How Educating Customers Will Help You Instantly Raise Your Prices And Close More Deals

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As an MSP owner, you can actually raise your prices, by educating your customers first.

Here’s what Charles Henson, CEO of Nashville Computer and one of TMT‘s Client Coaches, says you can do right away to be able to raise your prices and close more deals instantly.

Charles: To begin with, we do NOT sell on fear. We sell on education. We educate people. We share with them the work we’ve done on cases with the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, and those are just the cases with things like wire fraud. By you speaking to your customers about things that you can do as an MSP to help protect their business, that can make all the difference in whether they go through the same attacks. You position yourself to where YOU become that educator… Then, you can start asking for a higher price because you’re offering value to them. They see it as value too, because you’re speaking to them from business owner to business owner.

You wake up every day thinking that your business is protected…

However, how do you know if your business is really protected? You rely on CPAs, attorneys, and you even rely on other people to give you advice, write your contracts, help you with the pricing, help you with your taxes… Why not rely on an MSP to help you secure your dream? It’s your legacy, what you built… It’s what you get out of bed every day to go pursue!

To drive and build your business, you need to be having those educational conversations with your customers.

You cannot just tell them you’re going to do 24/7 monitoring and patch management… Every MSP talks about the same general services that they do, right? Business owners don’t care about that. They want to know how your services will help them keep their dream alive. How do they keep their legacy alive? The business that they get up every single day and go into and work and build and add employees to… How do your services keep those people safe? Then make sure that they have security in a way that is not just from a standpoint of safe from cyber criminals, but security in the fact that that business is going to continue to be operational tomorrow.

Instead of talking about business disaster recovery, start talking about business continuity.

Because when your business is down for three or four days, that’s one conversation. But if we’re talking about having you down for 30 minutes to an hour and having your business continue to function, that’s a different conversation. You can start leveraging that information that we all have as MSPs. It’s your mindset that is causing you to think, “I don’t know if they would pay $125 per machine”, or “I don’t think I could sell it for that $150 per machine”… But the actuality is people will pay that. You think you can’t sell it, but people will buy it if you educate them on what it is that you have to offer and how you can protect their business.

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