concerned, you are just like all of the other average businesses out there that screw up, disappoint, and fall down on promises the minute they get your check in hand. That is why testimonials are so critical to the success of your marketing campaigns. Besides, there are some things that you just can’t elegantly say about yourself without looking like an ego-maniac. However, a customer can not only say it, but embellish on it and make you look like a hero.

Last month I gave out a client feedback form in my newsletter with specific instructions on how to use it to capture client testimonials. So far, I only know of two members who have used it, and only one has really seen it through. Kenny Lance (yep, the same Kenny who is doing the newsletter. Is it any surprise that his profits are up 120% this year?) used this form and captured over 27 testimonials. He also discovered a few minor customer service issues that needed to be addressed, which he has already resolved.

If you have not used that form, go back and re-read the instructions and get it implemented today or email our office at

You will be amazed at the feedback you get.