Selling MSP Services: How To Get Past The Gatekeeper

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If you’re a salesperson or the owner of a managed services provider (MSP) handling sales functions, you’ve likely encountered the frustration of the “we’re fine” objection and the challenge of getting past gatekeepers. Gatekeepers hold the keys to reaching decision-makers like CEOs, CFOs, or leads you’re trying to connect with. In this blog post, we’ll explore effective strategies to overcome the gatekeeper hurdle and leverage their assistance to your advantage. Let’s delve into the truth about dealing with objections and successfully navigating past gatekeepers.

The Importance Of A Sales Function In Your Business

Implementing a sales function in your business is crucial to attracting the right clients and growing your IT services company. Whether you’re hiring a sales development rep (SDR), an appointment setter, or you’re handling the sales role yourself, you’re bound to encounter the challenge of getting past gatekeepers who answer the phones and protect decision-makers.

6 Strategies For Getting Past Gatekeepers

Get Invited In

The best approach to dealing with gatekeepers is to get invited in by utilizing various marketing strategies, strategic partnerships, positioning, online content, speaking engagements, referral marketing, JV partnerships, or even networking events. By obtaining an invitation from the CEO or decision-maker, you present yourself as someone of value, rather than an intrusive salesperson.

Optimize Sales And Marketing Collaboration

Marketing efforts, when combined with proactive sales follow-up, yield significant results. Whether it’s direct mail, email campaigns, webinars, seminars, or trade shows, having a salesperson follow up with prospects who have engaged with your marketing materials enhances your chances of success. The salesperson should make the prospecting calls in a relaxed, confident manner, avoiding sounding anxious or rushed.

Master The Art Of Effective Communication

When reaching out to gatekeepers, it’s essential to adopt a relaxed and authoritative tone. Avoid pitching the gatekeeper and focus on concise communication. Clearly state your name, company, and purpose for the call without overwhelming them with unnecessary details.

Provide A Reason For Contact

Instead of directly pitching your services, use a mailing or an advance package to provide context for your call. Mention that you’re following up on a letter or an offer sent earlier and inquire if the decision-maker is available for a conversation. This approach shows respect for their time and demonstrates that you’ve taken the initiative to reach out based on a specific reason.

Responding To Gatekeeper Questions

When asked if the decision-maker is expecting your call, be honest and mention that you’re following up on a package or letter you sent. You can clarify that no scheduled appointment was made but express your willingness to speak with them at a convenient time. Engaging the gatekeeper in a conversation and seeking their advice or assistance may increase your chances of getting through.

Leveraging Sales Departments

If your goal is to connect with a CEO or CFO, consider dialing the sales department instead of the main directory. Salespeople often answer their phones and are more likely to understand the importance of making connections. Explain your intentions and value proposition, and politely ask them to connect you with the decision-maker.


Mastering the art of getting past gatekeepers requires a strategic and professional approach. By focusing on building relationships, utilizing marketing initiatives, and effectively communicating, you can increase your chances of connecting with decision-makers. Additionally, it’s essential to continuously refine your sales process, from the initial call to engaging decision-makers, showcasing value, and ultimately securing appointments. Remember, honing your sales skills is an ongoing investment that can lead to higher-quality clients and increased business growth.

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Investing in your sales capabilities will position you as a trusted advisor and set you on a path to success in the highly competitive IT services industry.