Essentially A Start-Up Company After My Accident, I Used A Proven Marketing Approach To Add 2 New Clients And $6,750 In MRR

David Kellett Genius of the Month

David Kellett

I Had An Accident Doing The Work I Love

You never know just how quickly your life can change. It was 2013, and I was wrapping up changing out an uninterruptible power supply for a client. A routine job we’ve all done a hundred times. But the circumstances were anything but routine. You see, their network cabinet was mounted nine feet off the ground. To access this out-of-place server, I had to climb onto a counter and reach over other cabinets. In all my years, I had never seen a server in such a precarious place.

This 150- to 200-pound mass of electronics was not even secured to the wall. Simple nail tacks in particle board and drywall were all that was keeping this massive cabinet of electronics from hurting someone. It was an accident looking for a person to happen to. Before I could react, the cabinet slid off the wall, knocked the cabinet below it off the wall, which knocked me off the counter. After that, nothing in my back was in the right place, and I wouldn’t be able to work for several years.

Half-Effort Marketing Never Works

In 2017, I tried to get things going in my business again. I even went to Robin’s Boot Camp. While I tried my hand at marketing, I left out key components. I would haphazardly mail out a one-shot campaign and then simply wait, wish and hope the phone would ring.

I didn’t know how to clean a list. I didn’t know how to make follow-up calls. I didn’t know you needed a target market. Ultimately, I didn’t realize the importance of all of these essential facets of marketing and growing your business. Even worse, I lost contact with all of my clients and did nothing to attract new clients. Things had to change.

Going Full Bore Into Marketing My Business

I knew I couldn’t continue living the way I was living. You must have a purpose and a passion. I decided my purpose would be to market my business like never before. In November, I bought the Toolkit, joined Accelerators, signed up for Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) and attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop. Bottom line was that I needed help. And I knew my only way to success was by learning and following Robin Robins’ proven system. Problem was, I was starting from scratch.

Essentially A Start-Up Company…Again

Even though I started my business in 2005, I was essentially a start-up company 15 years later. That’s because after my accident, I had no clients, no leads and no list. What I did have was time and the desire to grow my business.

I learned everything I could at Robin’s workshop. With their help, I came up with a marketing plan. I zeroed in on my target market of medical and dental practices as well as nonprofits in the Big Horn Basin and Billings, Wyoming, areas. I learned how to correctly clean a list, which saved me considerable time and money. I also created our unique selling proposition (USP) – a 100% money back guarantee. I started consistently working 10-hour days Monday through Saturday because I knew that’s how much time and effort I had to put in if I wanted the payoff.

How My Free List, Follow-Up Calls And A Packet Of Aspirin
Led To 2 New Clients

Robin’s Aspirin campaign with a packet of Bayer aspirin attached spoke to me because there are a lot of bad techs out there. So, I figured this campaign would be the best place to start and see if I could generate some momentum.

I made a pact with myself to consistently mail out 25 Aspirin letters a week and then follow up with calls. And I kept doing that over and over again. Where did I get my list? From the University of Wyoming. We asked our local Small Business Development Center to connect with researchers at the university to make a list that fit my target market. Sure, you still have to clean it, but it’s a free list that’s a great starting point.

Not everyone realizes the local small business resources they have available to them. Between the Small Business Association and Small Business Development Centers, they will provide valuable resources, help with finances and even help to promote your business. The State of Wyoming also has a Research, Training and Development Grant that will pay for 40% of the cost of training employees.

In less than 12 weeks, this single campaign brought in two new clients for MRR of around $6,750 a month. Plus, I expect to get revenue from project work starting soon. I may even be fortunate to have two more opportunities just around the corner.

What has made all of the difference has been the follow-up calls. Because I make it a priority to call each and every prospect after they receive my letter, my friendly nature won them over! I have even received four calls from people who simply appreciated the clever marketing and will call me if anything changes with their IT needs.

My Shock-And-Awe Boxes Helped
Close These New Deals

I am slowly adding to the contents of my Shock-And-Awe box. What I really love is that I got my wife involved in “thinking outside the box” with unique personal touches for the box. She added an all-day sucker, which has received positive feedback. The Shock-And-Awe box presells K.I. Computing before I even meet with the prospect. And in one recent appointment, the prospect brought their box into our meeting, which made it an easier sale.

Averaging 400 Visits A Week
With My New “Robinized” Website

My previous website never generated a single lead for us. But my new “Robinized” website is a complete blessing. The Technology Marketing Toolkit coaches have provided solid recommendations, and I have implemented each one. Because I am monitoring it with Google Analytics, the website is now averaging about 400 new visitors a week – that’s HUGE for our little area. Not only am I getting a lot of interest through the new website, I recently got a valuable lead.

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Increasing My Marketing And Branding
In Our Little 6,000-Person Town

Since attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop in November, I have realized how important it is to promote K.I. Computing through consistent messaging and branding. I now follow up with prospects using multiple nurturing campaigns, such as the TechTip e-mails and the TechTip postcards.

As for social media, I have added 400 new followers to our LinkedIn page, which has become another means of connecting with prospects. I have also added many followers to our Twitter account, Facebook page, as well as our Google My Business page. Finally, I have set up seminars and have a webinar coming up soon. I invite prospects on LinkedIn to my webinar.

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee Is Unheard Of In My Area

Offering a 100% money-back guarantee to my clients keeps me honest. You simply can’t give someone service with confidence if you’re not willing to put your stamp of approval on it and guarantee the work. I feature my guarantee on my website and marketing materials, plus it’s the first thing I tell a prospect when they walk through my door.

I believe that a strong guarantee is something most MSPs shy away from. And I know nobody in my area offers a guarantee with any teeth. They don’t want to take that chance.

Focusing On My Health, Energy And Productivity

I have Robin to thank for convincing me to lose weight. (Not that she looked at me and said, “You are one fat cow!”) I appreciate her advice, and it has been the spark that has helped me to lose 12 pounds since going through her workshop. I still have a long way to go, but I feel healthier and more energetic already. Plus, Jocko Willink has been in my head since I heard him speak. He said that I must get up early every day and work out. Before my recent surgery, I had been consistently waking early and working out three times a week.

Opportunity And Growth Help Numb The Pain

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my accident. But through it all, I am blessed. Although I believe most everyone in my Rapid Implementation Workshop deserves the title of “genius” more than I do, I am thankful to have this platform to share my experiences.

Maybe there’s a reason. Maybe it’s so others who are going through their own struggles can see that there can be a light at the end of a tunnel. But you have to create that light yourself. You do so by being consistent and persistent and following the steps before you that have already been laid out. Be humble, work hard and embrace what Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit teach you.

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