How To Steal Prime Clients Away From Your Competition, Even When Your Prices Are Higher

Robin Robins IT Sales, MSP Marketing

Consider this: your absolute BEST prospect is someone who is already paying money for outsourced IT support. They obviously have a need and have demonstrated a willingness to pay for the types of services you offer. The problem is they are paying someone besides YOU for the service and have an existing relationship in place. So the question then becomes, how do you drive a wedge between your prospect and their current IT support vendor so you have an opportunity to win the business?

I recently had my friend Randy Schwantz talk about at the recent Cloud Summit. This was rated the #1 BEST presentation there, so I wanted to share it with all my subscribers. In case you’re not familiar with Randy, he’s a best-selling author, speaker and sales trainer that specializes in helping service companies differentiate themselves and close more business. His sales method is unique because most traditional sales training will only teach you how to build relationships with the prospect; but they don’t teach you how to overcome the relationship the prospect already has with their current IT provider. If you cannot overcome that, you cannot make the sale. Too often, a salesperson will bring a quality proposal with winning ideas and fair pricing, but if not careful, the incumbent will get a “last look” to match the ideas, pricing and product innovations. Net result: They keep the client and you’ve just wasted a bunch of time.

If you want more information on Randy’s sales training programs, you can go here:

If that isn’t of interest, you’ll STILL get tons of value from this presentation. Enjoy!

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