Overcoming The “We’re Fine” Objection: A Game-Changing Approach For MSPs

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I recently conducted a poll among MSPs, and guess what? We uncovered a major sales challenge that’s been bugging all of us. The number one problem? Overcoming the dreaded “we’re fine” objection. When you’re talking to a potential client, sharing your unique services, and they dismissively say, “Nah, we’re good. Not interested.” Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry! In this blog post, I will show you exactly how to tackle this challenge head-on and turn those objections into wins.

Understanding The “We’re Fine” Objection

Let’s dig deeper into this “we’re fine” objection. It’s like hitting a wall, right? The prospect believes they have no perceived need for what you’re offering. It’s not necessarily their fault. They’re just not as educated as you are about the dangers lurking in the IT realm. So, when you start talking about your managed services, cybersecurity solutions, and backups, their response is a resounding “No, thank you.” But fear not, my friends. We’re going to change the game!

Shifting The Approach: Lead Generation Marketing

Listen up, folks. If you want to crush that “we’re fine” objection, you’ve got to shake things up. It’s time to embrace the power of lead-generation marketing. Forget the traditional sales pitches and focus on providing valuable information that grabs their attention and educates them on their unaddressed needs. This approach not only positions you as an expert but also sparks their interest in what you have to offer.

Developing Engaging Lead Generation Content

Now, let’s talk about creating killer lead-generation content. We’re talking free reports, videos, webinars—the whole shebang. But remember, it’s not about selling your services outright. It’s about offering solutions to their specific pain points. Think about it this way: If you were trying to sell me a parrot, and I don’t want one, I’ll say, “No thanks.” But what if you offered me a free report titled “The Hilarious Benefits of Having a Parrot on Your Shoulder During Videos”? Now we’re talking! The same principle applies to MSPs.

Craft your lead generation content to address critical issues they may not even know exist. For example, a free report titled “Three Critical Cybersecurity Requirements Your IT Company Won’t Tell You About” catches their attention. Highlight how their current provider might be dropping the ball in areas like cyber insurance requirements, FTC safeguards, and PCI compliance. Show them what they’re missing, and trust me, they’ll pay attention.

Including A Compelling Call to Action

Remember, it’s not just about providing information—it’s about engaging them further. At the end of your lead generation content, offer them something of value, like a free assessment or consultation related to the insights you shared. Make it clear that this assessment will uncover potential vulnerabilities and provide peace of mind. It’s like saying, “Hey, I’ve given you a taste of what you’re missing. Now let’s dig deeper together.”

Teaming Up With Insurance Professionals

Here’s a bonus tip that will blow your mind. Partner with insurance professionals who cater to the same target audience. They can endorse your free resources to their clients, emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity protocols for insurance coverage. This collaboration expands your reach and adds an extra layer of credibility. It’s like referrals on steroids, my friends!

From Awareness To Engagement

So, my fellow MSPs, this is how we crack the “we’re fine” objection wide open. Shift your focus from sales pitches to informative lead-generation content. Educate, enlighten, and empower your prospects to see beyond their perceived satisfaction. Guide them from awareness to engagement, and watch as those objections transform into genuine interest and appreciation.


In the world of MSPs, overcoming objections is a game we must master. By adopting a lead generation marketing approach, crafting compelling content, and including irresistible calls to action, we can conquer the “we’re fine” objection once and for all. So, fellow MSPs, it’s time to shake things up, get creative, and transform the way we connect with prospects. Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s do this!

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