Outline Of A Marketing System

Robin Robins IT Managed Services

Component I:
A Process For Monetizing Existing Customer Relationships

  • Cross Sale Opportunities
  • Maintenance, Membership, On-Going Support Contracts
  • Referrals

Component II:
A Process For Converting A Prospect (Lead) To A Sale

  • USP or Unique Selling Proposition. Answers the question why should I buy from you over my current vendor? Remember, your biggest competitor (or vendor) might be apathy or fear of change.
  • Proof To Back Up Your USP
  1. Testimonials and Case Studies
  2. Performance Guarantees
  3. Statistics
  • Low Risk Offer To Engage The Prospect
  1. Trial Period
  2. Free Service (Like a free network audit)
  • Multi-step sales process that includes several, frequent communications by mail, e-mail, and/or by phone to prompt the prospect to buy.

Component III:
A Process For Generating New Leads (Filling The Funnel)

  • Clearly Defined Target Audience (Industry Vertical or Niche)
  • Lead Generation “Widget”

Important: A lead generation “widget” is the call-to-action or offer on a lead
generation ad. Call our sales team is NOT a good lead generation widget. A good lead
generation widget peaks a prospect’s curiosity and offers a non-threatening way for
the prospect to learn more. See this month’s “Marketing Example of the Month” to see
an excellent example.

  • A MINIMUM of 5-6 Ways To Generate A Lead